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5 Things to do in Phuket (which do not include going to the beach).

Hi guys! So you might remember that I dragged Carrie , Cheryl , and Silver with me to Phuket a few weeks back.

Hi guys!

So you might remember that I dragged Carrie, Cheryl, and Silver with me to Phuket a few weeks back.

It was our second holiday to Phuket together and it was AWESOME! Yeah yeah. I know what you're thinking...
And I take offence at that. Because I am not some girl. And I did not drag them all the way to Phuket just to laze around the beach when Sentosa has wonderful pristine beaches filled with billions of dollars of imported sand.
(Via Pintrest).

Anyway! I will now proceed to tell you what we did in Phuket, which coincidentally, did not even involve us going to the beach.

#1 Play with Tigers.

Did you know that you can play with tigers in Phuket? I didn't know. Until this James went to Phuket with his family and spammed me with photos of him and some tigers.
(Photo stolen from James).

And I was like...
And so I dragged Carrie, Cheryl, and Silver along with me. Anyway, TIGERS. They are awesome. Like here is a picture of me and a 4+ month old tiger cub. Which is more or less the same size as me. (Probably faster, stronger and has a better appetite. Luckily, I am not competitive when it comes to animals).
And also a picture of Carrie, me, and a tiger cub.
Trainer, "Hold the tail!!! Hold the tail!!" 
So here is a photo of me holding the tail. Because I am obedient and docile as always.

And also a picture of Cheryl and a big tiger. 
Yeah. Cheryl didn't get along with the tigers as well as I did. I credit my attractive nature which many, like Cheryl, lack. (Kidding Cheryl, you are very attractive).
Anyway, if you want to play with some tigers too, you an visit Tiger Kingdom, Phuket. Prices range from 800 THB for the medium to large tigers (11 - 36 months), to 1000 THB for the cubs (2 - 4 months). They also do packaged where you get discounted rates for taking say, the big and small tigers And I know you're lazy to search for it. So here's the price list (click to expand).

#2 Bungee Jump.

So you might or might not know that I have this unhealthy addiction of wanting to jump off tall structures. I spend an inordinate amount of time watching and rewatching people bungee jump on YouTube/Facebook. It's quite embarrassing. Here's the latest one I've seen.

Denemek ister miydiniz?
Posted by Fanatik on Friday, 7 August 2015

Yes I need to go to Queensland. Anyway, I have this habit of Googling "destination + bungee jump" before going anywhere. So that's exactly what I did before going to Phuket! And look what I found!
It's only 50m, and above a river. So not very scary at all!
And each jump costs 2,100 THB. Which is extremely reasonable seeing that you get to do this...
It is even more reasonable when you consider that 2,100 THB converts to approximately SGD$83, and jumping from the Macau Tower costs MOP3,088, which converts to about SGD$546. (What?!! You spend your bonus on designer bags, and I spend my bonus on doing stupid things. To each his/her own ok!)
You can also pay extra if you want more stuff added on, like a DVD movie, or if you want to do like say, a tandem bungee jump or a catapult bungee jump. Which is fine. But I don't recommend you pay extra for the water touch bungee jump simply because you can do it without forking out the additional cash.
Oh yes and this is my bungee jump video. I am very proud of it because I look very graceful. This does not happen very often.

Caught on tape: My friends admitting that I'm cool!!! #landmarkachievement.

Oh and also me bungee jumping.
Posted by Jacqueline Laybourn on Friday, 24 July 2015
And this is a video of Cheryl. She is very proud of it. Not because she is graceful. But let's just say it's a bad idea to try assaulting her at night. Her screams can wake the dead. In the North Pole. Buried under 2432054m of ice for a gazillion years. (Warning: lower the volume before watching).

You can get your bravery certified at the "Jungle Bungy Jump" which is a 5 minute drive from the Tiger Kingdom!

#3 Visit a Waterfall.

Another 10 minute drive away from the Jungle Bungy Jump site is the Kathu Waterfall. HAH. I BET YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TO THIS WATERFALL.
Well, most of you anyway. The travel sites I visited said that you have to "trek" up but it's quite manageable because there are multiple rest points along the way. Well, I don't know who these people are ok. But there is no trek. you kind of just have to walk up some steps to access the various plunge pools.
So there are three plunge pools in total. And you can splash around in them and take some photos, standing very still as your photographer friend adjusts the light/aperture/focus/her hair while you get eaten alive by mosquitoes.
In Cheryl's words...
Also not to worry if you wanted to do some trekking along the waterfall. The waterfall is filled with boulders and rocks and yet-to-be-converted-into-trails kind of paths just waiting to be discovered.
The Kathu Waterfall is a 10 minute drive away from the Jungle Bungy Jump site.

#4 Cliff Jump.

Another fun and exciting thing that you can do in Phuket is to cliff jump! Okay actually you have to do it off the Phi Phi islands in Krabi, but that's just a day trip with you can do from Phuket.
And cliff jumping isn't that popular as compared to say, diving, snorkeling and prancing around the beach taking photos. So if you really want to do it you have to make the effort to scour through the different tour agencies in order to find one which conducts cliff jumping trips. Lucky for you, we've already done the relevant groundwork and I'm able to tell you that Ibex Climbing and Tours does cliff jumping trips to the Phi Phi Islands upon request.
But they have to charter a separate pok pok sampan-looking motorboat for you because the rest of the tourists are more interested in going to Jame Bond Island, Monkey Bay, and that beach from The Beach.
We had to do it in two locations because our boat broke down halfway. So here's Carrie and Silver at their first jump site.
And here's a gif of Cheryl and I at the second jump site. BEHOLD MY SUPERIOR CLIMBING SKILLS.
I even had time for a nap!
And then there was of course the jump.

A video posted by Jacqueline (@behindthebasics) on

It was very scary. I don't know why. Jumping off a 12m cliff scared me 20 million times more than jumping off a 223m tower. My mind works in mysterious ways *shrugs*.

#5 Pole Dance.

We also went pole dancing! Or rather, I said that I was going pole dancing and invited everyone along. They all came willingly of course.
Cheryl was glaring like she didn't want to be there, but secretly she is very pleased to have someone push her to fulfil her secret ambition to be a pole dancer.
Anyway, I found a studio in Phuket which charges 800THB for about 1.5 hours which is really cheap! The class was very entertaining and the instructor, Jenny, made sure that everyone had stuff to work on. Check out our very good results!
The studio is a bit small and warm (read: sweaty palms, hard to grip), but it's equipped with a variety of poles so whatever kind of pole you want is probably there - spinning, non-spinning, brass, chrome, and even silicon! And the silicon pole is PINK. I had never seen a pink pole in my life ok. I was very impressed.
Pole Dance School - Phuket is located about 30 minutes away from Patong Beach. I recommend that you drop them an email to book your slot about two weeks before heading to Phuket!

Okay and that's about all we did in Phuket in the three days we were there. We truly did not go to the beach at all even though Silver and I did plan on recreating this shot we took in Phuket two years back.
Thank you for letting me drag you all around the place guys!
Anyway, sorry guys. I think I'm one blog post short for the month of August. But I've been really busy saving the world and all that jazz, so I hope you can overlook that. But if you for some godforsaken reason would like to read more new content by me, you may read my review for "The Man from U.N.C.L.E"  which was carried on Geek Crusade.

So yes, now I shall leave you with a very good music video.

Okay have a good rest of the weekend guys!
❤ Jac.

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