Friday, June 29, 2018

Some quick updates.

Hello guys, This is a very unstructured post because OMG I'M SO BUSY. No no, it's true. Usually James is up working while I'm ...

Hello guys,

This is a very unstructured post because OMG I'M SO BUSY. No no, it's true. Usually James is up working while I'm like, napping, scrolling through Facebook, etc. But these days, James is sleeping because it's way past our bedtimes and I am like sitting in the study scrambling to finish work. And now I'm blogging because I'm too pumped up to go to sleep. So on to some quick updates.

#1 I am a cat trainer.

I really am I have trained my cats to do many things. Like beg.

Or because Trump and Kim were in town, to shake hands. Or paws.

Then one of my cats went for surgery and I was told that I should keep her quiet, and ensure that she didn't do anything too strenuous. I thought that would put a damper on my training schedule. But no. Here is my cat and her latest trick. Playing dead. I thought that was as non-strenuous as it could get.

I know, I know. You're worried that my cats are smarter than you. Well you should be. This Asian cat mom is going to make sure that they trash your O level scores.

#2 I am bad with directions.

James and I went to Bedok over the weekend because James smashed his Pixel 2 XL and we had to go to an ahbeng handphone shop to get it fixed.
It cost $300 and took 30 minutes (stop it ah, the prices for repairing iphones are different). I called the service center and they told me that they would take 7 days to fix it, and it would cost about the same so...ahbeng handphone shop in Bedok won.

Anyway we were walking around this mixed used development when I went, "Is this Admiralty?"
Yes. I know. And this is why I can't be a taxi driver. My customers will accuse me of trying to being a fare cheat when all I am doing is getting lost.

#3 I have bought some clear Coke.

Behold my clear Coke.
My verdict is that it tastes like weird Sprite, and not like Coke at all. But I was still happy that I bought it. If you're interested you can get some from Honestbee. It's $3.25 per bottle and they limit your purchase to a maximum of 6 bottles at a go. But you can use your rebates and what not and it becomes considerably cheaper (if you have code to redeem that is).Also, I just checked - the policies have been changed to a maximum of 4 bottles per purchase. Gah.
Also behold my new picture. I call it "Black Cat White Coke, White Guy Black Coke". Okay I know the Coke isn't white but I'm using my creative license here.

#4 I found out a Coke secret.

Not the recipe of course, because then I would be out there living off the money Coke would be paying me to stop me from selling the recipe. But that Coke relabels it's bottles. See the bottle in front of James? It's the World Cup edition. I thought it would mean that hey! Fresh batch of Coke. But no, it wasn't. I know because I can taste when Coke is less than 7 months to expiry. This batch is expiring in November. I tasted it.
(Via Giphy).

By the way, just so you know how into sports I am, the only reason why I know it's the World Cup season is because of the packaging on my Coke Light bottles. Also here is a photo of me watching some soccer. Because World Cup.

#5 I also played with some balls.

And James too! We went to airzone at City Square Mall and had loads of fun!
We even went a second time because we had so much fun! Nah, actually we went a second time because we made an online booking and for some reason the place decided to shut half an hour earlier, thus cutting short our play time. Anyway, they gave us four new passes and James and I brought my nephew along. He didn't like it. So he left. And James and I made his dad spend the rest of the session taking photos of us since he had no kid to look after.
James complained that I don't use the things I buy. I bought him life insurance.

Okay and now I've come to the end of my post. Please enjoy this song. I hope it's nice. I saved it meaning to listen but I never got around to doing so. And if I play it now I will disturb my cat. but I mean, Flo Rida. How bad can it be?

I'm off to bed. TGIF guys!
❤ Jac.

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