Wednesday, July 19, 2017

#Adulting: "My husband plays games all the time!"

Hey guys! So I know, I blog is all about being an adult these days. But sadly, this is what I am now and omg I am learning new...

Hey guys!

So I know, I blog is all about being an adult these days. But sadly, this is what I am now and omg I am learning new things every day. For example, today I learnt that Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve is quite a nice place to go for a walk. Quite different from when I first went about close to 20 years ago, when I was in primary school.
Also you see? I can now say things like "close to 20 years ago". And I also can say that I went with my husband. Which is also an indication of how old I am.

We look overexposed, but the point is we took a selfie with a giant monitor lizard.

So anyway! My husband James likes to play games. Games on the PS4, the iPad, and sometimes Civilisations on the computer. And I promise you, some people (all girls) have asked me, "Why do you let him play games?" Because apparently games are boring and a waste of time and guys get very annoying when they are playing games. (Read: girls sometimes get bored when their significant others play games because they want attention and they justify this by saying that games are a waste of time). But you know, guys are guys. They like to play video games. What to do? Let me help you!

#1 Sleep.

If your significant other is a serial gamer, you might notice that this creature, when found in his natural habitat that is the sofa, is typically found in a dormant state of rest.
And what should you do when you encounter this seemingly comatose beast who only indication of life is the twitching of his thumbs and sporadic grunts of disapproval. But if you go just a bit closer to him, you'll notice that he emits body heat! A heated being that doesn't move? It's a dream come true! What I always wanted in a pillow. 
(Via Giphy).

So what I recommend you girls, is that you make use of this gamer being and sleep on it. He doesn't care. Really. It's comfortable and he rather you sleep and not disturb him than you be up and ask him 20 million things either related on unrelated to his game. The worse that will come of it is many unglam selfies of you sleeping.

But it's okay. No one looks good sleeping. (Or that's what I tell myself, at least).

#2 Pedicures.

So trust me on this - guys don't care on what you do when they are gaming, as long as you don't actually impede their gaming process. This means you must just be involved in activities which do not:
  1. Block their view of the television
  2. Restrict their hand movements
  3. Require them physically move from their comfy spot
This basically means that you can do anything from giving them a pedicure to applying makeup on their faces. But for the sake of this blog, let me just show you some pictures of me giving James a pedicure before he embarked on his game of Star Wars Battlefront.
And some photos of me doing his feet when he had just started.
You notice that there are no photos taken while he was playing the game. But that's to be expected. Guys can't take photos and game at the same time. It's a matter of too many enemies and too few lives. Also I wasn't sniffing his foot. It's the timing of the photo - I'm not that weird.

Oh and just in case you're curious, I'm using the Manicare Corn Plane to remove excessively hard skin, but I also like to use the Scholl Velvet Smooth™ Express Pedi with Diamond Crystals to file the hard skin off James' heels. It's like a painless epilator for hard skin! 
(Via Giphy).

In Pokémon lingo, it's super effective. Oh and for the record - I've only applied face masks onto James' face - never makeup. I can hardly be bothered to put makeup onto my own face. Don't see why James should be afforded with the luxury.

#3 Shopping.

Guys are very susceptible when they are gaming. It's the best time to ask for their opinion on whether you should buy something or not. HOW DO YOU THINK I managed to get away with an entire shipment of tea towels? I asked when James was gaming.
What? They were on sale and the pound is incredibly low now. I'm actually being very economical by buying so many items at once. Anyway, the important thing is, I asked for permission and James said okay.
No, I didn't cause him to be killed by antoine_pinto.

Anyway, I only bought household items like tea towels and placemats. But, can you just see the potential!
(Via Giphy).

Don't be myopic - the possibilities are endless, the sky is your (credit card) limit!

#4 Your own things.

I know, I know. Sometimes you feel like a cat and you just want to get in the way of people. But you can't possibly do that all the time - it's unlikely that you're as likeable, or cute as a cat.
(Via Giphy).

Keeping your guy away from video games will not do you any good. Because while you can get arrested for dumping your cat - you can't get arrested for dumping your girlfriend.

So while many girls try their hardest to escape the clutches of annoying guys, others like to you know, keep what we have and maintain status quo because have you seen the rest of the guys available?! THEY ARE HORRIBLE.
(Via someecards).

So while your significant other is off shooting stormtroopers and exploring galaxies, why don't you spend this time to do your own things that you can't normally do when your significant other is in the way. Like you know, eat all the chocolate in the house by yourself, stalk irritating people on Facebook without judgement, and, my personal favourite, sleep on his side of the bed.
Or take up the whole bed. The photos I have of me sleeping on James' side of the bed are even more unglam than the ones above. I swear I look like a hypothetical explosion on the set of Sesame Street.

#5 Play the game.

So actually I have to admit, while some games annoy me, others are quite fun and I don't mind playing them.

My latest favourite is Batman: Arkham Knight on PSVR.
Yes, and I would like to point out that if you look closely, you can tell that we have no blinds. However, we have a PSVR. Clearly, our priorities are in the right place.

Anyway, back to Batman! It takes a little while to figure out the game, but once you get going it's pretty fun! And you look cooler as compared to when you play other non-VR games. Like whatever it is I'm playing here.
Okay and now I've come to the end of my post. Sorry! I know I'm slightly behind and this has been a very brief one BUT my mother in law has come to stay for three weeks, everything is exploding at work, and also some people are making my life terrible. (But not James. He is good).

Okay and here's a good song to help you and me deal with the midweek blues.

❤ Jac.

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