Monday, November 19, 2018

How I am like a cat.

Hi guys, So as many of you may know, I am now the owner of two cats called Mafan and Mushu, and they are probably the reason why I don&#...

Hi guys,

So as many of you may know, I am now the owner of two cats called Mafan and Mushu, and they are probably the reason why I don't blog as much, don't go out as much, but spend even more money than I should.. I mean, I'm already capable of spending lots of money without cats. Why James thought that it would be a good idea to give me another reason to spend money is beyond me.

Anyway, after spending so much time with my cats, I realised I actually am quite similar to them. Or they are similar to me. Either way, we are similar in character. Let me elaborate...

#1 I like hammocks.

So I really like hammocks. They are extremely comfortable, and they are great to have a short snooze in. Of course, I have a hammock of my own, because I have a giant sofa which James thinks is quite enough. So, the last time I lay on a hammock was about seven months ago. And I had to fly to Cebu to do that! Not that I'm complaining of course...
Anyway, we got cats and I saw that wow, cats can have hammocks too! So I got one for my cats and WOW. They love it too!
You see? Just one of the many interests that my cats and I share.

#2 I am clean.

Okay so as previously established, I, the self-respecting Asian, have a clear distinction between inside dirt and outside dirt. So wow, I like to shower many times a day, and I used to go mental when James went to bed without showering. I say "used to" because James has since learnt not to go to bed in an outside dirty state.
(Via Giphy).

And my cats are obviously, also very clean. I mean, it is perhaps one of the activities which they devote the most time to after sleeping and running around.
And that's why I get along with my cats. Of course, they don't like it when we give them baths, but that's understandable. I mean, I would freak if someone wanted to douse me in soap and water.

#3 I am attracted by the crinkling of snack wrappers.

So I'm sleeping, being anti-social, or ignoring the world because I can't be bothered to face away from the wall. And you want to tell me something important. But really you can't get my attention no matter how loudly you scream. What should you do?
(Via Giphy).

Open a bag of chips. I promise. I will turn IMMEDIATELY and wrench the chips out of your hand. I'm a snack whore.
(Via Giphy).

And this is exactly how my cats behave. They can be fighting, bathing, sleeping, but the moment I crinkle a treat bag, they are right in my face.
My cats have their priorities right. Just like me.

#4 I work for treats.

That's right. Wow you do not know the lengths I go to to get treats. Like I recently updated my team's calendar at work to include a column for cake. So that they will know exactly what cake to buy if they suddenly decide to get me cake. Which will be, on my birthday. Because I also added a column for birth dates. See the amount of planning and work I put in just for my cake?
(Via Giphy).

And my cats are the same. They know that they need to work to get their treats. And they do anything from jumping onto my shoulder and rolling all over the floor to get them.
Yes, we work hard for our snacks.

#5 I drop lots of hair.

Yes, it's true. So much so that I resorted to using Regaine in hopes of preventing my hair from clogging up the sink. Of course, this had some unintended consequences, and you can read more about it here.
And then we got cats. AND WOW. They shed hair too. More than me. Like much more. But it's okay. Our Roomba is now fully justified, and a necessity rather than a convenience. Like one day, I am going to brush my cats and show you that we can use the fur to make another cat. Like this one below!
(Via Purrtacular).

Yes so, cats and I, both shed a lot of hair. Unfortunately for James who wakes up finding that he has ingested lots of unknown hair.

#6 I can fit into boxes.

I do! And I always try my best to squeeze into boxes that I can potentially fit into. Like when we recently got a new television....
And I thought that I was weird by doing this. But as it turns out, our cats quite enjoy squeezing into boxes as well!
Truly, I did not know that cats and I shared so many similarities.

#7 I sleep a lot.

I really do. I can fall asleep at night, while watching tv, while James plays on the PS4, while James is talking to me, and um, when I am texting. I'm quite good at sleeping.
Just like my cats, whom I have discovered, require 12 - 16 hours of sleep per day!

#8 I use laptops.

So if you notice the photo above, you'll see that Mushu likes to sleep near/on/with laptops. He's a tech savvy cat. In fact, because both out cats have shown interest in our tech gadgets, they now have an iPad.
Mushu, who is the more tech savvy of the two, has his own Macbook!
Yes, and I also use laptops and tablets. Like them. Except I'm an Android user. So the cats are a bit miffed about that. But it's okay. I will convert them like how I converted James.

#9 I am a disruptive sleeper.

When I sleep, I like to make sure that everyone knows I'm asleep so that they do not disturb or interfere with my rest.
Let me take up the whole bed. You can go ahead and sort your own sleeping arrangements out.
Let me just drag my beanbag into the middle of the room, and take up your chair as well.
Okay, you can't tell, but this is a picture of me sleeping on James lap underneath a cushion which he is using to balance his laptop. Because I decided to sleep on his lap. No matter what. This is not unlike my cats, who like to sleep wherever they fancy. Such as, on my head.
Ah well, I would do the same.

#10 I like to use clean toilets.

Okay I like to use clean toilets. Like when I go into a public toilet and I see that it has been freshly cleaned, I'm like SCORE!
(Via Giphy).

And I thought that it's just a human thing. But no okay. I have noticed that my cats have developed this habit of watching me empty their litter box. And once I'm done, IN THEY GO. And I have to go about emptying their litter box again.

Turns out, cats are really clean. Like, use clean toilet clean. Who knew?
(Via Giphy).

Okay I've come to the end of my list! I know it took a while but, aiyah. Busy, cats, and sick. Anyway, enjoy this song and I hope to blog again um, soon.

Have a good week ahead guys!
❤ Jac.

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