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Worth it: Jac Reviews Bungee Jumps.

Hey guys! So James and I have recently been binge watching this show on Buzzfeed's YouTube Channel. It's called "Worth It...

Hey guys!

So James and I have recently been binge watching this show on Buzzfeed's YouTube Channel. It's called "Worth It". And what they do is go around trying three of the same food at three drastically different price points to see which is the most worth it at its given price point. Here take a look!

I mean some of the stuff they eat are quite ridiculous. Like this truffle and gold everything.
(Via Buzzfeed).

They are quite funny too! Take for this one time when they tried eggs at $2, $19, and $95....
(Via Buzzfeed).

YOU ROLL YOUR EYES, but seriously this show is quite addictive. Well, the first and second seasons are. The third one is not so good, but I watch it anyway. It's like How I Met Your Mother and Buffy The Vampire Slayer all over again. YES I watched BTVS Buffy and YES I'm aware it's showing my age. I come from a time when not everyone knew what Google was.
(Via Giphy).

ANYWAY. Back to Worth It. I am the least Singaporean person when it comes to food. I don't eat chilli, I don't eat durian, and the queue for the best chicken rice/char kway teow/roti prata in the world is the one that I definitely will not be in. Also, I don't care if the rice is 10 times more fragrant than regular varieties and can only been found in the mountain of the Himalayas and is only available from Wednesday nights when it is summer in Australia and the moonlight hits the ground at a 45 degree angle. It's rice. Get over it. (Sorry, I hate food snobs).
(Via Metro).

Yeah so what I was trying to say before I went on my rant, is that I wouldn't be very good at reviewing food. I would just pick the cheapest, the one with the shortest queue, or the one that contains alcohol. But what I can review, is BUNGEE JUMPING. I love bungee jumping. And today, I'm going to review three bungee jumps at three drastically different price points to let you know which one is the most worth it at its given price point.
BUT, before I continue, let me put it out there. I am spelling it as "bungee" and not "bungy" because the Oxford Dictionary says so, and because Wikipedia says "also spelled "bungy" jumping, which is the usual spelling in New Zealand and several other countries". Personally, I think the British way of spelling things would be more correct than the kiwi way of spelling things.

Anyway! I've been to 4 bungee jump sites in total - one in Macau, one in Phuket, one in Corinth (Greece) and also to the newly opened site in Sentosa. For the purpose of this post, I will not be including the one in Singapore in the comparison, because it's about the same height as the one in Phuket and you know the price in Phuket is well, cheap. But it's still very special — and I will go into this possibly in my next post (whenever that is coming) :)

#1 AJ Hackett in Macau Tower - $$$

The first bungee jump I ever did was at the Macau Tower. So at 233m, AJ Hackett's Macau Tower Bungee is the highest commercial bungee jump in the world

IT WAS AMAZING. And also expensive. Like really expensive. Like think HKD $3,488 per jump. That's SGD $608.30. You can also pay in MOP which would make the conversion a little easier on your wallet at SGD$590.66. But you know, that's still a lot to pay for the jump.

And you can't just JUMP without photographic proof. Because, NPNT right? So you have to top up another MOP/HKD$500 which would make the whole experience cost about SGD$675. I'm not kidding - take a look at the price list yourself.
(Via Macau Tower).

And I'm sure some people are judging me for spending so much money on this jump. But you know, back then, I had never made a jump before. And I thought maybe I wouldn't like it and it would end up being a once in a lifetime experience because I would HATE it. So, go big or go home right? Anyway, here's the jump.

It was very fun, and not as scary as it looks, or as scary as I thought it would be. AFTER THIS, I WAS HOOKED. Okay but the special thing about this bungee is that I went for it at night, and also if you notice, I only bounced straight up and straight down again. And that's because there are guide cables to ensure that I don't swing around and splat against the side of the tower.

There's also a lever (or recovery system as they call it) that you can release in the middle of your jump so that you get flipped into a sitting position, rather than dangle upside down throughout the jump.
Also, you might notice that there is a big cushiony crash mat/pillow/poofy thing at the bottom. I've come to learnt that landing on that is a luxury. But I'll go into that later.

