Friday, November 28, 2014

Off to Iceland!

Hey guys! So you may remember that a while back, I was incessantly pestering kindly requesting for the support of my dear Facebook friend...

Hey guys!

So you may remember that a while back, I was incessantly pestering kindly requesting for the support of my dear Facebook friends to vote for my selfie in a Skyscanner competition. No? Well, here's a reminder.

Anyway, I'm very excited about my upcoming trip which starts on Friday today. My flight's at 11:55 pm. Which leads me to a supporting example of why girls need to have good guy friends,
(Yes yes, there are a few typos, but that's not the point. The point is, James is a good guy friend).

Anyway, ever since I won the tickets with Skyscanner, quite a few people have been asking me what there is to do there. And I haven't been able to answer till recently. So, just to make you jealous give you some inspiration on what you can possibly do on an upcoming trip to Iceland, here are some of the things that Edwina and I have planned. And yes, it's a much better answer than what I previously gave Cameron back in April.

#1 Northern Lights

(Via Express).

So this is one of the very cool things that Edwina and I will be going to see. I'm very excited. I'm sure it will be very amazing of course. The not so exciting part is standing out in the cold and trying to take nice photos of the lights and fussing over how they turn out. But I'm sure it will be fine. My sister took some photos with her iPhone and the help of a Japanese tourist. I have a tripod, DSLR and PhotoShop skills. How hard can it be? Right???
(Via Imgur).

Anyhow, do you know what's even more exciting than going out to see the aurora borealis? Being warm and toasty and watching the northern lights with a glass of alcohol in hand. (Okay not really, but I was saying that for effect).

#2 Northern Lights Bar

So, because I am typically alcoholic like to look at lists which make me feel sad and reevaluate my life decisions, I Googled for "World's Coolest Bars" and came across this Distractify list of "The 25 Most Extraordinary Bars To Experience In Your Lifetime".
Obviously, I decided that this was where I had to be. And because it's probably not that wise to drive back to our hotel in the city after getting tipsy on booze, Edwina and I will be spending the night in the Ion Luxury Adventure Hotel where the bar is located in. We're going to live it up like queens. And then we are going to come back to Singapore and cry over our empty bank accounts.
(Via Distractify).

#3 Laundromat Cafe

Also on the list of cool bars is the Laundromat Cafe.
This Laundromat Cafe is essentially a library, laundromat, bar, and cafe in one hipster location! I can't wait to get drunk reading a book while waiting for my laundry to be done over a plate of all-day breakfast. Life can't possibly get any better than that.

#4 Elliðaey Island

Once  upon a time, a great anti-social friend of mine showed me a picture of this island and I fell in love with it. I loved it so much that I wrote a blog post on it. This was of course, way back in 2012.

Fast forward two years. I was looking for places to go to in Iceland when I came across this picture.

And I almost fell out of my chair. You have no idea how excited I was. This island which I've seen featured repeatedly on websites such as Amazing Planet, Bored Panda, and Spot Cool Stuff. I never knew that I would one day have the opportunity to visit this place. OMG. I cannot. Anyway, Edwina and I will be going to Elliðaey Island in the middle of winter. I CAN'T CONTAIN MYSELF.
(Via Giphy).

And with reference to my old blog post, good friend, I AM GOING TO INSTAGRAM IT.

#5 Dog Sledding

I was in Orchard Road the other day and was feeling rather Christmassy because of the lights. So I checked to see if I could get reindeer to pull me around on a sled in Iceland. Because I'm almost Santa Claus. I mean, I don't give out presents to people but I ate a rather huge dinner and I certainly feel like him right now. Also I have a Santarina outfit.
Anyway, I found out that reindeer sledding is only available in Finland and Norway. But because I do not let such things get me down, I immediately looked for the next best alternative. And so, I am looking forward to going dog sledding with Edwina.
(Via Dog Sledding).

I hope not to fall into the snow and also to make friends with many of the dogs. I also hope to smuggle one of the dogs home with me. I bet my potential dog will be very cute and photogenix. I look forward to posting many cute and flattering photos of it online.
(Via Imgur).

#6 Icelandic Horseback Riding

You might be wondering "Jac, you can ride horses anywhere. Why do you want to go to Iceland to ride horses?" You don't understand. Please just look at this Icelandic horse.
(Via Wikipedia).

There is only one gif that can be used to describe this Icelandic horse.
(Via Panda Whale).

I want to pinch it's hypothetical cheeks, and tell him that I love him and like hug him and like bring him back to Singapore with me. The end.

#7 Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of those places that always pop up in Buzzfeed lists and make you reassess the meaning of life and wonder what you are doing with yours.

Anyway, it's described as the 8th wonder of the world, and Edwina and I will be spending a day there. Whoo!

I wonder if a day will be enough for us to accomplish a photo like this. Probably not, but we can always try.
(Via Blue Lagoon).

#8 Hallgrimskirkja

Believe it or not, this ominous looking structure is actually a Lutheran church. I'm sure that there is some cool back story behind the lighting/architecture/structure etc, and I will read up on this in the plane. But right now, I think that this impressive looking building might be something the mafia built just so that they have an avenue to cleanse their souls and repent for their sins.
(Via Imgur).

#9 Snorkeling

Yeah yeah big whoop, everyone has been snorkeling. But have you been snorkeling between two tectonic plates? I haven't! And I'm excited to try. I'll be snorkeling in the Silfra Fissure, between two tectonic plates! And I will take a photo of me, with one hand on the North American continent and the other on the Eurasian continent. Like this woman here.
(Via Trip Advisor).

And I will let you know how it feels. Unless I freeze to death. Then maybe not. But you probably would be able to infer that I was feeling cold.

#10 Krafla

I am very excited because according to AirIceland, I will be able to see a still-active volcano. Please have a small eruption while I am there. Big enough for me to witness an eruption, but small enough such that no one gets hurt and no flights are delayed. Thank you Krafla.

Bonus: Lake Mývatn and Dimmuborgir

This one is for Game of Thrones Fans. If you recall, I went to Morocco last year and I actually went to all the film locations for Game of Thrones there. But I was unaware that these were film locations back then.
(In Ait Benhaddou aka Yunkai and Essaouira aka Astapor).

So this time, I'm all prepared with my Game of Thrones knowledge with regard to Iceland. I'm going to Lake Mývatn where most of Beyond The Wall was shot.

And also to Dimmuborgir, which was used for the Skirling Pass and scenes of the Wildlings camp.

And that's more or less what Edwina and I will be covering in Iceland. There are some other things that we'd be doing, like climbing into an ice cave and a lava tube, and also hiking up a glacier. But I thought I'd just highlight the more, interesting parts of our trip. So that my readership wouldn't fall due to my readers dying of jealousy you wouldn't get too bored of me rambling on and on about our trip.

But actually what I really want to do, is to drink some Icelandic Glacial Water in Iceland.

And some Reyka Vodka in Reykjavik.

And now, I'd like to leave you with this good song. Because you know, Iceland.

Okay guys! I'm going back to work now, and then I will go home and engage in a hardcore session of what I like to call "Panic Packing", and then it's off to the airport (thanks James)! See you guys soon!
❤ Jac.

[PS: I'd like to thank Yan Liang, Yi Han, Melvin, and Qiqi for posting awesome photos online and providing us with inspiration for our own Iceland intinerary.]

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