Monday, November 24, 2014

The HTC Desire Eye and HTC RE.

Hey guys! So you might have seen this very awesome photo of me on a Ducati. No? Well, here it is! Yeah. I'm cool. I know. Sadly, ...

Hey guys!

So you might have seen this very awesome photo of me on a Ducati. No? Well, here it is!
Yeah. I'm cool. I know. Sadly, I have integrity and feel the need to let you know that I wasn't that cool when it came to chooing which Ducati should have the honour of supporting my mass.
Jac to Jason from Ducati, "Which is the best bike here?"
Jason, "The something something something."
*Jac gives a blank look*
Jason, "The black one."
From that exchange, you might have inferred that I don't really know that much about bikes, and must be wondering what this idiot of a Jac was doing choosing Ducatis to ride on and all. Well, I was at Ducati to test out HTC's newest products -  The HTC Desire Eye and The HTC RE.

So we start with the HTC Desire Eye first ok? This is the HTC Desire Eye.
It's a very good phone, especially for me. Let me explain why. As you guys already know, I have separation issues with my phone and so I like to bring my phone wherever I go. To the toilet, to the swimming pool, to the dessert, etc.
And you also know, that I treat my clothes with utmost respect. Just in case it has slipped your mind, here's a picture of my closet.
Maintaining my closet it a chore because a lot of my clothes require handwashing. And I like to bring my phone to the bathroom when I handwash my clothes. Because um, I'm a little crazy but that's ok.
Then after leaning against my medicine cabinet and texting for 15 minutes, I eventually decide that I should probably stop texting the crazy guy who stalked me on the MRT, and also stop calling the horoscope hotline to check if it's of my best interests to wear blue the next day. And then I will get down to handwashing my clothes.
And because I am very easily distracted I will always almost drop my phone into the sink. And I always feel very relieved when I manage to catch my phone at the last second because you know, if my phone dies, my life would be over. 

BUT, with the HTC Desire Eye, I don't have to worry about such stuff anymore! The phone is water-proof. It can drop into my soapy water for all I care. It would actually even be beneficial for me to drop my phone into the soapy water. I reckon it'd help to clean my phone, which is really a plus in my book because you know, #OCD and all.
Aside from being waterproof, the HTC Desire Eye is also very awesome because of it's cameras. Okay so the M8 has 3 cameras, which is one more than the Desire Eye. But this HTC Desire Eye, it has a rear camera of 13 megapixels and dual LED flash. And the front has EXACTLY THE SAME SPECS. Seriously, a 13megapixel front camera with flash?! This is going to revolutionise selfies in clubs.
Oops I meant...
Anyway, the camera can also be voice activated. You can say "say cheese" to take a photo, or "rolling/action" to start a video recording. SADLY, I don't think you can customise the commands. Luckily for you guys because I would totally change my command to "I love Jac".
(Via Brafton).

Also I noted that with previous HTC phones, your selfies get stored together with the rest of your camera photos. But the HTC Desire Eye automatically stores the photos taken with the front camera in a folder which is very intuitively named "Selfies".
Okay and now let's move on to the HTC RE. This is the HTC RE.
And no it's not a phone. It's a camera produced by HTC. Nifty little thing. It's actually what we were testing in the Ducati showroom. We were given a RE each to shoot whatever we pleased along our ride to prove that the photos taken by the RE meet a certain quality. 
Of course my aiming needs a little work but you know, the photos I took later on improved considerably I think.
The second photo is proof that people will be impressed with your HTC RE and want to make friends with you to check your new technology out. 

So it works kinda like a GoPro, except that this wonderful RE has 16 megapixels as compared to the 12 megapixels of the HERO4. You can also download the RE app onto your phones to sync your photos and videos via bluetooth or wireless so that you can sync your camwhore moments on Facebook almost instantly.

The app also allows you track the battery life of your RE, and lets you know how many more photos can be stored in the micro-SD card of your RE. The RE app also comes with a remote live viewfinder that lets you view whatever your RE is seeing from your phone. Like so.
Yeah so I was saying it's really like a GoPro, but better because of ergonomics. GoPros are like, Square. The RE is cylindrical and made to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. 
(Yes yes, I too know that it is time to remove my chipping nail polish).

The RE is made for adventure and exciting stuff. So it only makes sense that it's waterproof so that people like me can bring it to Iceland and make you guys jealous when I take pictures in the Blue Lagoon.

In the future, RE will offer real-time video streaming to YouTube, so that everyone will know how very cool you are instantaneously. I know, all you Apple users must be sad. But it's okay. The app will be available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

Anyhow, HTC has developed a whole suite of additional accessories which can aid in capturing moments hands-free. Like bicycle mounts, and a clip on thing which you can attach to your shirt, bag strap, or maybe even clip your hair if your hair pins are missing (I'm just guessing).
(Via Tech Radar).

But you know, I'm very poor so I made do with a rubber band. I may be poor but I'm not cheap. The rubber band cost me $2.90 from Muji ok.
Yes, as you can tell, I have many phones. My personal phone is the HTC One M8, and I'm testing out the HTC Butterfly 2 and HTC Desire Eye. I have stopped using the HTC One M7 as an MP3 player beause I can't keep track of all my phones. As Marilyn quite aptly put it:
Anyhow, I hope you liked my quite constructive post. I didn't have much time to review the phones, BUT, I will be bringing them all to Iceland where I am sure they will help me take good and awesome photos. And no, I will not be using a rubber band to secure my HTC RE. Maybe some masking tape. I will think about it.
The HTC Desire EYE will available in Coral Red and Submarine Blue, from 27 November 2014 onwards, launching at the upcoming SITEX Show through StarHub and M1 at RRP SGD$628.00 including GST. The HTC RE will be available in late December 2014, with the price to be confirmed. Check out HTC Singapore's Facebook page for updates!

[25 November 2014] Update: There has been an update of the price of the HTC Desire Eye. It will be available at SITEX on 27 November at SGD$728, not SGD$628.

And now I would like to leave you with a good song. Because, camera phone.

Okay have a good week ahead!
❤ Jac.

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