Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Brunei - Just Because.

Hello guys! Here I am in Brunei! Yeah I know what you're thinking. I have been getting some very consistent responses. "Huh...

Hello guys!

Here I am in Brunei! Yeah I know what you're thinking. I have been getting some very consistent responses.
"Huh?! What is there to do in Brunei?!"
"Don't go la Brunei is boring."
"Brunei? Mad ah! Why Brunei?"
And this is what I have in reply...

"Excuse me how many of you have been to Brunei on holiday? Just me. And Marilyn."

(Army and work doesn't count).

"Brunei is good, We didn't even have to change money."
And perhaps the most exciting of them all...
"Eh, we flew Malaysian Airlines. It is already very exciting."
But I understand your bewilderment. And both of us are aware that we should be harbouring some level of trepidation. Because you know, unknown country, not many travel pieces on it, everyone asking us specific questions on the country all of which our responses were, "I don't know." Or "Tell you when I get back."

But you see, Marilyn and I, we have been under a huge amount of emotional distress recently. So, instead of worrying over the details we have recently adopted a "Hakuna Matata" attitude.
(Via Imgur).

So here we are in Brunei. And to be extremely honest, I don't know what we are going to do here yet. You see, here is full list of entertainment options available on Lonely Planet.
Yeah I know right?! COFFEE BEAN & TEA LEAF is listed as entertainment. I wonder what Starbucks behind my house would be listed as. Nightclub? 

Brunei is also a dry country. No no, it's not a desert. I've already been to the Sahara. But what this means is that, *drumroll* that the sale of alcohol, is, BANNED.
I KNOW. That was my response as well. And I was just getting over the shock of having to dress conservatively and not being able to wear shorts and tank tops in Brunei. And you all know my knees are my best assets of course. So not being able to show them off is a bit distressing for me. You see, here are some photos of myself, a random guy, and Jason, whose blog has not been updated since forever, being enamoured by my knees.
But I think I'll manage. After all, I wore jeans for three weeks straight in Morocco
And also...check out our stash for Brunei.
So I think we are quite set and ready for anything that Brunei can throw at us. Or not throw at us. And now we are going to the supermarket to buy Coke Light. I will let you know how Brunei goes. Surely it will be exciting. Just like our flight number.
And now I'd like to leave you with this good song. Because you know, international.

Bye guys!
❤ Jac.

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  1. I decided to visit Brunei simply to add an extra stamp to my passport visiting from neighbouring Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu). I consider myself very well traveled and lucky to have been to more than 89+ countries and counting so I consider myself open minded when seeing other places. I grew up in a Muslim country so know the general train of thought of similar religious countries. I am as well someone who cannot get bored easily even if placed in the middle of the Sahara. So spending 2 nights in Bandar Seri Begawan was indeed an experience and in my book thee most boring place on the face of our blue planet. I tried so hard to figure out the best time when locals come out as I lived in the heart of the city. I failed to see anything that could be called a crowd. Not in the morning, not at noon and definitely none in the evening. Friday (weekend) that should have the main mall packed had 6 people inside at 6pm... Every shop with staff ready but no one buying anything. A couple of fast food outlets and always with no more than 2-3 people inside. The so called main street has a couple of shops with nothing to offer, forget about postcards, a couple of pharmacies, a Burger King and a KFC and The End...

    Nothing really of interest ... Let's say a couple of pointless museums, the mall, the river side, the mosque are all within one square bloc (no more than 500x500m). In a way its almost possible to photograph the whole place holding the cam and taking shots 360 and you got it! The center is manageable in less than 15 minutes walk with NOTHING interesting to see. The only audible thing was the main Mosque all day and all evening and nothing else. Even the Mosque isn't that all impressive and you can find more interesting architecture elsewhere...

    I think the Sultan is definitely a smart guy and as he wants to create a true Muslim country, he found the best way to get people to follow. He is simply boring them to death! Having nothing else to do has them flock to prayers just to kill time!

    If Brunei is ever on your list... just pass it... Not worth the visit and I am surprising myself as I never had this experience anywhere else...

    In less than a day I gnawed my left leg from utter boredom and was wise to keep my right leg intact as I needed it to escape the next day!

    1. Hey!

      Aww that's sad. I think we were lucky enough to meet the right people to bring us around. Pity you didn't get to go to Temburung! The fish spa waterfall thing was really quite fun!