#2 Jungle Bungy in Phuket - $

So a while ago I dragged Cheryl, Carrie and Silver to Phuket with me, to do everything but go to the beach. That of course, included bungee jumping (more here). We went to this place called Jungle Bungy, which is near the Kathu Waterfall and the Tiger Kingdom.
It's not an elaborate a set-up as the one in Macau, but it is much cheaper. It's THB 2,200 for a jump, which roughly converts to SGD$90. And for a video you only have to add like THB 700 which is less than SGD $30. So for those who are bad at Math, a jump at Macau costs just a bit more than 6 jumps in Phuket.
(Via Jungle Bungy).

Yes so the set up. It's not elaborate at all. No guiding cables, no recovery system, no bouncy poofy mat. Also, you don't take the elevator up to the idk what floor of a tower. You just travel in a little box along the arm of the crane (and from this description, you can tell that James is not here with me now, or he would have been able to tell me exactly what sort of crane was used, and also would have given me a mini-lecture on the different parts of the crane). Anyway, me in the moving box.
And here's the jump! 

Caught on tape: My friends admitting that I'm cool!!! #landmarkachievement.

Oh and also me bungee jumping.
Posted by Jacqueline Laybourn on Friday, 24 July 2015

Yes. I am cool sometimes. Not in life, not at work, but when I jump, not bad lah.
Okay so the good thing about this bungee is that, you have the option to do a "water touch". You have to pay extra, but I didn't. Because you know, I already paid $600+ for my previous jump, and I mean like, I can touch water any time I want. But, as I later found, if you DIVE down the platform, you will end up touching the water anyway. VALUE FOR MONEY.
Oh and here is where I found out that not all bungee jumps end with a nice poofy crash cushion/mat/pillow...
So in essence, while you're dangling upside down, the bungee guys stick a rod out to you and you're supposed to grab on to it. Then they pull you in. It takes a few tries before you successfully grab it, because you know, you're bouncing up and down in an upside down state. But it's doable! And I guess you can't have a crash mat to land on if you want to touch the water so... haha.

#3 Zulu Bungy in Corinth - $$

So I didn't manage to go for a jump last year and I was super angsty. I LOVE BUNGEE JUMPING. I really do. So when James and I were planning our post-wedding roadtrip around Greece (not honeymoon), I specifically searched for places which I could leap off.

And I found this place in Corinth called "Zulu Bungy". Their website for some reason cannot be loaded in Singapore, but they are on Facebook and they are extremely responsive to emails. It seemed great! You jump off a bridge and into a shipping canal! Doesn't it look amazing?? You can even jump while a ship is still in it if you're lucky!
(Via Zulu Bungy).

So, the price of a jump is quite cheap at €60 per jump, €80 if you want the video and a free t-shirt. About $128, which is around the same price as the bungee jump in Phuket. EXCEPT, that it wasn't for me. You see, they have very seasonal opening hours. So if it's not the peak of summer, they may only open on weekends or something. 
(Via Zulu Bungy).

So we were in Greece in April/May for our wedding. Just at the shoulder of the peak tourist season because are cheap and also we son't like crowds. And we were spending one of our weekends getting married and the other weekends were being spent travelling to and from Greece on a plane. I was extremely upset that I would not get to jump in Greece. So I wrote in to Zulu Bungy and told them that I was getting married and please can I come on a day that you are closed. And guess what?! 
So hahaha, it worked out to about SGD$300 per person for a 90 m jump. BUT IT WAS AMAZING. 

You also get the recovery system to flip you the right way up, and the dudes help you take pictures with your phones.
And also some which include the jump - very rare. Usually you have to rely on a friend who is standing by the side, or on their super expensive photo package. But nope. These guys take photos with your own phone (or James' phone, and these are the only ones I have access to now while he's in Manila).
Also the safety is quite legit - they have extremely professional wraps to bind your ankles together, like with velcro and industrial looking stuff. At Phuket (and in Sentosa), they just used a towel and some straps to bind your legs together. Not so professional. But safe enough I guess.
So in conclusion, I think that Zulu Bungy is the most worth it at its given price point. The location is great, it's an okay height to jump from (90m is more impressive than 50m), and if you're lucky, you can go when they are actually open to the public, they are actually, really really cheap. (But maybe I am being Singaporean about this). And I would rate the Macau one for being the least worth it. I mean, sure it's the tallest commercial jump, but that's about it. You get a better experience jumping over water with canal-funneled wind rushing through your hair. 
Oh and just in case you were wondering, James is deathly afraid of two things in life — snakes and heights. So if he can do it so can you. His thoughts?
I'd say it went pretty well.

Anyway, I've come to the end of my post. I will now leave you with a befitting song.

❤ Jac.

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