Frequently Asked Questions.

Welcome to my FAQ page!

Here is my FAQ page which I started because I keep getting asked the same few things over and over again and I always make mistakes when I copy and paste my answers. And also because having an FAQ page gives me a sense of self-importance, which I appreciate. So here goes....

Who are you?

My name is Jacqueline, but you can call me Jac. I also answer to "Your Highness", "Your Majesty", and "Your Excellency".

What do you do for a living?

It depends on what I feel like telling you. I used to tell people I work at Gong Cha. But then everyone took me seriously and started asking for discounts. So I stopped. Now I like to say I am concurrently working on achieving world peace, finding a cure for cancer, and locating the Lost City of Atlantis. 

Are you a full-time blogger?

Sadly, no. Much as I would like to make a living out of typing about my very insightful views on life, I have a day job because I like earning money. And also money in general.

Why @behindthebasics?

I was in secondary school and I thought @behindthebasics sounded cool. And then the name stuck.

Later on I realised that this would sometimes be auto-corrected to "behind the backside". But that's fine. Better than what "duck rice" is corrected to.

What do you blog about?

Mainly my own thoughts and views on frvivolous but relevant issues. Apparently, I can be quite funny. 

How do you come up with blog posts?

Well, I mostly just make stuff up. But I'm told that writers get something called an "artistic license" so I guess that's okay.

What phone/camera do you use?

I'm currently using the HTC One M8 in conjuction with my HTC One M7. The M8 is my phone and the M7 is my glorfied MP3 player. And also my camera when I have to take selfies together with my M8.

And I use a Sony TX-10. Yes, I would also like for me to have a new camera.

I'm new to your blog. Any recommended reads?

Firstly, good job on finding the FAQs. Clearly this page would have made to the "recomended reads" list. Anyhow, if you were looking for a legitamate list of blog posts, I have one right here:

What happened to the blind date guy?

I don't know actually. My friends made me check and it turns out that he blocked me on WhatsApp. HAHA. So I assume that he is currently older, wiser, and knows what to do when he's out with girls.

(For those unfamiliar with the blind date, you may read about it here. Basically I went on a blind date because I thought I was going to die. It was a disaster. Long story short, I blogged about it and then the whole world started sending me screenshots of their Facebook newsfeeds.)

I have this thing you might be interested in...

If you want to invite me to events/ offer me products to review/ recommend some articles/ provide a whole new perspective on life, please feel free to contact me (details below)I'm interested in most things - TRAVEL, tech, beauty, entertainment, etc. I love trying new stuff - I'm the adventurous sort.

Also if you want my expert opinion in certain niche areas, I'm happy to help of course.

HOWEVER, I would like to highlight that I am not interested in helping you write for your school projects. I was not even interested in writing for my own projects when I was in school. So, unless your school project is like some revolutionary awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, ground-breaking, life-changing, earth-shattering deal, don't bother okay. I already did my fair share of homework in school. You not wanting to do your own work makes me want to whack you.

Can I contact you?

Sure! You can tell me a joke or ask me about the weather1 on the feedback widget on the right. Or you can leave me a comment (I just enabled the reply-to-comment feature). Or because I am so connected on social media you can Tweet at me, send me an Instagram DM, or message me on Facebook. As I was saying, I stay very connected.

1Also only one person has asked me about the weather so far.

How come this doesn't display correctly on mobile?

I dedicate my life to serving many philantropic and humanitarian causes. This "mobile display issue"  is a minor concern that takes up only 0.0001% of my cranial activity. However, if it bothers you very much, you are welcome to help me out. You know how to contact me!

❤ Jac.