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How to Make a Last Minute Christmas Outfit.

Hello guys! So as you know, Christmas is around the corner and you're suddenly engulfed in waves upon waves of Christmas party invit...

Hello guys!

So as you know, Christmas is around the corner and you're suddenly engulfed in waves upon waves of Christmas party invitations.
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And you know, being the busy person that you are, you just might miss scheduling that one party into your phone. And horror of horrors, you only realise when Facebook reminds you that you have an event in 1 hour.

And all you have time for is to finish up whatever work you have left and rush over from the office with barely 5 minutes to spare. And horror of all horrors, you had to be in corporate wear. You know, those frumpy office clothes that you hope no one outside of your work will see you in?
Sorry this is the best I could find. I make it a point not to take photos when I'm in frumpy attire. Anyway, you're in your most unfashionable office attire and you have to make it to this Christmas party where everyone will laugh at your disgusting clothes. WHAT DO YOU DO?!
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Just kidding. Alcohol is never the solution. I would get fired if I stored that much alcohol at work. But I am familiar with this scenario because the other day Mothership.SG asked me for a Christmassy picture for a banner to my article on "8 gifts narcissistic S’poreans can buy their friends for Christmas" and I had nothing. Why? Because my pictures from previous years looked something like this.
Strange, weird, or extremely blur. In Belmont's words, "What potato cam you use to take the photo?" Oh or drunk/slutty. We must not forget about that.
Yeah. I wasn't going to let Belmont put it on Mothership which I'm quite sure is religiously frequented by my boss. But yes, this Christmas outfit thing can be a problem. So I present you...

#1 Panic and scream for help.

(Via Imgur).

It doesn't really matter what you scream, I've found. You just have to be sufficiently noisy such that someone hears you and comes to your rescue. In this case, my colleague whom I now refer to as "Party Central" came to my immediate aid.

No, my colleague is not Luke Skywalker. 

#2 Explain your situation as quickly as possible.

Time is of an essence here. You need help, and you need help quick. No one has time for your long stories.
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The secret is to convey your emotions through your facial expressions.
(Via Imgur).

#3 Use everything.

By this time, your helpful colleague would have probably produced some seemingly Christmas nonsense which you have no idea what to do with.
And you might be tempted to reject them. But DON'T. The rule of thumb is, if you don't know what to do with it, stick it in your hair. Always works.
And if that fails, just drape it around your shoulder or wrap it around your wrist. Nothing should be discounted when you are setting yourself up to embody the spirit of Christmas.

#4 Clothe Thyself.

So yes, you've settled your accessories and now it's time to deal with the major issue -  your outfit. Because let's be honest, there is no Christmas party in the world who will be especially welcoming to someone dressed like the great grandmother of the Grinch who stole Christmas.

And what can you do about it? Just look around your office and drape some festive looking sheets of paper on top of your existing outfit. Have you seen the papers recently? They are, ugh, filled with nothing but holly, mistletoe, Santa Clauses and candy canes from all the badly designed advertisements for year-end sales.
(Via Gifrific).

But for once, that's okay. Use it all to your advantage. That stack of Christmas wrapping paper that your colleague who just left has left under her table for possibly more than 2 years and may be crawling with silverfish? That's your new dress.

#5 Work it.

Confidence is the key. You must work your 5 minute outfit as if it was made by some snarky couture designer for $100,000.
(Via Imgur).

And that's how you glam yourself up in 5 minutes for your Christmas party/ Mothership cover photo.
Of course, if you have no faith in your colleagues or your ability to effortlessly pull off the look, you could always call Cinderella's fairy godmother. I'm sure she'll be of help.
(Via Fanpop).

Okay also it is time to sleep. But before I leave here is a good article on how you can get into the Christmas Spirit (click here) which is coincidentally accompanied with this good gif I made last year.
And also a good song which is sadly not Christmassy because I'm sleepy and lazy to look for one that I like that is not by Flo Rida and Trey Songz.

❤ Jac.

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