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#adulting: Said yes to the dress!

Hello guys! So, as you might know, James and I got married a few weeks ago! It was awesome, we had a great time (and we think our guests ...

Hello guys!

So, as you might know, James and I got married a few weeks ago!
It was awesome, we had a great time (and we think our guests did too)! Anyway, this was my dress.
As in, what I'm wearing. The person next to me is my husband, not my dress. And I know many people who are getting married this year (4 people in my department alone!) and from what I've heard, dress shopping is a pain.

I was told, that the dress shopping process is terrible. It is tedious, long-drawn, and expensive. There's the flitting from boutique to boutique, the trying on of multiple dresses and not being sure of the one you like, and getting harassed by so many sales people that you'd think you were at an insurance agent convention. And at the end of the day (or many days), you eventually find a dress you sort of like, and you get it altered to fit you. But you're not sure. But it's the best you've tried on so far. So you pay for it, wear it for your wedding, AND THEN GIVE IT BACK. Seriously - all the time and effort you put in and you don't even get to keep the dress. 
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Why would anyone even want to wear a dress on their wedding day when you have to go through all this trouble is beyond me. Which is why this isn't what I did at all. So today, Jac will impart some wisdom on how she got her not too expensive wedding gown in under 30 minutes.

#1 Do your research.

Before I got engaged, I had no clue about weddings, gowns, rings, and what have you. James had a difficult time proposing. "You never dropped hints on what ring you wanted". Obviously not. With my derailed thoughts and unstable personality, I thought I was destined to be a spinster for life.
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So after I got my ring (my second one, I ate the first), I started doing research on gowns. And bloody hell. There are SO MANY GOWNS. And everything I saw locally was either so very expensive, or so very ugly. Sorry, not going fork out thousands just for a dress that I can only wear for a few hours.
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So I started looking overseas! And I found that this American boutique called "David's Bridal" which carried a wide range of dresses, both obiang and not obiang. The boutique also exclusively carried the line, "White by Vera Wang". And I do not know much about wedding gowns. But even I, have heard of Vera Wang. 
"I am proud to bring my designs to more women everywhere through the White by Vera Wang collection." 
- Vera Wang.
So it's an exclusive collection that Vera Wang has produced in collaboration with David's Bridal. Read: Vera Wang for poor people like myself. Anyway, the dresses, considering the prices in Singapore, were SO VERY CHEAP. No really. Just go in and look at the prices. I have sneakers which cost more than some of the gowns. Look at this White by Vera Wang gown. $249.99! Significantly less than the trade-in value of my phone!!!

#2 Try it on.

But, I thought it would be a bit risky to buy a dress without trying it on beforehand. I mean, what size should I buy? This is not Forever 21. I don't know my size for these gown things. And also, how can I be sure of the quality if I don't like accidentally break the zipper in the changing room before hand? And I know many people say "Oh Taobao is so cheap! Just Taobao and alter." WELL. Have you seen the dresses that have been coming from online China?

No way in hell that can be altered. But, because I have an obsessive personality, I started looking for David's Bridal boutiques overseas, and I found one in London! Which was great! One of the good things about marrying a British guy — you're bound to go to London sometime during the year.
Us in London in September last year.

So I decided to try the dress on in London, before committing to anything. 

#3 Be decisive.

Anyway, James and I went gown shopping at David's Bridal's Westfield outlet in London. I thought I would take about an hour to select a dress, if at all. James was not so confident. He was mortified by the number of dresses in the store. He thought we would be staying there till closing.
This is my husband.

NOTE: Okay I know that some people like to try on every single dress that they see before the come to a decision on their dress. However, this blog post is on buying a dress in 30 minutes. If you want to do that, you do not have time to put yourself into every dress in the store. Really. 

Anyway, the saleswoman was very friendly and helpful. She tried her very best to determine what kind of style I liked.
Saleswoman, "What kind of dress are you looking for?"
Me, "I'm not sure. A white one."
Saleswoman, "Are there any design features that you would like on your dress?"
Me, "No not particularly, I'm not sure."
Saleswoman, "It's okay honey, we'll do this together."
And then the saleswoman started showing me lots and lots of dresses. 
(Via Brides).
Saleswoman, "This one is very pretty... there's very nice lace detail."
Me, "Oh, I'm not really into things with sleeves."
Saleswoman, "Okay great! Strapless then! How about this one?"
Me, "I don't really fancy the poofy skirt."
Saleswoman, "Okay more streamlined then. How about this one?"
Me, "I don't think the bling is really me."
And so on. No sleeves, no multiple cupcake layers, no bling, no long train, no pearls, no gauze, no don't know how many polite ways I had to come up with to replace my default reply of, "I don't like this".
Saleswoman, "This one is really simple! How about it?"
Me, "I don't really get the ribbon."
Saleswoman, "WOW. You want it REALLY simple."
In the end, there was only 3 choices for me to choose from. Well, I chose 1, but the nice saleswoman persuaded me to try on another gown which came with a belt thing, and this other one with the strappy bits and ribbon. But only because she said I could remove the ribbon and hide the strappy bits.
(Via David's Bridal, as in the one on the left. The one on the right is me with 20 million clips down my back to prevent the dress from falling off.)

But, it didn't feel right. I preferred the first dress I tried on. So in summary, I bought the first dress I tried! Which is you know, this one.
Not bad for a 30 minute purchase if I do say so myself.

#4 Buy overseas.

So, how much did my gown cost? Slightly less than £400. And that's before you claim VAT. Sadly, I wasn't able to do that because they didn't have my size in stock (because I chose something that was off-season and on sale) and so we had to get my dress shipped in from the States. But still, not bad la hor?
Yes, my Vera Wang gown which cost less than £400. Singapore is very expensive when it comes to weddings, gowns, and what have you. Go overseas to get everything. It's waaaaay cheaper.

ALSO. I was quite lucky as I didn't have to alter my gown. That saved us around $300! I haven't heard of anyone who didn't have to have their gowns altered, so I was really pleased that it fit so perfectly. Because now I can say Bride Wars things like...
(Via Giphy).

#5 Don't look back.

I know people who have bought multiple dresses online (my sister included), had multiple alterations done to their dresses, spent a fortune on a dress which they have to return after 3 hours, or all of the above. But, my advice is, once you get the dress. Just, you know, move on to planning the next part of your wedding. In the end, it's just a dress, and you'll probably be prettier than everyone else there anyway. Unless you decide to pull a bridezilla, that is.
(Via Giphy).

And yes, that's basically the story of how I got my wedding gown - with lots of patience for online research and with very little patience for dress embellishments. Hopefully, your dress shopping escapades (if you intend to have one) will be as unadventurous as mine (if you are the sort who likes hassle free shopping).

Okay and to end off, here's one of the many good songs that we played at our wedding.

TGIF! Have a good weekend guys!
❤ Jac.

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