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How to grow hair and turn into a werewolf.

Hello guys! OMG. I'm so happy that I finally have a post that is not related to my #adulting life. Truly, being an adult is a tediou...

Hello guys!

OMG. I'm so happy that I finally have a post that is not related to my #adulting life. Truly, being an adult is a tedious thing. You don't get any time off and you have to do responsible stuff all the time. Like choosing taps. WTF I thought taps were all the same. Suddenly I have to choose them?
Wouldn't have mattered what taps we chose/didn't choose anyway. We're currently living the #notaplife.

But I digress, This post is about a totally different issue. It is about ageing and hair loss, or hair gain rather. You know, I thought it would be timely in the light of Beauty and the Beast and stuff. And before you dismiss my hair gain story, I promise you, it's good. Anyway, here goes - Jac teaches you...
(Or how to grow hair).

So I have never been that girl with the luscious slutty hair. You know the kind. The thick and silky kind that falls into it's messy place after a head flip. OMG. I've always wanted to have slutty hair.
(Via Giphy).

Sadly, I do not have such hair. Instead I have not so thick hair which I arrange strategically so that I don't look like I'm balding. It's why I pin my hair up - to ensure that each strand of hair is secured in it's own strategic place to create the illusion that I have lots of hair.
And topped off with a pair of shades to hide any possible bald patches!

And my hair has always been like this. So I complained to Ang Moh James a couple of times about my lack of hair, but he didn't really take notice. And I don't blame him, really. I mean, sometimes I say I am fat, other times I say my hair is thin. Like, what gives right?

Until, one day when I went to James' hair salon to wait for him to finish his hair cut. His hairdresser saw me, and immediately went, "Girl, you have very little hair." Thanks ah. Nice to meet you also.

Then the hairdresser started giving me lots of advice on how to grow more hair on my head - cut my hair, stop dying it, go for treatment...dude, I have heard this all before. I was born with this amount of hair on my head. Long or short, doesn't matter.
(Via Giphy).

After hearing these very blunt comments, James started taking my hair woes seriously and did lots of research for solutions to thicken my hair. He combed (haha) through beauty forums, review sites and medical portals and found this product called Rogaine, or Regaine as they sell it in Singapore. All the sites and forums had marvellous reviews of the product, which boasted that results in 3 months.

So we went to get 3 months' supply of Regaine, which is essentially equivalent to 3 bottles. This was very useful because Watsons' had a bundle discount for 3 bottles - $199 instead of $300 or something similar.
James said to apply once in the morning, one in the evening. Okay I could do that.

Okay but let's move away from December and move on to February festivities. I had just touched up my wonderful blue locks before Chinese New Year and had just come out of the shower when I noticed that my forehead had dark splotches on it. Damn it, my hair dye had stained my forehead. So I got out some makeup remover to wipe it off. And it didn't come off. 4 cotton pads later, I gave up. TMD, what kind of powerful hair dye do they use in Next?!
Then I looked closely at my dark whiteboard marker like stains on my forehead and realised that GOOD LORD, I HAD PATCHES OF HAIR SPROUTING OUT OF MY FOREHEAD. I kid you not. GPGT.
CAN YOU SEE IT?! The advancing hairline and the patch of hair growth over my eyebrow? I'm not a werewolf. I promise you that this wasn't here last month. These patches are here because I apply my facial products and makeup without washing my hands after applying Regaine, inadvertently smearing Regaine over my temples and taking contouring to another level. You apply bronzer to appear sculpted? I grow hair to achieve that effect bitches.
So yes, while many people can claim that hair growth products work due to experience, discerning readers will always be sceptical for a plethora of reasons - placebo, paid advertorials, delusional. But I tell you, I did not fucking grow hair on my forehead by intention. I spend a fortune getting myself IPL-ed, why would I want to grow forehead hair?!

Also this discovery also explains why my previous brow threading session at Browhaus hurt like a bitch. I have grown so much more hair. Gah. Also James says that my hair looks darker because my scalp isn't so obvious now. A good sign I guess.
The most recent photo of the top of my head, taken over our drunken weekend.

Also before you go running off to buy Regaine to fill in your bald patches, James (my researcher) cautioned that Regaine only works on existing hair follicles by helping to strengthen the existing hairs and encouraging them to grow. So like if you are completely bald, then maybe you can't be so hopeful on results. But you know, you can always try. Just you know, try to put all the product on your head and not wipe them all over the rest of your face like I did.

Anyway, here's a video for you. You know, in the spirit of hairy beasts and beauties.

Happy hair growing guys!
❤ Jac.

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