Thursday, November 01, 2012

What to do when you're on a Ferry.

Hello! First off, HAPPY BELATED HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!   As you guys might have been able to tell from Facebook and Twitter, Jac, Moks, Ja...



As you guys might have been able to tell from Facebook and Twitter, Jac, Moks, James and Thad went to Bintan!

And as most of you might know, going to Bintan requires sea travel! More specifically, travelling on a ferry! But that's not the point. The point is that Jac, Moks, James and Thad are not very kiasu people. We shot haughty looks of derision at the kiasu people rushing to queue at the gates 15 minutes before departure and sneered scornfully at those who were chope-ing their spots with their many luggage bags.

Well, our loss. We didn't manage to sit together on the ferry! We couldn't even find TWO SEATS which were adjacent to each other. The horror.

So in case you are faced with a scenario similar to this while on a ferry to Bintan, here is a list of suggestions on what you can do.

1. You can be a James and sleep.
2. Read a magazine. But you know, literally, and not Marshall style.

3. Eat non-stop. Much like Penny and her Halloween candy.

4. Buy some beer and get drunk. Like Raj Koothrappali in The Rhinitis Revelation.
(Via Tumblr).

5. Stare at the 3G 4G (sorry I keep forgetting that my phone runs on 4G now.) and wait for the signal to come back.
(Via WeKnowMemes).

6. Play angry birds.

7. Zipai.
And the list goes on.

Now, those were very conventional and downright boring weren't they? So, if you want to spice up your alone time on the ferry, I suggest that you do what I did and GIVE YOURSELF A BATGIRL MANICURE.

And here's how you go about doing it.

STEP ONE: Take out all your manicure stuff.
STEP TWO: Paint your nails black.
STEP THREE: Paste the stickers on.
You'd want to paste the yellow portions on first and then slowly stick the individual bats on.

STEP FOUR: Apply top coat.
AND YOU'RE DONE! Here's what they looked like after I cleaned them up.
I was very proud of myself okay. I did this in twenty minutes on a rocking ferry. Anyway! If you're interested in purchasing some Batgirl nail art, you can buy them from (of course) ThinkGeek.
They have superheroine nail art for Batgirl and Wonder Woman! Or, if you prefer Supergirl nail art, you can just Google and practically all shops stock the Supergirl nail art kit. (Within reason la. Of course Fairprice online won't have it la).

It's quite cheap! about USD$4 per pack! However, if you are adventurous like me, you can order some nail art stickers off Etsy. It's about the same price, but shipping to Singapore is a flat rate of USD$1.50!!! And the seller is very friendly and approachable. I bought these Batman Nail Stickers as well as some Superman decals.

They are damn easy to use. The instructions say that you have to use tweezers/ nail cuticle nonsense to stick them on, but I used my fingers and they turned out just fine! You can even peel off and reposition the stickers if you make a mistake!

Anyway, besides from being the person doing the coolest activity on board the ferry, your nails will also match your Batgirl outfit.

And this is me in my Batgirl sleep tank, Batgirl nails, and caped socks.
I know that you probably think, "OH, this is Jac's Halloween costume". Yes. You may continue to think that. But sadly, reality is vastly different. This was actually what I wore to sleep in Bintan on the first night. Yeah. I'm cool and awesome like that.

Okay I hope you all had a good Halloween and also a good day at work/ school/ whatever you're doing now.

I'm going back to sleep :D

❤ Jac.

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