Friday, June 08, 2018

#Adulting: Finding like company.

Hello guys! So you might already know, that well, I'm Chinese and my husband is Ang Moh. We get along quite well, but sometimes, I am ...

Hello guys!

So you might already know, that well, I'm Chinese and my husband is Ang Moh. We get along quite well, but sometimes, I am sorry that the only British person he regularly hangs out with outside work is my brother-in-law.

Anyway, because I am a thoughtful wife, I thought I would introduce another British person into his life. You know, so that James has someone to reminisce on the good old Britain, where the sky is grey and the weather is gloomy. Where the alleys are sketchy and the Asian food too.
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So, I don't know where you would find British guys for your husband to hang out with, but I thought online would be a good place to start. I heard that Tinder wasn't what it used to be — you have to pay subscription fees now? So where did I go? Amazon. I love Amazon.
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I found the perfect guy for James in no time. Classic British. Tweed jacket. Oxford shoes. Very polished sort of guy. He and James are practically the same person. I mean, they even have similar dance moves!
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And here's how James got to meet him. Mr Bean arrived at our place one Friday just before noon, when I was at work. I rushed home during lunch time to welcome him to our humble abode. Wow. He was much taller than I expected. But, as accurately depicted on tv, he arrived with a (creepy) smile.
But I didn't like to judge. So I put him in the spare room and hoped that he was comfortable. He wanted to just hole up in his room. So I went back to the office and met James after work. We had a wonderfully drunken night which ended around 10 plus because we are so lame now.
James woke up the next day and didn't realise that we had a house guest. Possibly because he was in his own (VR) world. 
Now, the thing about VR is that while it can be insanely fun, it's very immersive. You really can't tell what's going on around you. So while James was I don't know, fighting bad guys in Skyrim, there I was openly getting Mr Bean out from behind the bed.
And smuggling him to the master bedroom to get him sorted. James, who was too busy fighting evil or whatever, did not hear a thing. VR is THAT immersive. I tell you, I could be having a party right in front of his nose and he wouldn't hear a thing.
I showed him the bathroom and then I thought, well, I'll just leave him there to freshen up before bringing him to meet James.
Well that went badly. Because although Mr Bean was standing in a fairly obvious spot in the bathroom, James, pumped with adrenaline and with a bladder full of pee ran straight into the bathroom into Mr Bean.
Wow. I haven't heard James scream that loudly in a while. Not since I hid the Stormtrooper in the bathroom.
Anyway, James loved Mr Bean. He found that they had very similar tendencies. They both let the cats bully them into doing things. Mr Bean let the cats bite holes in his ears and James, in disciplining one of the cat caused it to poop on our bed. They bonded over their similarities, became good friends, and, though I thought it would be impossible, started to look even more alike over time!
Okay and I've come to the end of my post. I'm running out of prank ideas guys. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them. If they are feasible, I will be more than happy to execute them. Anyway, here's a song about my life now, because James is on a flight back from Dubai and it's just me with the cats now.

Ok! I'm off to bed. TGIF guys!
❤ Jac.

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