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Jac's Two Cents: Some Overrated Things.

Hello! So you might know that I have a low opinion of many things - slow internet, stupid people, convenience stores which don't sto...


So you might know that I have a low opinion of many things - slow internet, stupid people, convenience stores which don't stock Coke Light, you know, the usual.
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Which is fine. Everyone has their pet peeves. But you know what I have realised? Many people tend to praise lots of things which I find are really just, meh. So here you go, some things that I find extremely overrated.

#1 Live bands in restaurants.

So I get it. Everyone love music in one form or another. I don't judge you for your taste in music. At all. Why, have you heard the kind of music I listen to? It's so trashy that I worry that the trash collector might come around whenever I'm blasting my playlist.
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And live music is great. Oh the things I would do to see artists live. I once went to a Pitbull concert with my Twitter friend. Yeah. You heard me right. A friend I only talked to on Twitter. As in, I knew he went to the same school as me, but really we only talked on Twitter.
(Yeah I don't even have a photo with him because we were too busy jumping up and down to Pitbull).

There was also this time when I was at the front of the queue to watch Lady Gaga' live in concert at Fort Canning. Nessie and I were the first people in the queue which we started at 3 pm. I had nothing but Lays potato chips and Bacardi Breezers in the hot sun. We got to the front of the stage. And then I fainted and security had to carry me out over the barricade. And then I had to squeeze through 15,000 to get to the front of the stage again. AND I MADE IT.
But what I don't get, is why people frequent restaurants with live bands. I mean, if you're alone, fine. But when you're with other friends? Do you not want to have a conversation with them? To actually hear what they are saying?
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Because if that's the case then I have this great place to recommend where it's socially acceptable to disregard any conversation. It's called a club. Go loud or go home, I always say.
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Besides, live bands aren't usually that great anyway. They go off key, and sometimes they go too far in "making it their own". So it ends up becoming an overdone number with more musical slurring than actual singing. Which is, of course, passed off as artistic.
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And this horrible caterwauling echoes off the walls and never seems to stop. Ugh. Live bands in restaurants - overrated.

#2 Public proposals.

So you know what I don't understand? People who want to get proposed to with lots of people around them.
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I know, I know, you want to have all the people who are special around you when the love of your life pops the question. Or you want it to be some grand surprise. BUT WITH A BUNCH OF STRANGERS AROUND?
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I mean flash mobs and grand displays of love are all well and good, BUT! What if she wants to say no?! Then what happens?
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And that's a good scenario. In a bad scenario, the guy might end up getting slapped!
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OR WORSE. She might just say yes because you know, it's the less awkward way out. I thought about it okay. If one of my ex-es had asked me to marry him in front of a bunch of people, I would have said yes to avoid the awkwardness, and then broken up with him in private.
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And I don't know why everyone thinks that public proposals is what everyone wants. You see this Olympic pair who got engaged at the Olympics? I don't even know their names, I didn't watch their dives. I just know them as, the people who got engaged at the Olympics. Not sad meh?
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And he stole her Olympic medal moment which she worked so hard for, AND put her on the spot in front of billions of people. AND LOOK SHE IS CRYING. I would hate for someone to see me cry in public. Like Kim Kardashian, I have an ugly crying face.
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But that's just my opinion.  But take a look at Dennis Hong's 2013 rant on the pornification of marriage proposals:
Similarly, do you know what happens when you take a proposal and make it public? You get engagement porn – stuff that people who aren’t happy with their own relationships drool over, and stuff that people in fulfilling relationships smirk at, because they know how unrealistic it is. 
Yes, I can say this now because James has proposed! And so whatever I type won't be perceived as me hinting for a proposal.
(Yeah that's right. Someone wants to be with me for the rest of his life.)

So yes anyway, back to my original point, public proposals are over-rated. Keep your proposals to yourself and stop encouraging voyeurism.

#3 Birthday surprises.

Ok, let me qualify. Most birthday surprises are quite nice. But the one I can't stand is when everyone pretends to forget your birthday, don't wish you happy birthday, and there's a big party at the end.
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I'm not saying that it has ever happened to me (it hasn't). But I would imagine that that's one of the worse ways to spend your birthday because you would spend the majority of your birthday feeling upset and angry over your stupid friends.
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WHY WOULD I WANT TO FEEL UPSET ON MY BIRTHDAY AT ALL?! This is baffling. And sure, there may be a surprise party at the very end, but what if I'm too grumpy with disappointment over friends are too busy to even acknowledge that daily Facebook notification reminding you to wish your good friend a happy birthday.
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So anyway, pretending to forget birthdays and then turning up with a big party at the end? Overrated.
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#4 Free speech.

Yeah yeah yeah. Free speech is good, we all want free speech and oh my goodness what is this Singapore restricting our freedom of expression. WELL. Let me show you what happens when you have free speech.
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(Via Giphy).

You get people who say whatever they like, without regard of whether its racially and religiously offensive or not. So while you may think that free speech is wonderful, you may want to think about what is it that you want to say that isn't allowed in Singapore. Is it that you hate people of a certain race or religion? Is it libelous? Is it untrue? Because if so then, well, you might want to do a bit of self-reflection.
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Free speech, totally overrated.

#5 Hello Kitty.

Okay, I know many people like Hello Kitty, but. Here's what I think. Any thing that I can draw up to an 80% likeness cannot be worth that much.
So I don't understand the appeal of Hello Kitty. I guess many people say that Hello Kitty is cute. COME ON, look at my drawing. Tell me which part of it is cute.
And even if you replace my drawing with an actual drawing with an actual image of Hello Kitty, it really doesn't make much of a difference. It's like the people who drew her couldn't be bothered to make her look more feline. Like you know, how Disney did with the Aristocats or how Jim Davis did with Garfield.
(Via Mental Floss).
(Via Fit For Life).

But I guess having Hello Kitty look not so feline would make sense. It would explain a lot really. Like why Sanrio said that Hello Kitty is not a cat.
(Via DogoNews).

Yeah so, Hello Kitty. Lots of hype for something that really easily replicated.  Don't understand. I think it's overrated.
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But what's not overrated is Avril Lavigne's song. I know many people don't like it, but COME ON. It's catchy!

OKAY. Have a good week ahead guys!
❤ Jac.

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