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How To Make The Guy Of Your Dreams Fall For You This Valentine's Weekend.

Hello guys (and girls)! I have a confession to make - I am a hopeless romantic. I'm extremely into all the flowers, chocolates, and ...

Hello guys (and girls)!

I have a confession to make - I am a hopeless romantic. I'm extremely into all the flowers, chocolates, and heart shaped shit. 
(Sorry Smith, I do not mean that you are shit, I just couldn't find any other photos of me and hearts because I secretly do not like I don't know why).

So this makes me totally qualified to lecture you on how to win the heart of any guy this Valentines' weekend and leave him wanting to cater to your every whim and fancy.
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Yes that's right. I will not only teach you how to sweep him off his feet, but also turn him (if I may quote Britney) into a slave for you. Or if you prefer, anything you like really.
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So! Here goes...

#1 Surprise him at his workplace.

Everyone love surprises! And that includes guys. And Valentine's weekend starts with you surprising him by turning up unannounced at his workplace on Friday!
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With a huge bouquet of flowers of course. Or a flock of lovebirds.

Something attention grabbing. You have to make a grand entrance. No one appreciates visitors who don't put in any effort into choreographing their arrival in addition to turning up empty handed.
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His colleagues will act like they are having a ball of a time, laughing, taking videos of the both of you, but both you and I know that they will be green with jealousy.
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(Also this would be a good time to recite your poem, which I will touch on next).

#2 Write him a poem.

Yes. Guys love poems. The cheesier the better. Read it to him. Watch as he relishes the sound of your voice and stifle his laughter at your precious puns. No - that's not awkwardness and judgement, that's him trying to suppress the waves of emotion bubbling within.
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Trust me. All guys love girls who write them poems.

#3 Give him a teddy bear.

Nothing says "I love you" like a teddy bear. A teddy bear is the perfect symbol of your relationship. It's cute, fluffy, and full of wool substance, just like your man.

And of course, your love will be more apparent if the bear is holding a heart. Hearts are clear symbols of love. Everyone, man and stuffed animal alike, looks more lovable when holding a heart.
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Answer: There is no better way.

#4 Have a Romcom Marathon.

Rather than Netflix and Chill, you should arrange for the both of you to sit down for a romcom marathon! Guys love finding excuses to indulge in this guilty pleasure of theirs, and this is exactly where you come in!
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I think you need to find a good selection of 10 movies that you and your man can curl up and watch.
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Not sure what movies to pick for your marathon? Well, here are some of the classics which I'm sure all guys will enjoy.
All feel good and fluffy. Your guy will love it. But don't tell him before hand of course - that will just ruin the surprise.

#5  Tell him about what should be improved.

We all know that constructive criticism is beneficial to any relationship. So don't forget to be very thorough when telling your guy how he can up his game. Be descriptive.
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You need to make him understand how he can improve for years to come. Don't miss out on any detail. If you can't cover all his shortcomings in one conversation then just follow up with incessant texts. It shows dedication and investment in your shared future together.

Guys find that very sexy.

Okay anyway! I've come to the end of my tips. They will surely work. Try and you will see! And now I will leave you with this song which will be what your dream guy will be saying to you in time to come...

Have a tolerable Valentine's Day guys!
❤ Jac.

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