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#Adulting: Why Marriage Is A Good Thing.

Hello guys! So in the midst of my sleeping, eating, and cat training, I sometimes find the time to log onto Facebook. And get annoyed by...

Hello guys!

So in the midst of my sleeping, eating, and cat training, I sometimes find the time to log onto Facebook. And get annoyed by whining people. Like seriously people, if you want to air your discontent do it at a place where people won't see. Like on a blog, not in the middle of my Facebook feed.
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So, I got very irritated that everyone of late was questioning the point of relationships and marriage. Because, I am married. And this is one of the very few life decisions that I am committed to. Unlike you know, wow. Everything else apart from my cats.

So here we go - some reasons why being married is beneficial.

#1 Travel buddy for life.

Yes, I know. You like your solo travel. You like your independence. Please. I am basically the uglier, poorer, less glam person embodied in Destiny's Child's Independent Women ok. Truly. Even this line applies to me.
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It's true. Not my fault that I'm poor and had to settle with my own self.
And like any independent woman, I saw my sister's ring pictured here, and got the exact same one for myself. So that there would be no contest over who has the bigger diamond, etc. #sistersolidarity #independentwomen

But independent and self sufficient as I am, travelling by yourself is not as fun as travelling with a friend. Aside from cost sharing, having a designated photographer, and the general safety in numbers rule, travelling with company is better because you get to share the experience with someone. 
Like sure - you can climb a bloody mountain by yourself. But does it not add to the experience if you can have someone to complain to along the way, crack a beer with once you reach the top, and recount the experience with at the end of the day? 
Unless you have no friends and hate the world, travelling with friends does add to the experience. And, your friends don't always have time just for you of course. They have their own lives to live. Like me, I used to travel with Edwina a lot. But she has three kids. I can't expect her to up and leave every two months to go gallivanting around China/Iceland/Greece?!
So marriage does have its perks because then you would basically consist of your husband/wife's entire life and reason to live, and both of you can hence go on wonderful adventures now, next time, and into the distant future, and everything will be great.

#2 Netflix and chill

Okay. I have never understood the concept of watching TV alone. I don't get the point. It is strange and weird. I need someone to watch TV with me, or I wouldn't watch it at all. In fact, before I met James, I flat out refused to watch shows on the TV alone. I completed all my binge watching in the corner of my room, on my laptop. It's more efficient in terms of space, electricity, etc. It seems terribly inefficient to occupy an entire room and fill it with sound when I am just one person.
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And TV watching is not a very engaging activity. Like, even as I watched my shows on my laptop, by myself. I would need to have a chat window open with my friend, to tell him EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT which went through my head at any given time. Otherwise, what is the value of me watching this show? So even if my friend wasn't watching the show, I would be there, just going, OMG BOOTH IS DYING. etc etc. 
Just me watching some Top Gear with my friend, who was not near me at all.

Then I met James with his big TV which he uses to watch YouTube, movies, etc etc. In conclusion, I now watch TV with James. And without a husband I would not watch TV. Because I am a jittery person and I need someone there for me to go "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" at scenes which are uncomfortable, awkward, tense, scary, dark, spooky, eerie, etc. I do not fare well at TV watching. I also need someone to be there to go "HAHAHAHAHAHA" to when I'm watching TV because, well, have you talked to me? I'm so annoying. I already spend so much time with myself and there's really no need for me to talk to myself as well.
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So yes, you need someone to netflix and chill with. And if it's boring, why, you can even fall asleep on them. It's fine.

#3 Coming home to someone.

You know what is so great about my cats? When I get home every day, I open the door to find them waiting for me and excitedly welcome me home. I think it's mostly because they are hungry and are waiting for me to serve them dinner. But, I'm not picky.
Now, you know what's great about being married? Your husband/wife is basically a cat who buys food and brings you Coke Light after you've had a long day at work. Of course, if you always come home earlier than your spouse then, tough luck. But at least you know you will likely be the highlight of your spouse's work day all day err day.

Husbands are especially great when you have had a tough day. They buy you ice cream on request, and they stroke your hair as you sleep on them as they watch TV. Yes, I am basically a cat in human form. Is that wrong?

#4 Have cats.

Speaking of cats, getting married is a great motivation/ reason for you to get cats. I was never a cat person. Cats were for people who eventually grow into crazy cat ladies. Or Sheldon.
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Then, I met James, we got married and now we have cats. And I won't be a crazy cat lady because I'm married. The most I will get is crazy. Crazy lady with cats, is different from crazy cat lady.

Crazy cat lady
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Crazy lady with cats
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I mean, I can live with that. I don't mind being a crazy lady with cats.

#5 Share things.

Marriage encourages you to share things. I don't mean it in a thought catalog, preachy enlightenment kind of way. I mean it in like, let's say I am in a restaurant and I am greedy. I want to eat two mains. But I only have the stomach capacity for one. I order one main, James orders the other, and we share and benefit.
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Of course, if your husband doesn't like the same food then tough on you. Or if you have a great appetite coupled with great metabolism, this won't affect you (and I hate you). But I can give you another scenario.

Let's say you want to buy a house. But you are a broke-ass person like me and if you bought a house it would basically be the box that your shoes came in. So you and your husband pool your money together and buy a nicer house (maybe a Thirsty Hippo carton) and you share the mortgage. Wow so much more space, and less comes out of your pocket each month than if you bought it alone.
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Of course if you are rich or have rich parents maybe this won't apply to you. But I can give you another example.

Say you are cold at night and want some heat. I know you can switch off the aircon, pile on more blankets, but no. You are very sleepy, and you need a quick fix solution. What do you do? You scoot over to your husband's side, and like, put your hands down his neck to warm yourself up. If he's asleep he won't know, if he is awake he will feel wanted. Win-win.
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So I think that those are some if the key everyday reasons as to how being married can benefit you. OF COURSE, there are many more reasons which make the married life good, but these are just some off the top of my head. Also like, I know you can do these things with other people/by yourself but having someone consistent is just so much less hassle.

Of course, you need to find the right person to marry. And for that I suggest Tinder. And here's a good song to end the post with.

TGIF guys!
❤ Jac.

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