Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Estée Lauder's Event Preview Night.

GREETINGS! Remember the event I was previously blogging about here ? Well, I WENT FOR IT. And it was really awesome! Okay, first, I got ...


Remember the event I was previously blogging about here? Well, I WENT FOR IT. And it was really awesome!

Okay, first, I got my hair done at Vive Salon in Paragon. I actually took a photo of myself while I was getting my hair done. However, it is not a very flattering photo and I refuse to make it the first photo for the entry because the first photo that I upload onto an entry is by default the post's thumbnail.

On second thoughts, I won't upload it at all. Maybe onto Twitter later. Where it will disappear under a flood of tweets that is signature to my account. Such is your feed when you like to sing songs on Twitter.

ANYWAY, we went down to get our makeup done. And oh no, I want to show you a photo of me getting my makeup done. But I do not want it to be my thumbnail. Okay wait.

HAHA okay so that shall be my thumbnail (I love pandas very much). AS I WAS SAYING, this is me at the salon and also me during the makeover.
Yes! Okay and that is enough unglam photos of me zipai-ing in a mirror. I'm so bad at it and having a laggy camera phone doesn't do anything to help me along (September 19 please come soon).

I got to choose a specific "look" that I wanted my makeup to be done in. (read: Ena's entry on the looks. Ena is damn awesome. she went to crop every single one of the eight looks out of a pdf document. I like, used photoshop to extract like, TWO.)

I was going back and forth between these two looks:

The Presentation,
And The Fashion Show.
You know, because like, the presentation look is more my style. Roll out of bed, slap on light makeup with earthy/nude colours in the least possible time, run out of the house walk out of the house and wait for the lift to come to the fortieth floor. Why the choice of earthy/nude colours you ask? Well, when you are in a rush, you tend to make mistakes. The more similar the colour of the makeup is to your skin, the less noticeable the mistakes are. Most of the time, when I apply something wrongly, I just rub at it with my finger and voila! problem solved.

BUT I HAVE SINCE LEARNED THAT IT IS BAD TO RUB YOUR FACE. This is especially so for the area around your eyes, where the skin is 4 times thinner as compared to the rest of the skin on your face. (Hoho I got this tidbit from Estée Lauder). So if you need to correct anything, use a cotton bud. If you smudged your eyeliner/got some eyeshadow onto your lower lid, just dab some eyecream onto a cotton bud and gently remove the unwanted bits. And then follow up with concealer. Pls don't be like past me and rub your eye area.

But I digress, I was talking about my "look" dilemma. The presentation look is more my style, but I thought that I should be doing something more dramatic, the sort of look that I would want to wear out for a fancy dinner. So, my makeup artist Joey suggested the Fashion Show look! Which is very pretty, but too intense for me. But Joey was really good and helped me tone it down a little. So my resulting look is kind of a combination between the two, sort of a versatile office to (where do office people go after work?) fancy dinner look.
Joey and I. She's really good and has been in the beauty line for 15 years!

Just look at the size of her makeup case!
I bet you need a whole trove of knowledge to know the use of each item.

Anyway! Here's what my friends and I did at the event.

1. Take goodie bag.

We got an awesome goodie bag with a bottle of Sensuous Nude fragrance, a tube of Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Bois de Rose, and a bottle of Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Tempting Melon (on a side note, I feel like eating watermelon now).
2. Check-In on Facebook.

We used the iPads available to "check-in" at the event to receive a tube of Pure Color High Gloss Ultra Brilliance.
3. Put on pretty make-up.
4. Get hair done.
5. Camwhore with Moks while her hair was being done and re-done and re-done because it's at an awkward length.
6. Camwhore amongst ourselves while waiting for Moks.
7. Get a professional photographer with a bigass camera to take proper photos of us.
8. Instagram stuff while waiting for your photos to develop.
(via Pamy's Instagram @ppaammyyt)
(via Rugfella's Instagram @rugfella)

This photo is truly the best. It is Rugfella zi-pai-ing a photo of Pamy in the background.

8. Eat.
There was really a lot of food. But we didn't really eat anything until we were nearing the end of the event because we didn't want to look greedy our lipstick to smudge.

9. Get boyfriend to wait with you for Moks.

Disclaimer: His hair is not usually like this. Guys too, have bad hair days.
(and paste stickers all over his shirt).

It was already 10+ by the time her hair was done but I think it was really worth the wait! But I don't have a glamorous looking shot of her hair. Just the one from us having supper at a random coffee shop. Perfect for Facebook, but not so much for proving my point.

Anyway, I would like to say a huge thank you to my wonderful friends who came to the event with me!
Thank you Nessie, Rugfella, Pamy and Moks for coming. You guys are awesome and I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

And here's a short introduction for those of you who don't already know my awesome friends...
Nessie is short for Vanessa. She left early to watch Batman. She loves and knows all things K-Pop and she is the reason why I know that Big Bang and SHINee is going to have a concert in Singapore. She is very cool and some of her YouTube videos have hit 900+ views. (But I cannot find them because everything is in Korean and I don't know what to search for sigh).
Rugfella is Melissa's twitter handle. She used to go by her Chinese name in secondary school until her Christian name was incorporated into her I/C. As I am uncomfortable with calling her Yoke Fun and Melissa, I call her "Rugfella" instead. Rugfella has a blog and also takes awesome photos of food.
This is Pamy. She has no nickname because "Pamy" is already very nickname-esque. She is a producer in Mediacorp and can also sing very well. In the course of her work, she has hooked many actresses and actors up with mics. This has led to her inadvertently feeling them up. Oh, also she was married to Chua En Lai on a random episode of The Noose.
This is Amanda Mok, but most of us call her Moks. Moks is a resident writer for online beauty and fashion blog The Fashionide which has 7,028 likes on Facebook and counting. She also is a freelance writer for Yahoo! News and my favourite article by her is this one on toilets. (Or you can Google "Amanda Mok toilet" and it will be the first hit).

Oh! Before I end my post, I would like to share my photo from the Estée Lauder photoshoot!
Do head down to the Paragon atrium from from 24 - 29 July 2012 (Tuesday to Sunday),
from 10 am to 9:30 pm if you want to have someone do your makeup and get your photo taken!

More information is available on my previous blog post here.

Okay that is truly all my friends. I am going to sleep now!

❤ Jac.

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  1. is this what we will get for the $120 makeover?

  2. is the workshop and the makeover the same thing?

  3. Hello! Yes, this is what you will get for the makeover. The workshop is separate from the makeover, and also costs $120. Both are redeemable for $120 worth of products. :)