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How I Am Like Trump.

Hey everyone! Happy National Day (belated). I just spent the day watching the parade and listening to the stories of all these people feat...

Hey everyone!

Happy National Day (belated). I just spent the day watching the parade and listening to the stories of all these people featured and I suddenly remembered that I have a blog where I used to tell me story on a weekly basis. And that has since failed because I am not made of the same stuff that the pioneer generation was. In other words, I'm lazy and full of excuses.

Anyway, I recently watched this Facebook video by the US Embassy in Singapore which was posted in conjunction with National Day, and I remembered a blog idea which James had come up with some time ago. Like, Trump-Kim Summit ago. So you know, not too by my standards. It's still less than a month ago, Anyway, here are some reasons as to why I am essentially similar to Donald Trump.

As suggested by my husband. Who probably knows me very well. So you know the list is quite legit.

#1 We both drink Diet Coke.

So it's widely reported that the drink of choice for President Trump is Coke Light. Unlike Kellyanne Conway, who is there with her can of ugh, regular Coke.
(Via The Tab).

And as many of you know, I love Coke Light. It is the fuel for my survival and that which provides me with the will to survive. No one gets between me and my Coke Light. No one. Or Diet Coke at least. Same diff. There isn't Diet Coke in Singapore and there isn't Coke Light in the States.
But one thing is for sure - neither of us, unlike Kellyanne Conway, drink regular Coke. Regular Coke is strange. It isn't as fizzy and doesn't give you that pick me up that you need when you are dying or living life in general. And no, coffee doesn't cut it either.

So while the rest of you bemoan the quality of the coffee in this cafe compared to that, President Trump and I will happily drink Coke Light, which I have consumed such copious amounts of, that I can tell when it's seven months of less to it's best before date.
(Via Giphy).

#2 We both love junk food.

It's true. So President Trump's go-to meals are typically from a selection of America's favourite fast food joints.

And well, I LOVE JUNK FOOD. I love fries, chips, burgers, pizzas, ohmygod. I love junk food of any kind.
I especially love it when James encourages me to eat junk food when we're on holiday. I mean, he is the healthy sort. Or he tries to be at least. But when we're on holiday he is more liberal with his definitions of healthy or not.
But my favourite is still McDonalds, which James does not believe in. I don't understand it. Why my lifetime ambition is to sit in the Air Force One and eat an extra-value meal from McDonalds. With Coke Light of course.

#3 We disregard preachy people advising us on the consequences of our actions.

So if you just do a quick Google search, you'll find that there are many articles by nutritionists advising Trump on what to do about his diet, and warning him about the consequences to his poor nutrition.

What’s more, the he is also said to drink around 12 cans of Diet Coke every day - consuming far more than an adult's daily-recommended dose of caffeine. However, alongside the pressure of presidency, one nutritionist says that leading such a voracious lifestyle could prove detrimental to Trump’s health.

- The Independent (2017)

Aish. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Please people, how stupid do you think I am? I know water is healthier, I do. Just like how race car drivers know that their job is risky. But if you have to preach to someone, why don't you target the smokers first? They are doing more damage to their body than me and President Trump drinking Coke Light.

#4 We both married foreigners.

In 2005, Trump married Melania, born and raised in Slovenia.
(Via Diply).

Me, I married James! Born and raised in England.
Yes, we both love our foreign talent.

#5 We both take unflattering photos.

So Trump for the most part looks all right. I mean, the dude is 72 years old la give him a break. But he sometimes is not the most photogenic. Especially when it comes to his facial expressions and hair.
(Via NY Post and Imgur).

But dude, I totally empathise with him. LIKE, my face sometimes and my brain don't connect and I end up looking like a complete retard who isn't in control of her facial expressions.
But such is life. I guess I could be worse. I could have a totally blissful expression while sleeping atop a pile of sweaty clothes. Like this cat here.
 But in conclusion, yes. Me and Trump, we take the most unfortunate photos at times.

#6 We both talk trash online.

So Donald Trump is infamous for his trashy tweets. I mean there are plenty of them on his feed and he is one of the greatest contributor to nonsensical content on the internet.

But you know what?! I TOO WRITE NONSENSE AND CONTRIBUTE STRANGE AND NEEDLESS ARTICLES TO THE ONLINE SPHERE. Don't believe me? What did you just read and tell me how that adds value to society.

That's right. On par with Donald Trump's tweets. Although his has significantly more impact than whatever I write, you have to admit that the content is more or less earns a place on the nonsense scale. Although he clearly outranks me. But I'm okay with that. We can't all be winners.

#7 We both sleep very little.

It's quite well know that Donald Trump sleeps very little. In fact, you can read about it here "The Telegraph: Donald Trump's four hours a night and the other extreme sleeping habits of our leaders"

In fact if you prefer other sources you can also check out Business Insider, the Daily Mail, or USAToday to name a few. And likewise, I too sleep very little. For instance, it is 4.58 am now and I have to be up at 8 am later. Such is life.
Okay! Now I've come to the end of the post of how me and Trump have many similarities, except well, sadly in the area of cash.

And also because I need to sleep, here's a song to accompany my awkward and abrupt ending.

TGIF guys!
❤ Jac.

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