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Shut Up and Drive.

Hi guys! So, James and I don't own a car. We've never seen the need. We generally take public transport to get around unless we...

Hi guys!

So, James and I don't own a car. We've never seen the need. We generally take public transport to get around unless we're late/lazy. But both of us rely on the bus to get to and from work. Yes, my angmoh husband takes the bus. Here is some proof.
And it's also not because we can't drive. I can drive ok. I passed on my first try. Manual. Some of my guy friends told me that people who pass on their second try are more experienced. Which is correct. Because you suck more so obviously need more time on the road to pass, unlike me. Some other friends told me that the instructor passed me because he thought I was pretty. Two things. He must be a stupid instructor to give me a pass, and give up his chances of having alone time with me in a romantic test car again. Secondly, some people have skill, others have beauty. I am okay with having beauty, so I don't see what's wrong with that. Also I need new friends.

Anyway! We don't have a car, but my sister's family does! And we get to use it when they go on overseas. And here's where we've been going with the car.

#1 Tuas South.

Please note that this is not Tuas, but Tuas South. Like we literally drove to the end of the road, to the southern most point of Tuas where the road ended, and made a u-turn back. Because we are that cool.

But apart from the end of the road, Tuas South is a pretty cool place. When we were there, we saw  a total of 5 people (3 of whom were sleeping), 4 dogs, and 2 falcon/hawks. Like there were literally more animals than humans around. Which is always nice.
I have been in LA for all you know.

Tuas South also has plenty of ships, which you can see from the road, the paths, or, a hidden beach. The hidden beach is where all the cool people hang. Although to be honest, I don't know if they are cool or not. They were just the people in Tuas South who were not asleep by their vehicles. But, I have captioned all photos for clarity.
A man and his dog.
A man contemplating life.
A girl taking photographs.
A narcissistic couple.

But you go there to look at ships really. And if you have a cool husband like I do, you will get treated to a running commentary of where each ship is from and where it is going.

#2 Jurong Hill Park

It's a very strange place next to Jurong Bird Park. Like, I've never heard of it but we were driving back to the city from Tuas and saw this this place on the map and decided to drop by. Goodness it's strange. Like someone built it a long time ago, got lots of famous people to plant a bunch of trees, and then forgot about it.
Tree planted by Queen Elizabeth II. 

To give you a sense of how old this place is, this tree was in the company of a tree planted by Justin Trudeau's father, and the young of the tree planted by Deng Xiao Ping. Ah, the simpler times before Singapore started to name orchids in honour of visiting dignitaries.

Still, nothing was as crazy as the weird psycho doing laps around the rotunda.
The view from the top of the rotunda was pretty cool. Again, lots of ships and signs of Singapore's offshore and marine industry, including Jurong Island on the left.
James, "Look! You can even see the whole security checkpoint from here!"

Yup. Sorry to burst your bubble girls, but this treasure trove of exciting facts is all mine.

#3 Upper Seletar Reservoir Park.

We were quite pleasantly surprised by this park. It's a very scenic and open park with more monkeys than humans. It's great.
And the people who visit the park are very healthy. From what James and I observed, most people who stop at the park are there to take a brief break from their brisk walking/running/cycling.
There's also a tower which you can climb. It is a rather short tower (4 storeys), but like with nothing but water and trees surrounding you, there's not much higher you need to go really.

#4 Changi Boardwalk.

So another interesting place which we discovered was Changi Boardwalk. I mean, we're quite familiar with the boardwalk at Labrador Park and Sentosa, but this one?! Nope, never heard of it. Unlike all these people who consider it a fishing hotspot.
It's a nice and pleasant walk since you know, there are no crowds and the only people around are interested in keeping still for their fish. And it's just by the Changi Beach Club, which looks like its waaaay past it's heyday. But it's fine. Why spruce it up and encourage more people to come when you can have peace and quiet and monitor lizards lounging around?
Spot the monitor lizard!

The route also sort of passes the Old Changi Hospital. Which I appreciate because we are so ready to hunt for ghosts.
Just kidding. All we did was take a selfie and complain about mosquitoes (me). Oh and we also ate Nasi Lemak, which is the thing to do in Changi Village apparently. 
Yeah and that's more or less where we went! I mean we also went to Lim Chu Kang, Kranji and Mandai, but I don't think you want to see photos of my dead relatives' niches. And if you do, stop being a creep. Go and find your own dead relatives.

We also skipped the trip to Sungei Buloh because we've already been TWICE this year. It's apparently a must do for British people. They love David Attenborough's Wild City which apparently markets Sungei Buloh as a "must-see" location with otters. 
Well, we didn't see otters. Maybe the crocs got to them.
But if you haven't been to Sungei Buloh in a while - I'd definitely recommend it. Just go on a Saturday because it can get a bit crowded with tourists/foreigners on Sundays.

We also took the car down the Quayside Isle. Which is nice. But what do you do there? Eat and drink. And you can't drink and drive so I don't recommend driving there unless you um, are allergic to fun alcohol.
James' happy face vs my happier face.

Okay so I've come to the end of the blog post. Here's Flo Rida's new song to keep you company.

Okay time to sleep. TGIF!
❤ Jac.

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