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Hello guys! So I'm sure you are a bit sceptical because I'm posting about Valentine's Day. Different people have very differen...

Hello guys!

So I'm sure you are a bit sceptical because I'm posting about Valentine's Day. Different people have very different opinions on Valentine's Day. Some righteous people think that it's a scam to get you to buy things, and others feel that it's a romantic celebration of love.
(Via Gurl).

Ugh. Whatever. My stand is, who cares about the rationale behind holidays? I am supportive of all occasions where I can potentially receive presents.

Yes, I'm mature like that. Anyway, so this is what James and I did on Valentine's Day. We both woke up early and did the very traditional thing of making toasts to our relationship.
What? We're not alcoholics, it would not be appropriate to down champagne on an empty stomach just before going to work.

Also, speaking of work, I know lots of people surprise others with flower deliveries on Valentine's Day. But come on guys, flowers are very passé. So I sent James a surprise balloon delivery at work.
I think it is a wonderful surprise which really brightened up James' work day and work desk. I knew that James would be really excited to bring the balloons home, so I met him after work to capture his delight. Just look at the intense joy on his face.
Oops, wrong photo. He was actually very pleased with the balloons. It just so happened that this photo was taken when I asked to borrow his balloons to pose for an atas photo of me walking my "pets".
It was difficult, but eventually it was done.
Anyway, we walked to the bus stop with not that much trouble (for me, at least). I mean we did run into the regional HR and finance managers in James' company on the way there, but I'm sure their glances towards us were more of jealousy than judgement.
I think James was happiest when were taking the bus home.
Especially when we had to make our way off the bus.
Anyway guys, I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! Also I think that I'm running out of embarrassing gift ideas for James after my pet balloon bouquet and my Stormtrooper incident. So anyone has any bright ideas please feel free to contribute :)

❤ Jac.

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  1. That toast is very creative. Did you hand burn it or what. LOL.

    1. HAHA no la. I bought a toaster with our faces on a stencil! (more to come)