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TCM in Singapore: Some things you may want to know.

Hello guys! So you might have heard of my ongoing efforts to immerse myself in Chinese culture. No? Well, I have! Since the start of thi...

Hello guys!

So you might have heard of my ongoing efforts to immerse myself in Chinese culture. No? Well, I have! Since the start of this year I have:

Gone for a Chinese concert.

Me and Smith at Jay Chou's Opus II Concert. (Thanks OCBC!) Also I have just realised that the concert was held on 27 December 2014. But that's practically 2015 so let's let it slide.

Travelled to a Chinese speaking country where I ordered Starbucks in Mandarin.

(I paused to give my initials for dramatic effect. Not because I was working her question out in my head, or wondering if I should give my name in Mandarin or English.) 

Worn a traditional cheongsam to a wedding.

And also to my Dinner & Dance.

Passed my Chinese test.

And most recently,

Visited a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner!

And here are some things that I learnt from my experience....

#1 The furniture is not brown.

So based on my very limited understanding of TCM, I expected the place to look something like this joss paper place that I visited in Taiwan earlier this year. You know, lots of brown and filled with old Chinese stuff...
Well, I was wrong. The place where I went to, Aegle Wellness Clinique, was very white, clean and pristine.
So yes, not brown and woody at all! Also I hope you didn't miss the landmark moment where I admitted that I was wrong. Stuff like that doesn't happen very often seeing that I'm very seldom wrong.

#2 It's a modern practice.

Okay so I thought that the T in TCM stood for "traditional" for a reason. Because, you know, it would be patronised by balding Chinese men with long grey beards. And that I'd be served by doctors who referred to huge yellowing medical charts and used huge cauldrons to brew their concoctions in. Kinda like in Potions class in Hogwarts.
(Via Wikia).

But with Chinese charts instead of recipes for the Felix Felicis, of course.
(Via Well Woman).

But as it turns out, I was wrong (again). I didn't see any Chinese anatomy charts hanging around, nor did I see any huge dusty volumes. They did however, have nice and shiny laptops, which fit in with the rest of the shiny interior.

So I was a little disappointed to be honest.

#3 They serve tea.

So when I was in Taiwan, I was served tea almost every where I went. Even in a joss paper shop.
But  since whatever initial perceptions I had of TCM had been shattered within 5 minutes of my visit, I really wasn't expecting to get any tea. BUT HEY! Here is me and my tea.
And also a grumpy Smith. Because they gave him plain old water. And not detoxifying tea made from wolfberries, rosebuds and chrysanthemum. 
Perhaps he does not need the detox. Or perhaps detox tea does not work when it comes to cleansing of the mind.

#4 The practitioners give sound diagnoses.

Well, I don't know about you, but I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons like Jackie Chan Adventures. And in Jackie Chan Adventures you learn that Uncle can uncover mysteries and solve the unsolvable by jumping on the spot, waving magical stuff around, and chanting in Cantonese.
(Luckily I am Cantonese. Or I might be accused of being racist. - Via Taringa).

Anyway, Dr Kong was very good. He asked me to stick out my tongue, glanced at it for all of 2 seconds. and went....

Guilty as charged.

#5 Acupuncture is more than just needles.

So you may or may not know that I'm not one to make the wisest decisions when it comes to posing for photos...
And this is especially so when I go on holiday. You know what's the problem with being flexible? You do stupid things like this because you CAN.
Which is not a great idea because you get stuck and your friend (read: James) just stands there laughing at you. Oh and also it's really bad for your knees. And so now my left knee hurts slightly when I do spider lunges and stuff like that. Yes. I do sometimes attempt to engage in some physical activity.
Anyway, luckily for me, Dr Kong was there to fix my knee. So he examined my leg to isolate the problem.
And then he stuck needles into my knee.
I also got a medicated bandage for my knee.
It looks scary, but actually it's okay. Also it doesn't have a smell. Just in case any of you were wondering.
Anyway, acupuncture is a packaged experience which doesn't just involve needles. The complete experience involves 推拿, or, as Wikipedia defines it:
"Chinese manipulative therapy often used in conjunction with acupuncture, moxibustion, fire cupping". 
So yes, I had my first 推拿 session. 
It was not bad considering I hate it when people touch me unnecessarily. Ask me about why I hate interacting with therapists and counsellors. I have a good story on that.

#6 TCM can help you stop snacking (TBC).

So yes, we've already been through this, but let me reiterate my point - I love to snack.
And this has been a big problem for me recently. Because snacking makes you drink water, and water makes you pee. And the female restroom near my seat is undergoing renovation. So they converted the male restroom into a female restroom. 
(I thought whoever did this was quite clever. Sadly, someone else did not think so and this was taken down. I would like to highlight that I was unfortunately not the one who thought of it).

The rationale I'm guessing, is that females can be bitches when they have full bladders/are inconvenienced/feel like being one. So the management thought it would be better just give the the male restroom to the females and let the males suffer in silence like they so often do. 
(Via Imgur).

BUT IT'S SO WEIRD TO USE THE MALE RESTROOM. THERE ARE URINALS. IT'S STRANGE. So I go to the restroom on Level 3. Which requires me to climb stairs/use my access pass/greet unfamiliar people etc etc.
(Via Imgur).

And I really can't be arsed to do all that. But Dr Kong had the solution! He pasted paste something on an acupoint in my ear, and told me that all I needed to do was to rub the patch whenever I felt like snacking, and my urge to snack would be curbed.
Can you see it? It's near the helix of my ear. Sorry. I already established that taking selfies is not one of my stronger suits.

Yeah anyway, efficacy to be confirmed. But it would be quite cool if it really works!

So yes. TCM! If you want to give it a try, you don't have to be like Pornsak and like, experiment on yourself. (Yeah. Crazy right?!)
(Dr Porn: My dad was my guinea pig via TNP).

Instead, you can visit Aegle Wellness Clinique to get treated by professionals. I suspect it will be safer than attempting to jab yourself with needles. AND, because you read my blog, you'd be able to get a one-time discount on a trial session of the Livewell Program. 

Under Aegle Wellness' Livewell Program, physicians will use a holistic TCM approach to health and healing to ensure that you have a good balance of Yin and Yang, and a smooth flow of Qi (life energy) throughout the body. So maybe you will end up being as kick-ass as Kung Fu Panda.

The original price of the trial is $150. However, if you quote "JacXAegle", you get 50% off the treatment price. Good ah? #simisaialsoSG50

Aegle Wellness Clinique is located at 44 Rochester Park, Singapore 139248.

You can find more information on Aegle Wellness Clinique on Facebook and their website. And it's relatively near my house. So let me know if you're going and we can have coffee* at Starbucks' first destination store in Singapore aka Starbucks Rochester Park.

*Subject to whether I like you or not.

Okay and here is a song from The Far East Movement because #Asian. And also because you can visit a TCM physician if you're feeling unwell so that you'd never have to be the illest.

Happy end of your weekend guys. 
❤ Jac.

PS: I wonder if TCM can cure Sunday night blues.

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