Monday, November 27, 2017

#Review: AJ Hackett Sentosa Bungy Jump

Hey guys! So if you recall, I reviewed a few bungee jumps some weeks ago to analyse which bungee jump is the most worth it at its given ...

Hey guys!

So if you recall, I reviewed a few bungee jumps some weeks ago to analyse which bungee jump is the most worth it at its given price point. And I also mentioned that I intended to review the newly opened AJ Hackett Bungy at Sentosa. But then, life got in the way. You know, sleeping and carting animal balloons around in taxis. The usual.
Anyway! Let me share my experience of bungee jumping at AJ Hackett Sentosa! (Also, in case you get confused by my inconsistent spelling, AJ Hackett spells it "bungy" but Oxford, which I refer to, spells it "bungee").

Ok so first, when I first heard that there would be a bungee site opening in Singapore, I was so freaking excited. Like, you have no idea. I constantly Googled for updates and when I heard that they were opening this year, I FREAKED. They even had this online auction where you could bid to #beoneofthefirst to jump off the tower. The starting bid was $250. This is acceptable. I mean, I once paid $600+ to jump off the Macau Tower. What is $250 right?
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So I immediately put a bid down. James was supportive. He was fine with the idea as long as he did not have to accompany me on the jump. Anyway, the auction was open from 27 May to 30 July. And the top bidder was promised a slew of exciting rewards.

Okay, so I didn't need to be the top bidder. I mean 10 Skybridge tickets? Do I even have 10 friends? But I still had to make sure that I remained high up on the list right? I mean, I won't say no to invites to the VIP opening party. Like free flow champagne? WHY NOT?! So there I was camping on the site to make sure that I was within the top 100 bidders on the list.

Which was fine. I found out that very few people are crazy enough to actually want to bid to #beoneofthefirst to jump of a 50 metre tower. But, as the deadline drew near, I became a bit, jittery and ambitious. And um, ended up accidentally bidding $25,000 on the jump. Really. Look.
AND I FUCKING PANICKED. Like $25,000?! The only way that I would be bungee jumping for $25,000 would be if the bungee cord was not attached to the tower and that it's guaranteed that I would die on impact. And there was no helpline. Then, after panic-messaging AJ Hackett Sentosa on FB, I found a contact at the very bottom of a media contact sheet. And the poor guy who picked up my call assure me that I would not have to pay $25,000 and got his tech guys to update the list the very next day. Which is good. Because I was not in the mood to tell James how I blew $25,000 when he woke up.
Actual photo of James sleeping as I was trying to avert my crisis.

Like seriously, kudos to the team for being on standby to cater to idiots like me. And for handling it so well. Like, I'm not even very coherent to begin with. Can you imagine me when I am panicking to the nth degree? NOT COOL AT ALL. Anyway it was fixed in the end and I paid $250 for my bid. And even though they didn't hold a VIP opening party in the end (or maybe they did but didn't invite the crazy girl), my $250 was VERY WORTH IT (mainly because I got to jump twice, but more of that later).

#1 There's a viewing area.

So, when someone is jumping, there's usually an area where spectators can gather. In Macau it's a television screen. In Phuket, it's by the river bank. But in Sentosa, you get these plush bean bags where your admiring audience can watch. It's kid friendly too!
But if you think that this is too PG for you, it's ok. This brings me to my next point...

#2 There's a bar.

Which James really appreciated! You see, the last time I went bungee jumping, there was no bar, and James was sort of coerced into jumping with me. I thought it was great. But James was not so impressed.
So he was quite happy to see that there was a bar near by where he could just sit and consume drinks while he waited for me jump off a 50 m tower. He was, very pleased.

#3 There are good camera angles going on.

I mean, the photos are clearly not as good as the selfie that James took, but you know, they are not bad.

#4 The water touch is free.

In many places, if you jump above a water body, it costs extra if you actually want to touch the water. I PLUNGED into the water. It's free. You just have to tell them that you want to do it. In my case, I told them I just wanted to touch it. But I kind of, dove down. So I was submerged to my knees in water (keep in mind that I'm upside down).

#5 If they mess up you can jump again.

So, as you can tell, James watched me bungee jump from a bar. But this is inconsistent with the previous point where I mentioned he watched me jump while sprawled on a plush bean bag. Well, the truth is, I jumped TWICE.

There was something wrong with the GoPro when I jumped the first time so they let me have another go, FOR FREE. I was so pleased. So James sadly had to wait at the bar and watch over my awesome drink (the one on the left) while I went up to have another go.

But it's a good thing I got to jump twice. The first time I jumped like, my top uhh, sort of dislodged. Luckily, I was wearing a nice bra  all my bras are nice bras.
(Via Giphy).


So that was my experience with AJ Hackett Sentosa. My take is that it's fun enough, but probably isn't worth $199. Especially since that doesn't include photos and videos. Like, the video is fine, but there's some weird background music and they film it in slow-mo, which annoys me a bit. It looks much less impressive in slow-mo.
Also, the jump is actually 47m, not 50m. Which also doesn't seem very impressive. Maybe there is some crazy height restriction thing for structures in that area of Sentosa, but you know, it would have been nice if the jump was just 3m taller.
That being said, it's quite a nice location to go to. It's on a beach. Also there's not a lot of time or money invested since it's not even a plane ride away. (For those who have yet to bungee, less time taken to plan and travel to the site = less time you spend worrying.) And unless people really scrutinise your jump, you can just tell them that it's 50m. No one will question you or your bravery unless they are mega bitchy. Also they have nice merchandise - which I appreciate since my clothes were soaked through.
Anyway, I've come to the end of my post. I'd like to thank the great people at AJ Hackett Sentosa for not making me pay $25,000 for my jump, and for letting me jump twice in a day!!! Also for anyone planning to do that, I would recommend for you not to jump on a stomach that's filled with nothing but half a beer cocktail. You get very light-headed after that and end up eating like 20 portions of dim sum after.
(Via Giphy).

And thanks of course to James for being supportive of my hobby of throwing myself off tall structures, Edwina for driving us to the site, and my good friend who was awake to listen to my panicked tale of accidentally bidding $25,000 in the middle of the night.
Now, here's a good song.

Haiyah, it's Monday.
❤ Jac.

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