Friday, May 11, 2018

Sorry, I've been busy!

Hey guys! Sorry in the lack of updates but I've been caught up with a few things, namely... #1 Getting my PADI Advanced Open Water D...

Hey guys!

Sorry in the lack of updates but I've been caught up with a few things, namely...

#1 Getting my PADI Advanced Open Water Diving.

James and I finally got around to completing our PADI Advanced Open Water Diving. We got certified in Cebu, which had some amazing dive sites. We dived in a sardine run and also with some whale sharks in Oslob! It was fantastic - totally worth the three hour car ride from the airport and all.
Here are the videos of us swimming among the sardines. James was very very cool. He did this thing where he immediately parted the school of sardines by swimming towards them. This is James and the sardines.

It looked awesome! So much so that I decided that I had to get a similar video. Pardon my uncool swimming, sardines are faster than they seem.
Diving in Cebu was amazing, especially since we managed to complete our PADI on our anniversary! Here's to our first anniversary, and many more to come :).
Us feat. James' finger. Because GoPro selfies are a bit trickier.

#2 Hosting James' family.

James' dad and stepmother is over from the UK. It's his stepmother's first time in Asia so she was slightly miffed by the 3 hour car ride immediately after the plane trip from Singapore to Cebu (which came the morning after her flight from UK to Singapore), but we were forgiven pretty quickly thanks to the great resort coupled with Cebu's pristine waters.
Private jetty.

Beach life.

Just some skipping ropes on fire. Part of the resort's night time entertainment.

I got coerced into dancing.

One of the nights also fell on hid dad's birthday so the resort made us a cake! Like, a legit, cake.
So I've been pretty busy. But really the thing that has been taking up the most of my time is our new cats. Meet Mushu and Mafan - our long-legged munchkin kittens!
They were born on Christmas eve and they are, so sweet and friendly. Although they look quite different, they are siblings from the same litter! (I learnt a lot about cat breeding in the last two weeks, and now I know you can breed short legged cats with other short legged cats). Anyway, Mushu is the black long-haired male, and Mafan is the tortoiseshell short-haired female. We chose the names long ago, even before we knew we were getting cats.

Okay anyway, me being the typical Asian has already started training them. Like, James dad and wife have 5 cats. And they are all untrained. Our Mafan (who is smart, unlike Mushu, who is sweet but not the brightest) can already come when I call. Next she will learn to sit, beg, jump through hoops and take her A levels. Our kittens are going to rule the world.
Mafan is clearly excited about her prospects.

Mushu is not amused. Or aMushued, as James termed it.

Okay I've come to the end of my updates. Promise I'll update sooner next time. It's hard to sit around the house and type stuff in your pyjamas with guests around. It's a bit awkward. So here's a song for you to enjoy.

RIP Avicii. And also, TGIF guys!
❤ Jac.

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