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Pure Color Vivid Shine by Estée Lauder.

Greetings! A while back, the great people at Estée Lauder sent me some stuff to try out. All from their new Pure Color Vivid Shine range wh...


A while back, the great people at Estée Lauder sent me some stuff to try out. All from their new Pure Color Vivid Shine range which launches in August, which is *gasp* tomorrow!

Let me break my haul down for you. I received 2 Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipsticks.

And one in MAGNETIC MAGENTA. (Oooh, alliteration).
Here's what they look like when they're swatched! The one on the left is Electric Mauve and the one on the right is Magnetic Magenta. Funny I always thought that Mauve was a purplish colour. I guess it turns pink upon electrocution.
I think they're really pretty! If you look closely, you notice that the lipstick shimmers *rubs hands in glee*. This shimmer is brought about by Estée Lauder's Amplified Dimensional Pearl Technology which is a unique diamond-like pearl cluster consisting of up to eight different shaped and colored pearls. These pearls reflect light like prisms and give your lips and nice sparkling finish. Also please, each shade contains gold and silver sparkle pearls which enables each shade to complement all skin tones. Pretty neat eh?

You can also see that the lipstick colors have this glossy sheen to them. This lustrous shine is not coincidental. It's brought about by True Vision™ Technology which also envelopes lips with decadent colour. Please. How can you not want to buy something that sounds so rich and appealing?

Apart from the lipsticks, I also received 2 Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadows.
AHHH LOOK THEY ARE GORGEOUS. The one on the left is ULTRAMARINE and the one on the right is ELECTRIC ORCHID. (I am quite pleased, I think that I have found HTML colour codes that match the eyeshadow colours quite well). And this is what they look like swatched.
Okay, don't mind the lipstick swatches. I tried to swatch the eyeshadows onto my right hand because the lipstick swatches were already on my left hand. But as it turns out, my left hand isn't that great at swatching, and is even less great at taking photos at good angles. As a result, you can now see all 4 swatches on one forearm!

So from left to right: Electric Orchid eyeshadow, Ultramarine eyeshadow, Electic Mauve lipstick and Magnetic Magenta lipstick.

These Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadows are really the bomb okay. They are very smooth to apply and can give your eyes a lot of depth, especially since they have this 3D effect going on with them. True Vision™ Technology is what gives the eyeshadow a more dimensional look. It's a crystalline layer over the shadow which magnifies and amplifies colour and gives the shadow a smooth metallic finish.

The Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadows come in two editions.
The Vivid Shine Finish: 6 limited edition shadows that feature a unique blend of specially treated glow and metallic pearl duo complex. This luminous finish catches and reflects light, creating the purest levels of multi-dimensional color illumination for unforgettable eyes that glow.
And the Cyber Metallic Finish: Ten shimmering Cyber Metallic shades transform eyes to a hyper-metallic, futuristic look.

Also they are cool because the little spongey brush thing in the eyeshadow case has a tiny "ESTEE LAUDER" printed on it.
Can you see it? Getting a shot was a bit tricky because the gold kept reflecting the light.

Anyway, let me show you what you may look like if you apply Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadows in Electric Orchid and Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Mauve.
I tell you, DO YOU KNOW HOW TERRIBLE I AM AT THE ZIPAI? Almost every shot I took was blur/not centered/unfocused. Then when I finally took an acceptable shot, I realised that um, my clothes (we generalise) are just hanging in the background. So, I decided to spare myself the pain and blur them out.

I am wearing this purple tank top because I thought that it would match the eyeshadow. I didn't expect the eyeshadow colour to be this bright! I guess this True Vision™ Technology really does work in making colours more vibrant on application huh! I must say that the eyeshadow glides on really well and STAYS THERE (Y).

Also you notice that the sky outside is dark. Surely, this is due to Jac being very happening and going out late at night. This was what the makeup she wore before hitting the clubs/ painting the town red.

But of course if you are really skilled at doing makeup and like really over the top looks, your application of the Pure Color Vivid Shine Collection might just transform you into her.
You also can see what Ena did with her Pure Color Vivid Shine haul here.

Anyway! Each Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick and Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadow will be priced at $38 and $40 respectively. The Pure Color Vivid Shine Collection will be available at all Estée Lauder counters except for limited edition shades which are only available at Tangs Orchard, Takashimaya and Isetan Scotts from August 2012.

Oh, oh, I also received a bottle of Pure Color Nail Lacquer, but I think I'll talk about it in my next post. I want to paint my fingernails with the colour before actually blogging about it and my nails are so dry and cracked and disgusting now.

So, another time muchachas!

❤ Jac.

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