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Hello! So some of my friends recently turned 74. Collectively of course. Not individually. We went to Chili's ! You know how you can...


So some of my friends recently turned 74.

Collectively of course. Not individually.
We went to Chili's! You know how you can choose to eat at atas restaurants and expect the best food with great ambience? But you have to of course, cover your mouth when you laugh, sit demurely, use your differently sized cutlery in the right order, and feel pressurized to talk about issues that matter like poverty, recession and politics? Ya, Chili's is nothing like that.

It has a nice family style environment where the restaurant staff encourage the whole restaurant to sing nice and loud birthday songs for everyone. We sang 4 HAPPY BIRTHDAY songs instead of our usual one. Because 4 tables were celebrating birthdays on Friday. But our table was the most important one of course.

And this is what we consumed for the evening! DRINKS. From left: Jason's beer, my Grey Goose Lemonade, my Coke Light and Pamy's Strawberry Margarita.
You may be wondering why I got 2 drinks. Well, there was alcohol in the lemonade and also the coke light was free flow. What was I supposed to do? Choose one?! You know I can't do that!

Here are the classic nachos that we shared.
Pamy's and my Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas! Very very very yummy. We truly loved them so much. The quesadillas were really nice and crispy and the melted cheese went very well with them.
Jason's and Ness' Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers®. The sauce was very good. And the mushrooms were very buttery and tasty. We decided that we will never learn how to cook these mushrooms as just knowing how much butter goes into them would be enough to trigger a heart attack.
Lyon's and Amos' Baby Back Ribs. Funny how they call them baby back ribs. They do not look like they came from a baby. Why can't they call them "Ribs from a Small Pig". "Baby Back Ribs" sounds cannibalistic.
This is Ness trying to keep the candle flames going and Pamy looking around for Jason. Who went to a toilet in Malaysia. Which is why he took so long to come back.
Our 74 year old friends cutting their cake!
And this is all of us. LOOK AMOS IS SMILING PROPERLY.
Also! My battery was dying but luckily, Lyon has this huge ass portable charger. WHICH CAN CHARGE 2 PHONES AT ONCE. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THIS?!
Pamy and I are each going to buy one from gmarket. Or Qoo10 as they now call themselves.

ANYWAY, it was great hanging out with you guys! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NESS AND PAMY AND HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY JASON. (Eh see, I even posted the pictures onto Facebook and blogged in time for your birthdays okay.)

❤ Jac.

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