Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Unwittingly Pantang.

Hello guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR, 恭喜發財 AND THE LIKE. I just thought I would do a quick update because I'm one post behind and you can'...

Hello guys!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, 恭喜發財 AND THE LIKE. I just thought I would do a quick update because I'm one post behind and you can't owe things over Chinese New Year apparently - money, items, Terrexes etc.
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So James and I are not the most auspicious of couples. The only information that we know about ourselves pertaining to superstition is probably our horoscope and zodiac signs. We don't know anything else, nor do we bother to check. If anything, most of what we do are flukes. Like how we chanced across this wonderful sign in Japan.
What do you say when the bus doesn't come? Gofukubashi!

But it so happens that our life decisions have been unintentionally pantang - we never planned for any of our life events to be auspicious, but they turn out quite so. Let me elaborate:

We ROMed on the 8th of August last year, which is supposedly a very auspicious date because 8/8.
Which is all well and good, but James actually chose the date because 8/8/16 is mathematically satisfying. Yes. That's what happens when you marry an engineer.

Also before Chinese New Year, it's customary to like, clean your house and rid it of all the bad and evil things. I have never done this. Until this year.
I have cleaned and packed my house. So thoroughly guys. You don't even know. But we didn't intentionally decide to spring clean for Chinese New Year, it comes with part and parcel of moving house and getting rid of all the dust from the renovations. And guys, there was lots of dust.
Also, if you're super pantang, I heard that it's good to buy new things for CNY. New things for new and good beginnings for the new year. Most broke people, myself included, usually stick to clothes. Not because I am pantang, but because I really like clothes and any reason to buy more is always welcome.
But this year, we're moving into a new house for CNY! The purchase of the house was completed in end-November, and we took over the unit mid-December. Renovation works started only in end-December and everything (except for minor bits here and there) was completed on Tuesday because all the workers are going on a 2 week break for CNY.

Just in time for us to move into our new place. HOW UNINTENTIONALLY PANTANG IS THAT? Let's just hope that our sticking to such superstitious followings translates to good luck for the new year and forever!
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Anyway, hope you guys have a great Chinese New Year. May you be able to gorge on as much bak kwa and pineapple tarts as possible but not get fat.

❤ Jac.

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