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Things that People say to an Injured Jac.

Hello guys! So as you know, I am quite garang . I like to do things like this.... And this.

Hello guys!

So as you know, I am quite garang. I like to do things like this....
And this.
And this.
And I also am quite chor lor. So what happens to me ever so often are things like this.
And this.
And this.
So no one really takes note when I injure myself anymore. James says that since he has known me, I have spent more time being decorated in blood and bruises than being, well, unscathed. I say that luckily, I have a pretty face.
Yeah that's right. 
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So I have recently discovered that being tough and garang has it's drawbacks. You see, I recently dislodged my toenail during dance class. AND IT HURT. Like the was blood and all. And you know, I don't usually make a big fuss, but this is how my friend reacted when she saw my toe.

There was more but then I decided to censor out the vulgarities. But anyway! JUDGING FROM HER REACTION, it must have been quite bad right?
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And what do would you normally say to people who are injured? I don't know. I have very little empathy. But most of the time I say something along the lines of...
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You know, at least put in some effort to feign concern. But no okay. Except for my friend who went "OMG, EW. JAC!!!" before proceeding to force me onto a cab to see a doctor, no one else showed me any form of sympathy ok! And here are some of the responses I got. Presenting...
(Photo credit: Smith).

#1 NPNT.

So I told my colleagues that I was injured and that my toenail had been partially dislodged. Because that's the truth. And if I wanted to lie for sympathy I would say something like...
Now. That would be cause of much concern I feel. And because I get injured all the time and sort of brush it off, when I tell you that I am injured and it freaking hurts, it is in everyone's interest that they believe me. Or be subject to a tirade of non-stop, high pitched ranting.
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Instead, my colleague goes all HardwareZone on me. No Pic No Talk - kee siao la you've gotta be kidding me. His words pierced my heart and hurt my extremely delicate feelings.
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#2 Oh. Anyway ah...

So, the next day, I was just hobbling along, minding my own business when this happened...
And you would think that my statement would be acknowledged in some way you know. Instead, what I got went something along these lines...
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Actually it was more like "Anyway, I'm hungry. Where is lunch?" But you get the point. So yes, I don't know where everyone's EQ has gone to, but you know, if you can be bothered to be concerned enough to ask someone why they are tottering around like a penguin on stilts, then you better make the effort to have some kind of pretentious follow-up ready.
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But then again, the response was about lunch so I guess my friend was rather hungry. And hungry people can be rather desperate and terrifying. So this is partially excusable I guess.
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#3 Ceh/Chey/Cheh.

And I'm like...
(Via Reaction Gifs).

Because I told you my toe hurts. I just opened up and exposed all the hurt that I'm going through. So you should pay attention and give me some affirmation man. HOW DARE YOU BELITTLE MY PAIN AND SUFFERING!!!
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So those of you who are not familiar with the "cheh", this is what it means...
cheh /che, tʃɛint.
An exclamation expr. exasperation, derision, etc.
[Mal., an interjection of disbelief or disapproval: nonsense! shame! (Wilkinson); fie! for shame! (Winstedt)]

[1955 R.J. Wilkinson A Malay–English Dictionary, vol. 1, 196 cheh.. Nonsense! shame! – an interjection of disbelief or disapproval; cf. chěh! kamu sěmua cheh! karna tiada adat hamba Mělayu: shame! shame on you all! we Malays are not in the habit of acting like that; Mal. Annals [Malay Annals] 123.]
2004 Colin Goh The Sunday Times (LifeStyle), 22 August, L14 ‘Tcheh,’ groused the Mother-in-Law..  2006 Kelvin Wong (quoting Simon ChuaThe Sunday Times, 17 December, 41 You never know! Chey... haha. If I have the chance, why not?
Yeah that's right. An exclamation of DERISION. Dude! What did I ever do of you to deserve such derision? Did I crack any "yo mama" jokes? No. Did I tell you that you were ugly? Not to your face. So what gives man?!!!
(Via Memegen).

Such is life. Anyway, I wasn't able to attend the DC Justice League Run because of my toe, but thanks Smith for covering the event behalf of the team at Geek Crusade!
And also James for taking me to KL because I couldn't go for the run.
Oh and just in case you're genuinely worried about my toe, my toe's fine now, thanks for asking. And now I leave you with a quick summary of events from start to end. 

And also a song which I dedicate to the people who scoffed at my injury.

And that's about it I guess. Sorry for the late post. But you know, I was gravely injured. See you guys!
❤ Jac.

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