About Me.

Hello, my name is Jac, and welcome to my kingdom.

And by kingdom I mean little space in the internet that I can type whatever I want, whenever I want, and can call my own (aka my blog). Dependent on MDA censorship laws of course. This is where I will impart worldly knowledge and advice, and answer deep philosophical questions such as:

  • "What is the Meaning of Life?"
  • "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?"
  • "How long are your fingernails?"
  • "What brand of seaweed is your seaweed-stache made from?"

But meanwhile let me tell you a bit more about myself.
I like making stuff up, talking to myself, and playing Age of Empires in my head. I don't know how to play Age of Empires in real life, but in my head it goes something like,
"This is my empire, bow to me or I will burn you."
I also like going off-track and talking about whatever godforsaken tunnel my train of thought takes me. I think this is why I have a blog. I also like travelling. So ideally I would be running a cool travel blog. However, I quite like earning money, so, here is my sideline blog which doesn't earn me any money. Where I impose my own frivolous opinions upon you. Which you must take very seriously of course. Such opinions include my take on
Okay, I hope this has told you enough about me.

PS: My fingernails were 1.5 cm as of 8 January 2014. Yes, that was when I started writing my "About Me" page. I also like to procrastinate. A lot. Also my seaweed-stache was made out of "Big Bang".