Friday, November 03, 2017

James' Jibber-Jabber: Horatio.

Hey guys! So I actually had a Halloween post lined up, but you life got in the way. So that will come soon. Promise. I have phot...

Hey guys!

So I actually had a Halloween post lined up, but you life got in the way. So that will come soon. Promise. I have photos and everything already.
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Meanwhile, sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest installment of a segment I like to call, "James' Jibber-Jabber".
So James and I talk about a lot of nonsense...everything from ships to Pokemon Go (which neither of us have ever played). So today we just happened to be talking about baby names when James started talking about the name Horatio (say: huh-ray-shee-o).
James, "I think Horatio is a nice name."
Me, "I don't like it."
James, "Why not? It's a very classic British name. And I don't know any bad Horatios."
Me, "It is like a name that a hipster wannabe gives himself."
James, "No! It's a nice name!!"
And this went on for a while.
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And I thought I just might have to give in agree to name my very much hypothetical future son "Horatio" to save my marriage when I had a brainwave!
Me, "We can't name him Horatio."
James, "Why?"
Me, "We're in Singapore. Everyone will call him "HOR - RAH - TIO"!"
James, *laughing* "Oh that's quite bad."
Me, "Yes and "tio" is hokkein for something bad that has befallen on you. Like you "tio summon" when you get parking tickets."
*James is still laughing.*
Me, "Also the name has "HO" and "RAT" in it."
Anyway, I think I have won and my hypothetical son won't be named Horatio. Or, in Singlish, my hypothetical future son won't tio the name Horatio la hor?
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And for that I would like to thank my great country for cannibalising the English language. Also, to any Horatios who may come across this, I have nothing against your name and I do not think that you are necessarily a hipster wannabe. Just that you know, I quite like winning arguments.

Also I think I quite deserved to win that argument. You see, James has different sets of matching pyjamas. They all look the same, just that the shorts match different tops. Last night he took the top from his purple set and matched it with the shorts from his grey set. LIKE WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU. And this morning he hid his pyjamas so that I wouldn't be able to change them. So he is wearing mismatched pyjamas for the second day in a row. What is the point of buying pyjamas sets if you don't want to match them?! Idiot.

Okay anyway, enjoy this song which, like the title of this blog post, starts with "H".

Okay end of blog post. TGIF
❤ Jac.

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