Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A Letter From My Future Self.

Hello Jac, You are probably wondering why I'm writing this to you. You've always hated writing letters, or letters in general actu...

Hello Jac,

You are probably wondering why I'm writing this to you. You've always hated writing letters, or letters in general actually. These days, all the letters you get are from IRAS, UOB, Singtel, POSB, and Citibank. And all they seem to tell you is that you don't have enough money, or that you should be spending money that you don't have. Except for the letters from CPF. Those tell you that you actually have some money, but someone's keeping it beyond your reach because you have bad judgement. But that's okay.

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And I digress (yes, it's a bad habit that you'll never be able to get rid of). You remember Hendric? Of course you do. But anyway, here's a picture of you, Nessie, and Hendric at the Guinness' Party In A Pint where The Fray was performing.

You probably have to scroll through quite a number of photos before you reach it. But I just have to think of it and gets called up to my screen - it's one of the marvels of modern technology. Allows you to save even more time and also to connect with your friends on even more levels than before!
And back to the main story. Hendric looks kind of the same, except that he has biceps the size of 1.5 litre Coke bottles and a hot modelesque girl perpetually attached to his arm. I think her name is Mila Kunis. I'm not sure. Anyway, Hendric spoke to me a few days ago to say that I'm funny and I should write a letter to you. I am a sucker for people who say that I'm funny, and that's another weakness that you'll never get rid of.
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So, you never wonder about the future - about the what-ifs, the maybes, and the might have beens. But I thought that I'd give you a round up on what life is like for me anyway. You know, just in case. And also let you in on some life tips. Please read it, I know you tend to lose interest in long paragraphs of text, and also preachy people. I try not be preachy but you know, you and I have a problem with keeping to our convictions sometimes.
#1 It's okay.
Things are pretty sweet from where I am now. My phone runs on 18kG now and is a million times faster than whatever you're using. Oh 4G you say? Wang chen mo ji aka eat my dust I say.

Yes. Life is good for me you see. Everything works out in the end. So stop fretting over the emails you get at work. Fretting makes you panic. Panic makes you careless and do the wrong thing. IT'S OKAY. Everything will work out in the end, and even if it doesn't, your panicking won't make it any better anyway. It'll just give you more typos, more problems and more headaches. STOP. And go and put some stuff into your Forever 21 cart now.
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Okay I'm back. I got distracted by Forever 21 after chasing you to shop there. I filled my cart up with 40 items and bought them all in 20 seconds. Which brings me to my next point.

#2 You're 25.
Did you note the time it didn't take for me to fill up my Forever 21 cart? Yes, my abilities in shopping are better than yours. You will improve over time. You have much to experience in life and no, you aren't over the hill. (Healthcare and technology has improved by leaps and bounds, don't worry - 25 is considered infantile now.) 
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So, travel, party, and spend as much time doing computer stuff as you want. Because according to many surveys, the older you get, the harder it is for you to climb mountains, stay up late, and to convince people you are good at tech stuff. Unless you are like, Bill Gates (I was going to say Steve Jobs but then I realised he is dead).

#3 Start doing things.
Yes. "Start doing things" - a euphemism for what's otherwise known as "STOP PROCRASTINATING". Jac, seriously. Here are some things that you're supposed to do since last year. Just off the top of my head:
  • Buy more hangers
  • Change the battery of your black watch
  • Pack your cubicle at work
  • Pack your table at home
  • Blog about many things
But I know you get sidetracked all the time. Don't worry. You do eventually get a new hard drive to replace your old 1 TB which ran out of space 4 weeks ago. But you know, just remember to do all the other stuff as well so that it won't fester in a corner of your mind.
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#4 Travel.
You like to travel, and you should do it when you're young. Have you seen the Facebook photos of older people? They are mostly the same. Nice hotels, nice scenary, nice stories. Nice. Do you remember what your friend once told you about using "Nice" as a description?
You should already know this Jac, but for the benefit of anyone who might be reading my private letter to you, let's bring up a legitimate example from The Big Bang Theory.

I've even coded pulled out a thought to make sure that the video starts at the more relevant part of the video. "Fine", "Okay", and "Nice". Terrible words to describe anything. If you ever run out of words to describe yourself Jac (which I doubt), here are some helpful adjectives:

#5 Love your life.
I know that there are many days that you feel that life is tough, that life sucks, and often wonder what is life. It's okay (refer to #1). It's normal, and even I, the older, wiser and improved version of you (yes, in the future, improvement upon perfection is made possible), harbour these angsty emotions sometimes.
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But, while you may emo over your life and question the intentions of the universe and the fabric of life, you please note that your life is not so bad. I mean SURE, you are failing at your attempt to cure cancer. And YES, your invention of the time machine isn't going too well. But hey! You have your friends and family around you. You're about to go on a two week holiday in Australia, a country which you've never visited and both your laptop and your phone are both new and working awesomely. So life isn't too bad la hor?
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So, I have come to the end of my letter to you. Thank you for reading it and I hope that some of the content actually sticks with you. If it doesn't , I understand. We're one of the same after all. Anyway, as usual, I will leave you with a good video before I end off.

Happy living!
❤ Jac.

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