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#Adulting: A Definition.

Hello guys! So many of you may know I'm like, mature and grown up now. I talk about old people things and can give you how-to guides...

Hello guys!

So many of you may know I'm like, mature and grown up now. I talk about old people things and can give you how-to guides on anything from buying a house to how to maximise your leave at work. Not because I'm an expert at doing stuff like this of course. But because James and I were suddenly immersed in such situations and had to find a way of slowly clawing our way out.
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Anyhow, maybe you think you've got the adulting thing all sorted out. You are now responsible and you know how to do lots of stuff that you previously didn't. I now know how to say "master bedroom" and "water filter" in Chinese. I would tell you that I have also learnt how to say "paint" in contractor slang, but that apparently is up for debate.
But I digress! Anyway, have you really thought about what adulting really means? Maybe. But if you haven't, here! I have broken it down for you!

#1 Having your own priorities.

When I lived with my parents, I wasn't allowed to do many things. For example. I had to prioritise my mother's aesthetic inclinations over my physical fitness. Hence, I had to have a bed in my room instead of a pole to pole dance.
Circa 2014: Me pretending to understand the World Cup on my bed.

But that's okay. Now that I have my own house where my opinion is worth 50% (at least) instead of being worth 5% (at most), I can look after my physical fitness. And look? How unintrusive does my pole look? You barely notice it among the mountain boxes. I don't know what my mother was talking about when she said that it would mess up the aesthetics of the room.
#fitgirl #fitfam #fitspo #healthyliving

Another thing that I now prioritise is my drink preferences over my mother's concerns over the sustainability of my lifestyle. I now can have a cabinet full of Coke Light instead of having just one bottle stashed away in my room.
All is well and good. Well, aside from having to share my Coke Light at times. But I'll manage. After all, one must sometimes make sacrifices for the love of one's life.

#2 Having purchasing power.

So when I was living with my mother, all my purchases were made with her in mind.
"Yes I'll buy the cream cake over the bag of potato chips."
"Yes I would rather dabao pasta than ice cream for dinner."
"No I won't buy the cushion because you don't like it."
And then suddenly, my mummy isn't there. I CAN BUY ALL THE THINGS THAT I WANTED TO BUY. Like a giant stormtrooper balloon.
And some animal balloons.
Yeah, it's great. I used to have to restrict my purchases to food and clothes, and it was terrible. But now, the retail world is my oyster. I CAN BUY WHATEVER I WANT. (And give my purchase to James as presents so that he cannot scold me for buying nonsense. #winning) Hello slowing economy, Jac and her new found purchasing power is here to save the day!

#3 Making independent fashion choices.

So my mother, she's very big on personal safety. And because I am the beacon which lights up her life, she wants no harm to come to me. And this has led to her having conservative opinions on what I should wear out. (Not that it stopped me, but you know). For example, she does not like me to wear shirts with statements emblazoned on the front because they are seen as confrontational and girl gangs may beat me up. So here are some examples of my fashion choices that she frowns upon.
Yes, those are items that can get me beaten up in Singapore apparently. So I had to secretly wear them out. The other kind of clothing that my mother didn't like me to wear were  tops which showed off my tattoos. My mother's reasoning was that I might attract the wrong kind of guy. I thought that this reason was more sound than the girl gang reason, so I never really wore crop tops out of the house.

However! Now that I am married ROM-ed to James, my mother can no longer say that my tattoos will attract the wrong kind of guys because most of the time I am out with the very manly James who is capable of scaring off any other guys with his brutish looks and bulging muscles. So whenever I go out with James now I try to make up for lost crop top time.
So this freedom in fashion is great! But also I think since my mother has seen that I have more or less settled down, she has become more liberal in judgements, and is approving of my clothes that "only young people can wear".

So what I think adulting is, is when kids like me have money and freedom. So they do things that they want to do, which may not be the most important or pressing issues in the grand scheme of things, but matter a lot to them because being responsible sucks. For example, James' and my first order of business after we moved into our apartment was to set up our gin cabinet.
Did we have other stuff to do? Yes. Did we care? Yes, but we cared more about gin because #priorities. And I know, if you have rented your own apartment for a while you may think that you've got adulting all sorted. But NO. You should see how excited James get when it comes to knocking holes into the wall and "buying furniture that is not made of chip board".

So in conclusion, adulting is basically the stage of life when you can do all the things that you want to do because no one is around to say no. And the price you pay is that it comes with some responsibilities. But who cares because they can always wait for another day and you have better things to do like go on the G-Max like adulting adults.
Okay and here's a great song to cap the adulting post off.

Make it on your own, but we don't have to grow up. 
We can stay forever young.

And also a gif.
(Via Giphy).

TGIF and have a good weekend guys!
❤ Jac.

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  1. Good read for someone planning to move out asap due to daily overly concerned comments from parents (read: incessant nagging) about everything from hairstyle to choice of socks.