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Taking Business Class on Qatar Airways.

Hello guys! So I took my first Business Class flight on the way back from Oslo last week! I know, I know. People are bragging about t...

Hello guys!

So I took my first Business Class flight on the way back from Oslo last week!
I know, I know. People are bragging about their Suites Class flights and what have you and I'm here writing about my Business Class flight. But, my blog, my life. Jac (and James) don't have the money to fork out tens of thousands to fly First Class. But we have accumulated enough miles to upgrade ourselves to Business Class! So let me tell you how it went!

James has always been a staunch supporter of Qatar Airways, and takes all his flights with them. When we first started dating, he spoke of the many wonders of Qatar Airways' Privilege Club and convinced me to sign up. I've been hooked on Qatar Airways since.
Anyway, Business Class on Qatar is AWESOME. Usually, us Privilege Club members get to go to the regular Oryx lounge in Doha's Hamad International Airport. I was pretty excited when James brought me there the first few times because well, it's a great lounge. You can plonk yourself down in plush chairs, eat free food, and use the free Wi-Fi. Oh, and help yourself to all the Coke Light in the world, of course.
I loved it. But James kept going on about a bigger, and better lounge which I had never gotten the chance to go to. UNTIL LAST WEEK. The Al Mourjan Business Lounge, which is reserved for proper Business Class travellers, is HUGE. It goes on forever!
As you can tell, it's mainly empty. Very big, very empty, and very exclusive! It was great! A really big step up from the Oryx Lounge, which you can tell from the photo below, can be quite packed at times.
Anyway, we didn't have time to take too many photos in the Al Mourjan Business Lounge because we had a one hour stopover and we wanted to eat the wonderful lounge food! The food on the menu is made to order. I was very excited and wanted to order everything.

James the frequent traveller, was more reasonable and told me that I would be eating lots of food on the Business Class flight and recommended that we share the "Deli lamb - roast lamb with cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce in olive loaf and served with minted mayonnaise". It was really good guys.
James also got me a Vodka Diet Coke, which is by far, the best drink in the world. Okay. Then we boarded our flight. And for once I got to go in by the special gate!
James was very good at pointing out all these special perks. I was just like staring at everything, wide-eyed and bushy tailed (and very unglam because, who looks glam on a flight? Be practical guys).

Anyway, Business Class, IS AWESOME. First, there are compartments that can fit EVERYTHING. Gone are the days where you have trouble squeezing your iPad or even your phone into the pocket of the seat in front of you. Your Macbook? No problem. Your full to the brim Longchamp bag? Fits into the same compartment easily.
There's even a drawer to fit your Nike Mid-Cut Air Force Ones! Life has never been better.
Oh and just in case that's not enough space for you, here you go. Another compartment you can use once your finish your complimentary bottle of water and remove your noise cancelling headphone and you have space for...well, I don't know really. I didn't use all the space I was given.
Speaking of things that I was given, we were given complimentary pyjamas! And you may wonder why anyone will want to change into pyjamas when they can wear their own clothes? Well some people (aka me), can forget to change out of their Uniqlo Extra Warm Heattech top before boarding a flight. So having a set of comfy clothes on board to change into is a huge plus!
We were also given the newly launched Giorgio Armani amenity kits. James has many from the previous range because he flies business quite often. We use them to store our cables. Sometimes I steal them and use them to store my *ahem* feminine hygiene products when I travel. What? It's in a manly pouch! No one would know the difference. Anyhow! I'm glad to have my own pouch now. I felt very important and exclusive. And the pouches are really quite nice!

And you know what they contain? Lotion, perfume, lip balm, a hairbrush, an eye mask, and SOCKS. Which is important when you forget to change out of your Uniqlo Heattech socks before boarding the flight.

Anyway, I had a wonderful flight. It started with champagne.
And then moved on to me discovering all the cool features of Business Class. Like all the cool buttons available! In economy class, the only buttons you get to press control the light and maybe those of the person beside you. In Business Class, there's a button for everything! Like the window blinds. You don't open them by yourself, goodness no. You press an arrow on the wall of the plane. AND, you don't just have one blind. You have two blinds, a night blind an a day blind. Wow. And the seats, I know you've heard that they can fully recline, but you can adjust practically anything to your level of comfort with a little panel of buttons by the side of your seat - the height of the arm rests, the incline of the back rest, anything! It's AWESOME.
And then I was offered a selection of newspapers on a silver platter (not exaggerating). So I chose NYT because I don't read Arabic, French, and it seemed the most atas out of the rest of the English papers.
I also asked for some Coke Light, and was pleased when it was served with a selection of nuts. Wow. Snacks with my Coke Light. Life couldn't get any better.
As my waking life was not going to be improving significantly, I decided to go to sleep. It was amazing. I had so much space. Let me demonstrate how spacious the seats are. This is James. And even he with his super long arms has trouble with reaching his giant touch screen.
So I had a really wonderful time sprawling out on the comfy reclining seat and falling asleep. Please also note all the available table top space which you can use to plonk all your stuff on.
A very far cry from how I sleep in Economy class - leaning on James neck support and hiding under the blanket to provide myself with a secure sleeping environment.
And then we were woken up for a cooked breakfast which was served on a tablecloth. It was a three course meal actually, and even came with a small bread basket, my choice of jam, and salt and pepper shakers. I don't even have salt and pepper shakers in my own kitchen ok.
James with his hot breakfast.

Sadly, all good things, like my Business Class flight, had to come to an end. But you know, James still has many Qmiles leftover, and I have 58,000 Qmiles in my own Privilege Club account. SO, I am looking very forward to upgrading myself to Business Class on lots and lots more flights to come :D.

❤ Jac.

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