Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Some quick updates and hairy news.

Hey guys! I know I haven't been blogging regularly in a while so here's a short post with some quick updates lumped together wit...

Hey guys!

I know I haven't been blogging regularly in a while so here's a short post with some quick updates lumped together with some hairy news (pun intended).

Quick updates

I took a day trip to Jakarta and it was great - although, between Jakarta and Manila, Manila is much more interesting. Jakarta has old Batavia and...lots of shopping centres. Manila has a bit more to do.
Here I am with my Lonely Planet Indonesia at the National Monument in Merdeka Square, which was built to commemorate the struggle for Indonesian independence.
James, "Why is it the first thing that so many countries do when they get independence is to build a giant monument?"
Good point — I never really thought about it that way.
We also had a giant hotel room which cost about $50 - there was a lounge, a kitchen, a laundry area, a a bathroom, and a bedroom. Which, to me, is huge. But which, to according to James, was tiny by Jakarta standards.

We also bought some new fish because Mr Fish died. We bought about 10 guppies and 3 mini puffer fish. James was very attracted to the guppies although I kept saying that they die off really quickly. But, aiyah. They are so pretty, and the guy said that this breed is quite hardy. Lies. 6 died in less than a week. 
But one of the females got pregnant without our knowing! And one day James woke up to find a baby guppy in the tank! I was asleep during his time of discovery, and when I woke up, THE GUPPY WAS GONE. And I spent the day bemoaning the lost of my baby guppy to my colleagues. I was so sure that the baby guppy had been eaten by the adults alongside the rest of its siblings. 
Baby guppy and Jac sleeping, pictures courtesy of James.

But one of my colleagues mentioned that baby guppies liked to hide under rocks and in seaweed. Well! My tank certainly had rocks and seaweed! So I went home to look and VOILA! Baby guppies aplenty.
I don't really know how many baby guppies we have, but um, seems to be ten or more? They are really tricky to count. But I guess we'll find out in about 2 weeks, when they reach their full size. 

Oh and another thing that we did was to visit Zero Latency in Suntec City. It's a VR multi-player game. It's quite expensive — about $60 for 30 mins, but it's well worth a try. Like, more worth it than alcohol. Just you know, not something to do every day, unless say, you're super rich.

Facial Hair

So, if you recall, not having thick and slut-worthy hair has always annoyed me. I wish I had slutty hair. That's the best kind of hair — the kind that falls messily into place after a head flip. But I don't, so I resorted to dying it blue and using Regaine.
Anyway, like girls, guys face similar hair dilemmas. James had always wanted to know what he looked like with a full beard, but has never been able to grow a full one due to you know, work and also follicular capabilities. I mean sure, he doesn't shave during the weekends and while we're on holiday, but usually, James' chin has less hair than um, a hairless rambutan.
So we were in Cyprus on the last leg of our two week holiday. James hadn't shaved since he left work and was torn between shaving off his poor excuse for a beard, and allowing it to grow to its fullest potential before returning to work. It was the longest that he had ever gone unshaven. What do you think? Not bad right?
But we thought that he should give it more time to grow out. And so we did.
I mean, we didn't wait very long. About 15 minutes or so. Courtesy of Bobbi Brown.
And so that's how James got his full facial hair at last. Of course, I didn't think that it was fair for me to just post pictures of James with a beard. So...out came my makeup again.
I think I look quite dashing. So, anyway, in the hairy punny spirit of things,恭喜發財! (Get it get it?)

Okay that's all for today! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE LONG WEEKEND.
❤ Jac.

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