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Why Disney Rocks (and also a Giveaway at the end).

Hello guys! So I'm going to assume that because you are readers of my blog, that you either had a pretty decent childhood, or the more ...

Hello guys!

So I'm going to assume that because you are readers of my blog, that you either had a pretty decent childhood, or the more likely scenario, that you are unable to accept that you're an adult and are still living your childhood right now.
(Please note that I do not actually like Hello Kitty, but this Cheng Wei thought it would be funny for me to carry a giant Hello Kitty all around Singapore on my birthday. "I PURPOSELY TOLD THE AUNTIE I WANTED THE GIANT XXL BALLOON OK.")

Yes. Anyway, a very large portion of my childhood was dedicated to being obsessed with Disney cartoons, And here's a list of things on what I like about Disney.

#1 The Lion King.

Sorry to all you people who think Frozen is the best Disney movie ever made. You guys are mad. The Lion King is far superior to any other Disney movie out there.

Why? Because firstly, it is filled with animals. Animals are cute.

Also, it contains many African words. So it's extremely educational.
And it's based in Africa. Come on, don't tell me you've never wanted to go on an African safari.
And also there's this iconic scene which can give you goosebumps.

Also Mufasa is damn kick ass. He is fierce, and regal and also voiced by Darth Vader.

AND I CRIED WHEN MUFASA DIED. Sigh. I was very sad. Also I was eight. Don't judge.
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It's an awesome movie ok. And if you disagree please don't let me know. The eight year old in me might throw a fit.

#2 The Songs.

Also, Disney songs are fantastic. They are very catchy and happy and easy to sing. It doesn't even matter if the words don't really make sense at all, because they sound good and are literally very magical. Like bibbidi bobbidi boo.

I also find that Disney songs are very relatable - extremely applicable to my daily life. For example, "Under The Sea" explains why I'm constantly surrounded by idiots (Hi, I just quoted Lion King).
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Also explains why I'm single.
(Via Pinterest).
Men want girls with good taste. Calm, obedient, who work fast-paced. With good breeding and a tiny waist - you'll bring honour to us all.
Yeah. Calm and obedient. That's me. Excuse me for a second. My aircon is making a funny noise and I would like to shout some vulgarities at it, and possibly hit it with a stick.

#3 The Princesses.

Okay I'm sure there are a lot of you feminists out there who think that it's wrong for little girls to want to be princesses and stuff. BUT I LOVE DISNEY PRINCESSES. I wanted to be Ariel. And also Belle. And also Jasmine. But my favourite was Mulan. I thought she was damn kick ass.

Yeah and also awkward like me. But okay I was very inspired to be like Mulan you know! You see I even took up TKD in my teens because I wanted to fight like her.
Why? Were you very cool as a teenager?

But about the princess thing - I think that this is the closest I'll ever get.
Still, you know what they say - Fake it till you make it. So meanwhile I'm going to continue ordering people around and insisting that they address me as "Your Royal Highness".

#4 The Villains.

Well the problem with non-Disney shows is that the villains actually make me seriously scared. Like there are times when I can't watch my television shows because my friend isn't online.
But Disney villains are different. They are evil enough to move the storyline forward, but not scary enough for me to constantly pause the show, run around my room to distract myself, watch small portions of the show on a minimised screen, and essentially waste three hours trying to get through a 45 minute segment. 
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Yeah. The term you are looking for is "pansy", which is what James calls me. Ang Moh James, not Chinese James. Chinese James wouldn't dare to call me anything short of brilliant.
But back to my original point - Disney should be the benchmark for how scary villains should be allowed to be. End of story.
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#5 The Acquisitions.

Do you know which companies Disney has acquired? LucasFilm and Marvel. Do you know what that means? It means that all Disney has to do is to acquire Coke Light, Forever 21, and Batman, and it will own everything that makes my world go round.
And this also gave rise to the creation of these wonderful Star Wars comics which Marvel started publishing earlier this year.
I know some of you think that this series is too PG13 as compared to the original Dark Horse comics, but! All the Marvel/Star Wars comics on pre-order were sold out! So, I guess it's not doing too badly.

#6 The Easter Eggs.

I love Easter Eggs! You do not know how much time I've spent on Google Maps trying to search for Pokemon, and also how many times I've tried to make my screen do a barrel roll.

So I always get very excited when I find cool Easter Eggs in Disney shows. Here are some of my favourite ones!

Lady and the Tramp wandering around the streets of London in 101 Dalmatians.

The Mulan poster on the wall in Lilo & Stitch.
(Via Disney Blogs).

The King and Grand Duke from Cinderella at Prince Eric's and disguised Ursula's wedding in The Little Mermaid.
(Via Disney Blogs).

But my favourite Easter Egg is in The Empire Strikes Back, check out the hidden Mickey on the right side of the screen!
(Via Dorkly).

And now a closer look.
(Via Dorkly).

And you know, before all you sceptics slam me by telling me that this Star Wars movie came out ages before the Disney acquisition, the please refer to this entry on the official Star Wars blog. A link to the entry "It Was Clearly the Will of the Force" has been appended for information please.
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I know, It's awesome.

#7 The Happily Ever Afters.

Okay so I'm sure not many of you know a lot about my life, but let me assure you, that it's highly stressful, taxing, and labour intensive. For example, while you guys buy your carrots from the supermarket, I have to harvest them by myself.
So because this is clearly not my ideal way of life, it's really nice to sit back and watch some shows which have guaranteed happy endings. I don't want a show like Romeo and Juliet, where I see two lovers fighting to be together and end up killing themselves, nor do I want a show like Interstellar where I have to use so much of my energy just to grasp the concept of the show. No. I want to see the bad guy defeated and also a happy ending.
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(Via SparkLife).

And Disney has been very successful in providing me with such stability when it comes to storylines. I love you Disney.

Okay so anyway, speaking of Disney, I have a pair of tickets to Disney on Classic ~ A Magical Night ASIA TOUR 2015.
This full length concert will feature the timeless music and scenes from Snow White, Cinderella, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, The Little Mermaid, Tangled and Frozen, 
And all your favourite scenes will be projected overhead on a large cinematic screen, with specially designed lighting and staging effects for that extra sprinkling of magic. Watch the trailer here!

If you're interested getting a guaranteed set of tickets, here are the show details:
16 July (Thur) and 17 July (Fri) 7.30pm
The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre Tickets from $35 at SISTIC.

However if you want to try your luck and win them off my blog, then sorry, you have no choice but to accept the tickets which go for $120 each for the Friday slot on 17 July. Anyway to win the tickets, let me know why you love Disney by commenting on this blog post! Include your name, NRIC, email address and contact number ok. I won't be publishing any of the comments don't worry.

Okay. Now I will leave you with this good song.

And now, time to sleep.
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Bye guys!
❤ Jac.

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