Monday, June 05, 2017

I tried the D.

Hello guys! So you know what they say about how girls and the D, right? (Via Imgur ). Yeah. So I've never really been very kee...

Hello guys!

So you know what they say about how girls and the D, right?
(Via Imgur).

Yeah. So I've never really been very keen on the D. At all. Just thinking about it puts me off. But I finally caved in last week and had some.
Durian la. What were you thinking about? Anyway, I've never liked durian. At all. The smell is horrible and that's more than enough to put me off the taste. My dad said that I tried some as a baby and I loved it. I think he was lying. Durian is like...bleah.
(Via Giphy).

Anyway, I've always stayed away from this pungent fruit. Until of course, last week, when James' friend David came over to stay! We brought him to many places. Which included but is not limited to...Fort Canning.
Gardens By The Bay.
Marina Barrage.
Marina Bay Sands.
and Chinatown.
And in Chinatown we passed this stall selling durian.
(Via Trip Advisor).

And I hate durian. But David didn't. He had some the previous time he was in South East Asia and he didn't mind it. And he wanted to have more this time round. He's mad. I think it must be the heat. It causes angmohs to make slightly irrational decisions. Which is fine. Angmohs are free to do whatever nonsense things they want to do. The problem was, that David didn't want to eat durian alone, and James blankly refused to have any durian because he already had his fair share of irrational what with him marrying me.
And I couldn't let David leave Singapore without eating durian. I, for one, know how it can feel when you're not allowed to do the things that you want to do when you're on holiday (which is why I wrote in to a bungee jump place in Greece and got them to open especially for me, but that's a story for another time). So being the magnanimous person that I am, I sacrificed my health, sanity, and sense of taste and smell to ensure that David got the Singaporean experience that he wanted.
From left to right: David who is happy that he has company to eat durian with, me who is unhappy as I have to eat durian, and James who is happy that he does not have to eat durian.

So David really enjoyed his durian. I mean, he did describe it as "clotted cream, lots of sugar, probably quite old eggs", and a bit "sulphurous", "sort of the taste you get around volcanic vents". But that may just be the heat stroke talking.
I, on the other hand, had a terrible time eating the durian.
I don't know how people can eat durian! Like, do you not have any taste buds at all?! Anyway, I have reconfirmed my dislike of durian. You know those people who say that they don't like the smell of durian but don't mind the taste? Yeah I am not one of those people. Durian is terrible. Both the smell and taste. Ugh.
Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I made a great sacrifice so that James wouldn't have to eat durian with David, and so James should reward me with a gift of some kind. Like you know, some plush organs to replace my durian-destroyed ones.

But if that's a bit too frivolous, then I would make do with a holiday to Madagascar. I'm not demanding. And now I would like to end with a photo of me and David and some durians. 
I was going to say that James is not in the photo because it's for winners only. But honestly, I think he won this one. Also please note that I only had one seed. David quite happily finished the rest of the durian by himself.

And also some Singapore song because I did my patriotic duty of showing our friend around Singapore and eating what some consider our national fruit. (Those people are wrong by the way).

It's no National Night but you know, still not bad. Okay till next time guys. (Also I know I'm one blog post behind but you know, people busy la).

❤ Jac.

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