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#Adulting: The Next-Gen Auntie.

Hey guys! So as you know, I'm old. I have a house, a husband, a long service award, I sleep a lot, and I also can talk about my horr...

Hey guys!

So as you know, I'm old. I have a house, a husband, a long service award, I sleep a lot, and I also can talk about my horrific teenage years. Oh also, I tend to repeat myself a lot. I'M THAT OLD.
Nothing new - just me sleeping in the middle of the day.

Also with age comes auntism (pronounced ahn-tee-ee-zm). And I'm quite auntie these days. But WAIT. Before you start imagining me with curled orangey hair and wearing some obiang flowery tent and haggling with the chicken seller over the price of this not so fresh piece of chicken, I need to clarify, that I'm not that kind of auntie.
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Instead, I represent a new breed of aunties that will revolutionise the world. I don't take tupperwares to dabao all the leftover food from the buffet line, I don't go to Genting Highlands regularly to make use of the free stays that come with my casino membership, and I don't fight with other aunties over the freshest piece of fish in the market.

I like my food and shopping delivered to me, I don't like going to the same city repeatedly just to earn free stays, and I would rather hide in my bed than go out to fight over the what's left in the market. However, I, like all the other aunties out there, share the exact same traits - competitive, kiasu, savvy when it comes to finding cheap alternative for things I want. I am, THE NEXT-GEN AUNTIE.
And let me tell you what that entails.

#1 Delivery.

Okay guys, I know what you are thinking. "How can you be auntie if you insist on delivery?" I am a next-gen auntie. Aunties of the next generation, like myself, do not want to fight for the freshest items in the market, and are too poor to hire a maid who is skilled in the art of choosing vegetables. Enter Redmart and Honestbee. Now! There are people to choose your groceries for you! 
(Via Redmart).

And the food is guaranteed fresh for a certain number of days or you get your money back. It's great! 
(Via Honestbee).

The difference between Redmart and Honestbee is that Redmart packs your stuff at its warehouse while Honestbee gets personal shoppers to go down to NTUC to buy your items on the spot. So you will get all the items you order off Redmart, but you may not get all the items you order from Honestbee. 

And you know what Redmart has that Honestbee doesn't? This cool feature which tells you how much weight you've saved yourself from carrying! I really appreciate it ok!
Most of this is Coke Light.

However, Honestbee shoppers do recommend substitutes for items that are out of stock, so it's still good and more convenient than going down to the shops by yourself. It's especially good for getting important items that you missed out on an earlier trip.

Also the lead time needed for Honestbee is much shorter. Like yesterday, I was too lazy to go down and buy vegetables to cook. So I got Honestbee to do it for me. My stuff came in an hour! 
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Fresh food without the effort? Auntie-ism at it's best. "But Jac, you must still pay for concierge and delivery." Well guys, this is where COUPONING comes in.

#2 Couponing. 

Have you watched extreme couponing? It's insane. You watch these people pile tonnes of stuff into your shopping cart and miraculously, pay peanuts for like thousands of dollars worth of goods at the checkout counter.
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I can't do this. I don't have the patience nor the strength to cart $1000 worth of groceries around. But I recognise the savings that you can get with coupons. So before I check out my cart from Amazon, Forever 21, Lazada, Shopbop, ASOS, Book Depository, Redmart, Honestbee, Vpost or what have you, I spend a good 15 minutes Googling for promotional codes that I can possibly use with my purchase. And I try them all too.
(Via Metro).

What?! I can save loads in the long run. I am also even auntie enough to split my shipments from Vpost so as not in incur GST, and use my 15% coupon on the more expensive shipment. And why, yes. I buy lots of things from the US. My most recent shipment contained a laundry basket, magnetic window cleaners and a cotton bud dispenser because my cotton buds did not seem to be organised very well.
And if you were wondering, shipments above SGD$400 are liable for GST. So wisen up!

#3 Credit Cards

So yes, I know lots of aunties have credit cards. This bank gives you a free luggage bag, that one also gives you a free luggage bag, so you sign up for both and get 2 free luggage bags because you can. You know the drill. The more luggage bags the better.
But next-gen aunties do not see the need for accumulating so many luggage cases. Us next-gen aunties are a bit more discerning in our luggage choices. Who wants a boring grey case when you can get a black or navy blue not at all boring looking cases?
James and our extremely stylish travel cases.

The new-age auntie doesn't sign up for credit cards to get the free gifts. Instead she signs up for the cards that the most rebates and discounts that benefit her. So instead of casting a wide net by having tonnes of credit cards and hoping to snag deals every time you pass a shop, us new-age aunties get credit cards based on which cards can get us the most privileges at the places we frequent. For example, my very auntie POSB Everyday card gets me additional rebates at Watsons' and sometimes also discount fares for Cathay Pacific (oneworld alliance, so I still get points with Qatar).

Recently, James got a OCBC 365 card because we eat at Paradise Group restaurants up to twice a week (Canton Paradise for dim sum and The Legend of Xiao Long Bao for, well, XLB) and they have good rebates for OCBC card members, who can also use the $10 return voucher for every $50 spent.
(Via OCBC).

And also we have an OCBC 360 account which gives you an additional 0.5% interest per annum when you spend at least $500 on your credit card per month. So yes, James now has an additional credit card because he is unable to escape my auntiness.

