Friday, August 05, 2016

100 Hangers

Hello guys! So following my previous extremely timely and somewhat useful post on Travel FAQs, I thought I should revert to something more...

Hello guys!

So following my previous extremely timely and somewhat useful post on Travel FAQs, I thought I should revert to something more normal and put up something which by now, is completely out of date and irrelevant to anyone but me.
And James. Because WE ENGAGED Y'ALL. My concerns are now also his concerns foreverrrrr.
Anyway! Sometime back I moved in with James. I got my own wardrobe and everything. Well, I started out with an IKEA pigeon hole. Then this became two IKEA pigeon holes. You know the kind. The Ikea EXPEDIT bookcase that everyone seems to have.
(Via IKEA Hackers - no this isn't how James used it, but it's a happy thought).

And then that became too little so James rearranged his furniture and I got 2 drawers. And a section of wardrobe. And then I ran out of space and so I got an entire wardrobe. In addition to the two drawers and the one section of wardrobe of course. (The other section of the wardrobe contains shelves which we don't use for clothes). So I was quite happy with that.
(Via Giphy).

And then that became too little space. Which is very unusual. I mean like, look at me! You’d think I only have like 2 tops and maybe 3 pairs of shorts.
So I thought long and hard about why my clothes wouldn't fit into the wardrobe. And eventually narrowed it down James’ hangers.
(Via Giphy).

So James uses these very nice wooden hangers. Uses them to hang his shirts and what have you. But look at them. They look very nice and all, but they take up SO MUCH SPACE. Like look at this Gif, can you tell how much space the wooden and cushioned hanger takes up?  A LOT.
(Via The Gloss).

Which is very impractical because you know. I know they always say quality over quantity when it comes to I don’t know, what do people buy these days? Friends and clothes. But when it comes to fitting these clothes and friends into the closet, QUANTITY OVER QUALITY ALWAYS.

So this is how I did it back at home. I used these extremely thin, velvet flocked hangers. My mother said that they are made in Japan and of good quality. But my mother also says that rap music is noisy so we can’t trust her all the time.

But they are practical! For one thing, the fabric provides friction and prevents my clothes from slipping off the hangers. Also THEY ARE EXTREMELY THIN. LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL EX-WARDROBE. LOOK AT HOW NEAT MY DRESSES WERE.
I HAD to replicate this in James’ house, which is now also my house. So our house. Cos we share everything now. Including all the disturbing secrets I have stashed in the depths of my brain. Like the time I killed...never mind. Anyway, these were the hangers I used at home.
(Via Groupon).

I had already brought some over to James' place. Like 50 over. But this wasn’t enough. So I bought 100 more from Lazada.

I know I know, you can get them cheaper on Tao Bao or Qoo10. But seriously, the ones on Tao Bao or Qoo10 are NOT THE SAME. I want them ALL TO BE UNIFORM. They cannot have like heart shapes or flowers on them. They must be plain and exactly the same. Yes. I’m selectively OCD. So sue me.

Anyway, my hangers shipped them from China. It was great. I ordered them on a Monday afternoon and I got them on Wednesday afternoon, 5 mins after I got the “Your item has been shipped” confirmation, 7 days before I got the “Your item has reached it’s destination”, and more than 2 weeks before the estimated delivery date. WOW.
(Via Giphy).

I had gotten my package delivered to my workplace because, you know, it’s important that no one steals my hangers and I get possession of my hangers as immediately as possible. So my hangers. THEY WERE AWESOME! They came in a huge box which made me very happy.
And let me tell you some questions people ask you when you carry a huge box of 100 hangers around, and my subsequent responses to their questions.

#1 “What’s in the box?”

"100 hangers." Okay. Fair question. It really was quite a big box.

#2 “Why do you need 100 hangers?”

To make spaghetti. To hang my clothes la. Duh.
(Via Giphy).

#3 “You need 100 hangers?!"

No, I don't. I bought 100 hangers because I had nothing better to do with my money and also my life.
(Via Giphy).

#4 "You have so many clothes?" on. You really don't realise how many stupid questions you get until you carry a big box of hangers around really. Anyway, I brought my hangers home and was very embark on my quest of fitting all my clothes into the wardrobe.
And tadah! I did it! I was extremely pleased with myself.
What? You would look disheveled and tired too if you'd spent the last two days organising your clothes.Anyway, those pictures were sadly taken about a month ago and I since have run out of hangers. Yes. Hangers. Not space. Space is a concept, not a constant.
(Via Giphy).

And just in case you’re wondering, James has one wardrobe and 2 drawers. What? It’s not like he needs the space, his wardrobe isn’t even full! And he uses wooden hangers!
(Via Giphy).

Also, I would like to add that James offered the space to me, I didn’t ask for it. And now since we are engaged, his space is my space and my space is his space, provided he can find a way to invade my space and also if he can be bothered to unload all the things from my space. So effectively, you know, GG.
(Photo by Smith, but more on that another time).

Okay and now I have come to the end of my post. Here's an unrelated video for you.

Enjoy your weekend guys! 
❤ Jac.

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