Friday, February 03, 2017

#adulting: How to host a Chinese New Year party.

Hello guys! Okay so this year Ang Moh James and I hosted my family for Chinese New Year. I mean like, new year, new house, why not right...

Hello guys!

Okay so this year Ang Moh James and I hosted my family for Chinese New Year. I mean like, new year, new house, why not right? It was awesome, mostly because we were wonderful hosts. So if you're wondering how to be great hosts like James and I for Chinese New Year, you're in luck! Because I now know how to throw an awesome Chinese New Year bash!
This was last year. We forgot to take a couple photo at our wonderful bash as we were having too much fun. TMD. I must remember to take a photo before the 15 days of CNY are up.

#1 Entertainment.

You have to find a way to entertain your guests. In many houses, it's all about gambling or the television. Very passé and boring, unlike what James and I did! James and I provided world class entertainment - we arranged the boxes from our move into a maze/fort for my nephew to run around in!
And when I said "we", I was mainly referring to James. But you know, marriage is a team effort or so I've head. So his achievements are my achievements and vice versa. Quick everyone! Congratulate James the wonderful job I did of painting my nails, watching TV and eating crisps at the same time!

And yes, I smudged a nail. But only one.
Or James did. Because my downfall is also his. But I digress. As I was saying, we provided world great entertainment in the form of box structures for my nephew!

Like this wall to protect our borders from terrorists.
And also a bridge to build friendships across borders.
Please note that the bridge on the right is wider than the bridge on the left. You see, like friendships, bridges have to be constantly improved upon so that they are stronger and more effective.

We didn't do this for ourselves of course. It was for the benefit of our guests. Mostly for my nephew of course. He absolutely loved it.

#2 Food.

Also because Chinese New Year is largely about eating, James and I went into great lengths to plan what to serve on Chinese New Year. My sister and brother-in-law did the traditional thing of having a load of dishes for the reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve.
Not to be outdone, James and I similarly whipped up a grand selection of treat for my family.
I know, I know. You wish you were part of our family so that you would have been able to enjoy our culinary prowess.

#3 Tradition.

And of course, Chinese New Year is really about tradition and culture. So James and I worked very hard to incorporate some Chinese traditions into the festivities.
My nephew wasn't very interested. But when he grows up, he will mature and learn to appreciate all the long-standing Chinese tradition and culture. Luckily, the pineapple wasn't a waste because James very willingly rolled a pineapple into the house with me.

Yes, my voice is weird and strange in the video. I sound like a donkey with a flu who is high on cocaine. I acknowledge that. But then again, it would be unfair for me to be perfect.

So yes. In conclusion, I must admit that James and I have quite a long way to go before we can become effective hosts. But you know, we do have the excuse that we moved in 2 days before Chinese New Year, and our cooker hob and hood have yet to be connected and installed because all the contractors are still on their CNY break. But it's always good to set expectations low so that no one will ever be disappointed for future gatherings.
(Via Giphy).

Unlike my nails. I am disappointed by my nails. I had such high hopes for my nails at the beginning of the post. But now, instead of just one,  I have  James has managed to smudge 7 of them. But that's what you get when you lion dance your way through the house I guess.

❤ Jac.

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