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8 Reasons Why Jac's Friends Are Good.

Hello! Happy (belated) International Friendship Day!!! I actually prepared this post a while back. But you know, when I say prepared, I m...


Happy (belated) International Friendship Day!!! I actually prepared this post a while back. But you know, when I say prepared, I meant that I just casually thought about it, stored my idea amongst all the weird and wonderful thoughts in my head, and then encountered some problems when I tried to retrieve it later on.
(Via Cambio).

Yes life is tough. But you know what they say. Better late than never! So here's my late post for International Friendship Day -

#1 They understand my texting habits.

I am very bad at replying WhatsApps. That's just the way I am. It's not that I don't like you, and it's not that I don't like WhatsApp. It is just that, I don't know. I am like this.
But! When I suddenly spam them with a stream of WhatsApps, they still respond to me. Good friends.
I would like you to note that I always respond to the important/time-sensitive/critical to national security WhatsApps. In other words, WhatsApps which offer me Coke Light. But just in case you need to reach me urgently via non-vocal means, here's some advice from Chester.
For more on my WhatsApping habits, see here.

#2 They allow me to drag them all around the place.

So recently I went to Phuket with Carrie, Cheryl, and Silver. Let me show you how they look on their blogs.

The charismatic Carrie Sim.
(Via Carrie Sim).

The charming Cheryl Tay.
(Via Cheryl Tay).

And the extremely stylish Silver Ang.
(Via Silver).

And then there's me.
Me, "Girls, want to go to Phuket?"
Them, "Okay you plan, we follow."

And that was how Cheryl got slapped in the face by a tiger's tail.
And also how Silver and Carrie got the most horrific bruises from cliff jumping.
(Trust me - you do not want to see their bruises. But just imagine their legs ressembling giant eggplants.)

Don't think they will be wanting to go on holiday with me any time soon.

Thanks also goes to Edwina who gamely allowed herself to be dragged to Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, and Iceland.

#3 They let me use their photos for my blog entries.

Me displaying my supreme power over the cowering Titus.
James collapsed on Amanda's ballerina bed after a night of alcohol sipping - a sure sign of his old age.
Ang Moh James trashed on a pile of trash.
As you can tell, most of the time, these photos don't usually depict my friends in a very positive light. But my friends don't mind (that much). So thanks guys! You're great!
(Via Tumblr).

#4 They accept my lateness.

I'm usually late in meeting my friends. My JC friends in particular. Why there was this time when I was 1.5 hours late (it was raining and there was no cabs around - luckily it was my birthday so no one scolded me).
And it doesn't help that they are all very decent and responsible people who usually turn up 15 minutes ahead of schedule. See my shirt? I think it's the flashiest shirt they've ever seen.
Yeah anyway, we have been hanging out for a grand total of 10 years so far! So, very good. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I even bought a shirt to show the guys when we next met. But in my rush to meet them last weekend, I forgot to wear my good shirt out. What a pity.

(Via Topshop).

Oh well. Such is life. Also I was only 30 minutes late. Which isn't too bad I guess.
(Via Buzzfeed).

#5 They listen to my ranting and raving.

And I admit that this can really be quite a challenging task, especially since I never really go into the full context of what I'm capslocking about.
Translation: I'm scared. Oh wait, Grey Worm won! Oh my god, why are there so many bad people around. Oh! The dragon is here to save the day? WHAT?! IT ENDS ON A CLIFFHANGER?!!

Yeah. Not one of my proudest moments. But if you ignore my incoherent barrage of capslocked words, you can tell that my good friend is extremely well-versed in my capslocked lingo.

#6 They entertain my bitching.

So um, I don't know if you've noticed, but I have the tendency to bitch. And my friends not only put up with it, but respond accordingly.
Good friend is also extremely good at doing this. Even when I bitch about topics not of his expertise such as makeup, clothes and stupid boys. But to be fair, he might be more accepting towards my bitching because I am always factual and objective in my tales. No ill-intent at all.
(Via someecards).

#7 They are very obliging.

So what usually happens is that I'll be at a random event with my friends when I'd suddenly go...
Yeah. They are quite an obliging and well-trained bunch. 

#8 They hang out with me.

So we've established that I'm basically a very bitchy and angsty person. Which makes it very weird for me to have friends. Seriously, why my friends want to hang out with such an unstable being is beyond me.
(Via Gurl).

So thanks guys! For hanging out with me you know. I understand that it can't be a very easy task, especially since I'm always absent on WhatsApp. So yes. Thanks! I appreciate this.
Okay and now I've come to the end of my blog post. But before I end off with a regular music video...
(Via Funny Junk).

I would like to give special thanks to my good friend, aka the only other person who has administrative rights to my blog. Thank you for always bring there to read my unnecessary emotional outburst on how scary shows are, my never ending rants which go on way past my "the ends", and also for always being on my side. Which is the correct side anyway.

And also for not bothering with anything related to my blog/life unless I specifically ask for your advice. And also for offering to have a beer session for me even though you are the most anti-social person I know. Thanks. And you may pretend that you didn't read this to save us from an awkward conversation on feelings.

And now a good song.

Have a good rest of the week guys!
❤ Jac.

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