Oh an by the way, you may want to visit Maybank or ANZ in case you are interested in gettting free luggage cases.

#4 Frequent Flyer miles.

Speaking of luggages bags and travelling, I am very auntie and supportive when it comes to frequent flyer programmes. Ever since James introduced me to Qatar's Privilege Club programme, I've been hooked. I now refuse to fly any airline that doesn't allow me to collect miles with Qatar (unless the flights are free of course, then different story).
Our efforts are paying off! We managed to upgrade ourselves to business class on our flights back from Norway last year, and at the end of the month, we are flying to Greece on round trip business class tickets booked purely with miles (and $200 for airport tax). We're very excited!
So now, all our long haul flights are made on Qatar, and the rest are made on oneworld alliance members like Malaysian Airlines or Cathay. If we can help it. James sometimes flies Star Alliance for work so we're using his miles to attend our friends' wedding in Melbourne next week. Damn it - all the miles we could have gotten if we fly by Qantas (oneworld). #firstworldproblems

So yes, unlike aunties who go with tour packages and the cheapest airline there is, the next-gen auntie chooses an airline and sticks with it in order to enjoy the maximum benefits that come with the airline's frequent flyer programme.

#5 Loyalty programmes.

On the topic of getting additional perks, I am signed on to many of loyalty programmes - not because I want to get free one-time sign up offers, but because of the benefits I get from my continued support of the programmes. Unlike regular aunties who just cast a wide net and sign up for all loyalty programmes in hopes of getting lots of freebies, next-gen aunties are more discerning in signing up for programmes because we don't like getting spam.
(Via Giphy).

My favourite programme at the moment is the Rewards Club. They have a virtual stamp card which works exactly like the ones you used to be able to find at bubble tea outlets.
And it works exactly the same way. Every 10 nights you book on gets you a free night worth the average price of the 10 nights collected! It's great. We started using it last September and we've already redeemed 2 nights, one of which was used on Hotel Gracery in Shinjuku, Tokyo!
You also get access to secret prices for hotels, which is handy when you want to save money. There are also different membership tiers, and the higher your tier, the better the secret prices, and customer service. James and I are currently Silver members and so we have a special customer service number to call if we need help with our bookings. It's great! (Yes James, I have called them several times). We need 5 more nights to get to Gold, and next-gen auntie me can't wait.
(Via Giphy).

Another loyalty programme that I subscribe to is Club La Senza.
You get 10% off year round and 50% off regular prices during your birthday month. IT'S GREAT. Do you know how expensive bras are? And do you know how wonderful it is to buy like armfuls of bras and hear, "That will be $150 ma'am." Fuck, only $150? Let me buy 20 more.
(Via Giphy).

And the last loyalty programme that I am a fan of is the TANGS membership. You can get 12% rebate on your purchases on certain days of the year (on a quarterly basis if my calculations are correct), and I use this time to stock up on makeup and skincare products and more recently, household items. James and I used the rebates I got to get a simplehuman bin. It's very nice and shiny. It's great!

Yes so anyway, limited but effective selection of loyalty programmes is the next-gen auntie's way to go.

#6 Cashback.

This is a very auntie thing that I discovered very recently, but it's really effective in helping you get cash rebates as you shop online.
(Via Shopback).

It's called ShopBack! So if you make purchases via the the links to online merchants on ShopBack, ShopBack rewards you with a percentage of your purchase in CASH. It's really good! How it works is that ShopBack gets commission for listing these merchants on their website, and you get a portion of this commission if you click through from the ShopBack website. I started in October last year and I've already earned just over $200!
It's quite easy to earn rebates (for me) because I do lots of online shopping and ShopBack has most of my go to stores including Forever 21, ASOS, Nike, and Lazada. Just not Redmart, Amazon, and Etsy from what I remember offhand.

if you plan it right. ShopBack has days when you get additional cashback, or if you use VISA cards.
And the payout process is very simple and no hassle at all! You just enter your bank details and the money gets transferred straight into you account. AND, the minimum amount for pay out is $10. Which is very easily achievable, considering you get $5 upon signing up and $5 for every friend you refer.

The best cashback I've gotten so far is $27 from a booking. I also got $8 from a booking with Qatar. You see how I got all my auntie programmes all stack up? #SWAG.
(Via Giphy).

#7 Bonus Interest.

So the last thing that I'm very auntie about is getting bonus interest with our savings account. James and I are on the OCBC 360 savings account which gives us a base interest rate of 0.05%. BUT, if you play it right your bank account can earn up to 3.25% per annum.
(Via OCBC).

So James and I are trying to play our cards right so that we can get AS MUCH INTEREST AS POSSIBLE. We want to make it such that the only reason we need to work so that our salary will get us an additional 1.2% per annum with OCBC (and of course job fulfilment, meaning to life and all that crap).
(Via Giphy).

Okay guys! So I've come to the end of my list. And in pure next-gen auntie style, please use my referral links to get rebates and/or cash if you are interested in using Honestbee, Shopback, Ubereats (code: eats-jacquelinew3009ue), or Deliveroo ok!

And now I will leave you with a good song about next-gen aunties.

Actually I wanted to put Meja's All 'Bout the Money or ABBA's Money, Money, Money, but I decided not to be so old. TGIF guys!

❤ Jac.

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