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Why it is okay to not choose the hipster life + March/April 2019 updates.

Hi guys, I decided that I am beyond hope and it is too ambitious for me to blog every week. Or once in every two weeks for that matter. So...

Hi guys,

I decided that I am beyond hope and it is too ambitious for me to blog every week. Or once in every two weeks for that matter. So once a month it shall be. I mean once in two months. As it's April now.

Anyway I would like to tell you that I am extremely busy with life. Is this what happens when you become 30? Being 30 sucks guys. I like to sleep and waste time and I haven't been able to do any of that of late. A good example is my blog – which is a huge waste of time BUT LOOK AT HOW I HAVE NOT BEEN BLOGGING!! Terrible.
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So before I go into ranting, let me give you a quick update on my life, here are some updates of my life (if you are still interested).

#1 Another boy asked me for my number.

IT'S TRUE! It's happened as I was walking back from the MRT station. This boy approached me and said...
"Excuse me, this is very random. But I think you are beautiful."
OK I MELTED. I mean I told him that I'm married and showed him my ring, and he said sorry and backed away sadly. But omg this was the highlight of my day/week/month. It wasn't even me on a good day — it was me looking half dead after dance. So I was quite pleased with myself.
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#2 I finally have my oil slick hair.

Yes. I wanted hair the colour of a mermaid's trapped in an oil slick. AND NOW I HAVE IT.
Okay you can't really tell here. But I truly have it. I will take another photo when I touch it up...in 3 months or something.

#3 I'm in Colombia.

Or was in Colombia - it's hard to say when this post will be published. I mean I started when I as on my 30+ hour leg to Colombia. But you know, life is tough so I will probably only publish this when I am in Singapore. Hard to say.

Okay anyway I'm back in Singapore. I went to Medellin, you know, the place in Narcos. Wow it is nothing like what Netflix made it out to be. It's very civilised – more like a Spanish Singapore than the murder capital that Narcos made it out to be (well, Commune 10 and 14 is anyway).
Me in Singapore. Just kidding I'm in Medellin.
Me in Japan. Just kidding - it's me in Medellin again. (Yes, I realise I am also not as funny as before).

Ok so as I was saying, I have a rant to go on. My rant is about a certain class of travel hipsters and entrepreneurs. I know – most of them are hardworking, driven, reasonable people. But there also is a segment of them that are what you might refer to as “a pain in the ass”, to use the technical term. And let me tell you why.

They tell you how free they are, how happy they are, and how to live your life. You shouldn’t be bound by your desk job, working in the office is boring. Okay that is your opinion, and I am happy that you have found freedom in quitting your job, being your own boss, or spending all your savings to invest in your dream. Here’s my question though – why do they always have to glorify their way of life and slam the way of life of us desk-bound office workers? If someone did the same about your beliefs or ethics wouldn't you be offended? And I’m offended – because I'm a desk-bound office worker who has a few things to say about why there is nothing to be ashamed of for not choosing the hipster entrepreneur start up life.

#1 We are the backbone of the economy.

Us office workers, are the employees. We are the people who take direction and get stuff done. Sure you might be the next college drop-out who may come up with the next big idea. But examples like Bill Gates are extremely rare, and are not reflective of reality. I recently learnt that 90% of start-ups fail – I learnt this at SMU. So if you disagree please tell SMU because I clearly am not any expert on management, business, or start-ups so I believed whatever the professor said. But here is a cool infographic to illustrate my point.

So you see, if every one wanted to be a start-up, then, that would just lead to 90% of the population being failures in life. Sure – you would probably learn something from failure, but  okay maybe I just want to work and earn money? What is wrong with that? Us worker bees, we take direction from the queen, feed her, give her honey, and help her build a colony that may one day be mobilised to sting someone whom we really don’t like. In essence, we give the critical input which lead to solid, tangible outcomes.
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If you are a teacher, you are shaping the future. If you are an engineer, you are building infrastructure. If you are a technician, you fix things and get shit done. And if you are a start-up….you….try to survive. But meanwhile, us lowly employees,we are working to make sure that the legacy of existing companies is intact, and doing good work to ensure that they companies in question do not fail. Personally, I think that’s a very worthy cause which should not be slighted.

#2 We are the non-irritating people at gatherings.

