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10 Reasons Why I Make a Good Girlfriend.

Hello guys! So you might know, I'm a pretty good girlfriend. No? Well, I don't blame you. I can be a pretty horrible person at tim...

Hello guys!

So you might know, I'm a pretty good girlfriend. No? Well, I don't blame you. I can be a pretty horrible person at times. Check out the photographic evidence.

And I of course, decided that it would be fun to leave a random Stormtrooper in his bathroom to scare my boyfriend.
And you may be wondering if James is mad to want to ask me to be his girlfriend or if James is being paid by a research team to undergo a long duration of emotional stress in the name of science.
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The answer is no, he's not getting paid. You'd be able to tell if he was as I would be busy making sure that the field of psychotherapy was totally getting their money's worth by pushing his emotional and mental boundaries to the max.
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But as it turns out. I am a wonderful girlfriend. And let me tell you why.

#1 I am pretty.

All guys like pretty girls. And as you might very well know, I am the prettiest of them all.
And my beauty really shines through in the photographs that we take as a couple.
Yes. I make us quite the good looking couple. An obvious contribution I bring to the table, which James greatly appreciates.

#2 I am low maintenance.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again. I have very low expectations of what people need to buy me if they want to keep me happy. There's of course, alcohol.
And then there's also Coke Light.
Hmm...actually I tell a lie. James says that I am quite expensive because of the vast quantities of alcohol and Coke Light I can down. Maybe I should change it to "easily satisfied". Or I could just compare myself to other girls who demand the sky from their boyfriends. Whatever. James will have to deal.
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#3 I am accommodating.

So unlike those unreasonable girls out there, I am very accommodating and I always take James' opinion into account.
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Oops wrong image. I meant to put this of course. And yes, I am asking you to imagine me as Ryan Gosling.
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And yes, I am always happy to compromise my own happiness just to make James happy you know. As you can evidently see here.
He must feel so privileged to be with me.

#4 I am knowledgeable.

I really am. As you can probably tell, I've been an avid reader since young. I learnt to read before I learnt to walk.
 And I'm still an active reader. I'd let you know that I consume a variety of material, from Facebook to Lonely Planet.
Day in day out. My sparkling conversation stemming from my vast knowledge of the world around us must be one of the reasons as to why James likes me.
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#5 I am cheerful.

That's right. You better believe it. You see that gif up there with Olivia Munn? That's delightful. And I have a photo which showcases my equally sunny disposition.
I know. Nothing like the ray of sunshine that is me to brighten up the mood and atmosphere. No wonder James likes to keep me around.

#6 I am cool.

As you probably can tell, James is not the coolest person on Earth.
But he understands that if he is together with me, his cool factor goes up. Because you know, he's good in both math and science. Hence he understands averages and is also banking heavily on the principle of diffusion. As you can see, it works out very well in his favour. We look quite the photogenic couple.

#7 I am altruistic.

You might be wondering why an extremely cool and beautiful person like me is willing to go out with James and up his cool factor. Well, that's because I am selfless. Yes. My altruistic and self-sacrificing nature makes me practically a superhero.

And you know, it's what inside that counts. And it is hard to find people with insides as beautiful as mine.

He knows he has something good going. Better not let it slip.

#8 I have integrity.

Clearly, a person with my wit and charm could play the field for a very long time. Why, I have about 100 years before I even hit my quarter-life crisis if you ask me. Like Amy Poehler in Mean Girls, I've got a long way to go before I can't work it.
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But you see, I have integrity of course. So while I could very well be rolling around in wads of cash with Flo Rida and the likes, I'm spending my time with James because you know, integrity. No cheating on the boyfriend.
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#9 I am realistic.

I am a realist. I never spin stories. I never exaggerate. I live with my feet firmly planted on the ground.
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And this is very beneficial to James! He knows that I am well aware of what he can bring to the table. And I understand that he is only limited to bringing me stacks on deck, patron on ice, and sometimes even gassing up the jet for me on nights so that I can have whatever I like.

#10 I am humble.

Of course, no one likes a show-off. So I think one of the reasons why James has stuck around is because I never boast about my good qualities. No one likes a self-absorbed person who talks about himself all the time.
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Luckily, I don't brag. I am humble. Humility is one of my strongest qualities.
And yes I've come to the end of my post! I hope you enjoyed my very accurate description on what makes me an exemplary girlfriend. Also exemplary girlfriend and James are going to California tomorrow!!! So I don't post anything next week it'll be because I'm busy um, doing American things. Like eating at McDonald's and drinking Starbucks coffee. Leading my life in a less humid climate!
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And on that note, here's a song for you. ENJOY.

Okay, time to sleep! Goodnight!
❤ Jac.

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