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The #AngMohAsian Wedding Party.

Hey guys! Sorry for being two blog posts behind, but I have been seriously busy. Since I last posted I have: Had a wedding party Chan...

Hey guys!

Sorry for being two blog posts behind, but I have been seriously busy. Since I last posted I have:
  • Had a wedding party
  • Changed my job 
  • Went to Melbourne for a wedding (not ours)
Us at the Sandringham Yacht Club for Alex and Celia's wedding, the only wedding that I've ever been allowed to wear shades at.

So my tardiness in putting up blog posts is legit! Anyway, let me elaborate item one on my list of causes for my tardiness. As I was explaining some time earlier, James and I got legally married or "solemnised" last year, but it was a casual affair below our apartment with like, 7.5 people if you include my nephew.
I heard it's a thing to do an OOTD of your wedding. So on Jac - Forever 21 white lace tank dress $19, and 5 hair pins, model's own. On James - shirt and trousers from Malaysia.

Because James' family wasn't able to attend our legal paperwork ceremony, we thought we would hold a separate one overseas, where both our families would fly down to. But we thought hey! We might as well hold our dream wedding in Singapore and get all our friends down.

And so we did. And here's how we did it.

#1 Type of party.

We are old. And in our years of growing up, we have attended our fair share of weddings. Some were fun, others were not so. But you know, all of them had more or less the same idea behind them - make it a bit fancy, feed people with good food.
(Via Buzzfeed).

Well, James and I, we are not foodies. We are alcoholics. We don't like to dress up, we like to dress down. I, especially, like to walk around in what I understand is considered as "super-short-shorts". I can't help it - I buy whatever length of shorts they stock in Forever 21. Forever 21 is life.
(Via Engadget).

So that's what James and I decided to do! Throw a wedding party that played to our strengths - alcohol and casual clothes. I mean, we clearly do it so well.

#2 Location.

From what we understand, weddings are usually held at fancy places like a fancy hotel or a fancy restaurant. Well, we didn't want our wedding party to be too unconventional, so we held it at Hopscotch, a bar with fancy cocktails.
(Note: bar with fancy cocktails, not fancy bar with cocktails).

We chanced Hopscotch one Saturday afternoon after wandering around the URA City Gallery (we are so cool) and deciding that our day would only be complete if we had a few drinks. So we Googled "bars near me", and found Hopscotch - a bar that I've always wanted to try, but never got around to. Like the Mad Men television series, my 5 x 5 Rubik's cube, and also all my Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes save Naked 2.

James and I love cocktails. And we finished half the menu on our first trip there. What? The cocktails were delicious and it was Happy Hour! We weren't going to waste our 1-for-1! It took us 2 trips to complete the menu.
And we kept going back because the bar isn't pretentious, the cocktails are good, and the staff are very friendly. And also because they released a new menu and we had to complete that too. So yes, it's our favourite bar!  OH. And they serve you these awesome corn chips. They are amazing.

#3 Drinks.

Sometimes we go to weddings and we're like "Where's my alcohol?" So we wanted to make sure that everyone had lots of alcohol to drink, because alcohol is fun and also drunk people have bad judgement and so they wouldn't be able to tell if our party sucked or not.
(Via Giphy).

So Hopscotch was wonderful. They arranged a tasting session for us to craft unique cocktails based on our personalities and preferences. We got to choose the colour and everything! We were very excited.
Jo being very serious and professional while coming up with good custom cocktails during our tasting.
Us taking our tasting very seriously.

We even got to name them! Mine was called "Jac-Pot" - yellow with rum, chocolate bitters, elderflower air, lychee pearl, yuzu and chambord float.
James' was called "Smurfgasm" - blue with gin, tropical blue, citrus, aloe vera, dehydrated orange, sour plum, and pandan sour plum jelly.
We don't really know what each ingredient did for the drink, nor did we recognise everything that went into each drink, but hey! The drinks were delicious. And! According to Ness, very potent. And also according to a very drunk Thad, mine was better 😃.

#4 Cake.

James and I have always been upset that the cakes we often get at Chinese weddings are like, none at all. Until recently, I had assumed that my bride and groom friends were all bad at planning and just you know, underestimated the amount of cake needed to feed all their guests. Then I found out last year that, THE CAKE IS USUALLY FAKE.
(Via Giphy).

TMD. CHEAT MY FEELINGS. Do you know how many times I have waited expectantly for cake only to be served bobochacha or orh nee? (Mango pudding and mango sago pomelo is okay).

So for our wedding party, we decided to serve REAL CAKE.
Top tier - Red velvet with cream cheese filing. 
Bottom tier - Chocolate sponge cake with kinder bueno cream & bits. Decorated with kinder bueno schokobon crispy, gold leaves, gold flakes and gold pearls.

And the cake was great. Apparently. James and I didn't get to try any. But we believe that it was good because lots of people asked us where we got the "best cake ever". The answer is The Cakerie Club, and I found them on Google. Check out their Facebook and Instagram feed! They have lots of cool creations!

Sian I'm so sad that I didn't get to try any. Next excuse I get I'm totally going to order myself a Kinder Bueno cake.

#5 Decorations.

So we weren't going to have any decorations until Jo told us that we could do up the whole place in any manner we wanted. So um, I found some balloons and decided that they would do nicely. Both of us got a shock when we reached Hopscotch on the day itself. By that time, I had forgotten what I had ordered the week before, and James well, let's just say he wasn't expecting whatever it was that I had ordered. For example, a giant T Rex balloon.
What?! It was an awesome dinosaur. Everyone loved it, especially after drinking a few. 
We also had other more generic decorations, like some champagne bottles and beer mugs.
But you know, nothing beats the T Rex. Not even this obiang double happiness balloon which I personally inflated using the air from my lungs. What?!  We are very traditional people.
Okay and that's in essence what our party was like. We hope everyone had a good time! We're really sorry that we didn't manage to spend enough time with everyone. We thought that having a wedding party would be different from a sit-down dinner in a sense that we would have time to talk to each and every one of our guests. But we were wrong. No okay. All parties are busy affairs. No such thing as being free to socialise with each group of friends properly.
Me socialising with Smith.

STILL. We are very happy made the time to come down despite the rain, Coldplay concert, and potential nap that you could have taken. Also thank you for the wedding gifts and hongbaos. We were a bit paiseh because uh, drinks and cake only. But we really appreciate the gesture, and hope you drank your fill!
Also kudos to Edwina who brought her daughter, and also her other baby that is still inside her. Like seriously this woman is unstoppable. (And thank you for coming out to socialise Zel).
And I would also like to thank my good friends who automatically came up to help me distribute the cake. A+ SCHOLARS ALL OF YOU.
Also many thanks to Ahmad (extreme left) for taking the photos for us. Please guys, if you need someone to take photos for your event. Get Ahmad Iskandar to take your photos. He's very fast in processing and come on la, his photos are amazing.
And, James and I would like to thank the Jo and the team at Hopscotch for hosting us and meeting our very alcoholic demands. It was a great night.
And on a more sombre note, under the Heritage@Maxwell initiative, the Ministry of Law is taking over the Red Dot Traffic building, painting it white, and turning it into a serious non-alcoholic premise. 

TL;DR - Hopscotch is moving out of Red Dot. It's extremely sad. But! They will be holding their closing down party this Saturday and it will be a blast!
There's going to be music, a photo booth, and lots of alcohol so it will surely be fun! More details on their Facebook event page!

Okay anyway, I will now end off with a good song which we should have played at our wedding party.

Have a good rest of the week! Good Friday is coming! Rejoice!
❤ Jac.

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