Whenever we meet old friends, I like to be caught up on what is happening in their lives. I like to know what everyone is doing, who is getting married, who is getting pregnant, who has changed jobs, who is watching what on Netflix, and who has gotten fat. These are some examples, but you get the gist.
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Then, there is always that annoying person, who takes over the conversation. He has just started a new business and feels that it is his duty to educate you on why you should do the same. And then, upon hearing that no one is willing to take his route, he feels the need to give you a lecture on the whole landscape of the industry, future trends and what not.
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Thanks, but seriously, if I wanted to be informed about what the future is going to look like, I would pick up a copy of The Economist or open up the BBC – much more reliable than some weird guy who wasn’t even trained in finance to begin with.

#3 We are more self-aware.

Speaking about mansplaining and the like – I don’t know about you, but I find that people who are employees are much more self-aware about the position in life than people who are let’s say, travel nomads. Or their own bosses. We know that there are always people smarter than us, and we don’t try to flaunt our technical know-how, or lack of it, in other people’s faces.
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However, those people who are not oppressed by the crushing bureaucracy which comes with working for someone much bigger, smarter and wiser than themselves, can somehow get the idea that their opinions are worth much more than everyone else’s, and that their stories of hardship are so much more intense than those of someone working for an MNC.
“Oh, so you had a hard day? You should try being your own boss. Now that’s tough.” (Via Giphy).

IS IT THOUGH? What makes your troubles worth so much more than others? What if said friend is creating a cure for a super virus and forgot to wash her hands?! Or split acid on the lab floor? Sorry, I think that is more troubling and also, possibly more relevant to the rest of us than you who, I don’t know, isn’t understood by your clients, or has to process work passes for your employees because you are short-handed.
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Enough ah. Please be like the rest of us. If you want to rant about something that no one cares about, start a blog that no one reads and you can rant as much as you want there.

#4 We have perseverance.

So these people who strike it out on their own always tell you that they do it with lots of hard work, determination, and perseverance. Ok good for them. But let me tell you what also takes a lot of strong will and perseverance – sticking to your current job.

If you think about it, we are just as brave as those people who quit their job to do something on their own. What – do you honestly think it’s easy to stick with the same job when the rest of your friends are trying something different with their lives? Do you think there aren’t times that us worker bees decide that we have enough and maybe we should just quit and I don’t know, start a business as a cat trainer, freelance digital illustrator or worse come to worse, blogger?

No because somewhere along the way, we weighed the pros and cons and decided, not to be tempted by how sexy going solo is. We decided that ok – I am not crazy about my job, but I rather do whatever I am doing than going solo and flaunting it in everyone’s faces like a crazy person.
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Yes yes, I know these people work hard and take the risk, and taking the risk can be rewarding. But what if we want to be paid a decent salary without putting our savings on the line? My point is, many people glorify decisions which are transformative, etc. BUT HI. Sticking to your convictions and doing what you think is best for your future, is equally important. So stop slamming us people who bravely stuck to our jobs while the rest of you flitted from project to project. We are tough ok, stop it.

#5 We are loyal.

They say that change is good, and that people have to be brave to take the first step. They encourage you to quit your job and venture out.
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Stop talking nonsense. You may value bravery and entrepreneurship, but if your company makes it big one day, will you be encouraging your employees to quit? Please what happened to the value of job loyalty?!

Stop encouraging people to quit because you think it's the way to go. If I quit my job, it will be because I have become Changi's next millionaire, or the winner of next year's River Hong Bao draw. Also I don't understand – these people always say they don't quit. Aish. They already left their job –  isn't that a form of quitting?
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Sure you might have a long-term goal. But me doing my dead-end job as they might say, have a much higher chance of succeeding in whatever I am doing, than I don’t know, you fulfilling your dreams of becoming the founder of a huge conglomerate (not saying its not possible – just saying that I am more likely to get a big bonus, than you are at starting a huge MNC). And you know what they say about people who quit their jobs...
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Okay and I've come to the end of my rant. So just to be clear, I'm not saying that entrepreneurship is bad. In fact, I think it's a good quality to have. I'm just saying that entrepreneurs who have a large circle of non-entrepreneur friends can afford to be more self-aware. Like you know, how vegans need not try to promote their vegan lifestyle at every given second. That is all.

Okay and here's a video to end my post.

Cheers guys!
❤ Jac.

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