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#adulting: How to go on holiday(s).

Hey guys! So for quite some time, roboteatsgrannies, and a few others have been asking me this same question, "How do you go on so ma...

Hey guys!

So for quite some time, roboteatsgrannies, and a few others have been asking me this same question, "How do you go on so many holidays?" And the answer is simple -
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No not really. But I promised her that I'd make a blog post revealing all my sneaky holiday secrets before 2016 ended. However, as it turns out, I'm terrible at keeping my word (no I will not make any new year resolutions, go away).

Anyway, the new year has just begun and what better way to start it than packing it full of holiday plans! So here goes...

#1 Use up your leave.

So this is the most common question I get asked - "Jac, how come you have so much leave to go on holidays?" And then I ask them how many days of leave they have left and they go "2 weeks", "9 days", "11 days" or whatever.
And there's your problem. It's not that you don't have leave, it's that you're not using your leave! If you don't use up your leave, you are never going to go on many holidays. Why are you keeping your leave there? Does it collect interest in the leave bank? Do you get more leave the longer you store it and not use it? No right?
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Use your stupid leave. Go on holiday.

#2 Use your long weekends.

A few times a year, we get blessed with wonderful periods known as "long weekends". The Good Friday weekend is usually a safe long weekend bet. When this happens, GO ON HOLIDAY. It's a long weekend, why shouldn't you go and enjoy yourself?
Here's how I spent my long weekends in 2016:
I used them all except for the CNY weekend and Christmas because you know, #familytime. And you should too!

#3 Go on short holidays.

So I always tell people to go on short getaways during the long weekend and some people ask me, "3 days shiok meh?" And then they tell me how they need to take their time, take it easy, take it slow etc etc etc.
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EXCUSES. You can have a perfectly fulfilling time during short getaways.

I went to Perth. I was supposed to take the noon flight on Friday and meet James in Perth at 5 pm, and fly back on Sunday evening. My flight was delayed by 3.5 hours. I reached at 9 pm. I had a fantastic time, and I would do it again.
And many say that they can't go to Europe for a short break because they need at least two weeks there. Well, that's accurate if you want to go to multiple cities. Who says you need like 2 weeks in Norway? I went to Oslo for 5 days and I had a great time!
Anyway, if you are stubborn and insist on only going on long holidays then I'm sorry you are limited to only 1 or 2 holidays per year. Stop whining and quit asking me how to do it.

#4 Stop inviting the whole world on your holidays.

Yes, I get it. You want many people to share your hotel room or airbnb apartment because economies of scale, and strength in numbers. It'll be super fun!
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Wrong. More people = more hassle. Have you ever tried to organise dinner for a large group of people? It's so much hassle. Everyone either can't make it at the same time, wants to eat something different, and there's always this odd one out who refuses to participate in what the rest of the group is doing.
Keeping in mind the difficulties in looking for a common 2 hour slot for dinner with a group of friends, can you tell me what the probability of finding dates that everyone is free to go overseas for a short trip?
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Zero the answer is zero.

And even if you do happen to find dates that everyone is comfortable with, you end up having to ask everyone for their opinions on where to go, accommodation, flight times. STOP. There's so much hassle involved and eventually everyone just gives up and no one goes anywhere. Just up and go by yourself.
Or you can bring a butler or two along.

My point is, holidays in big groups are meant for like, I don't know, families who have to support their relative who works in a tour agency.

#5 Cling on like a koala.

Some people (not me) have the luxury of going overseas for work. When you meet someone like that, this is what you must do -
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CLING TO THEM LIKE A KOALA. This is how I managed on some of the most exciting trips last year - by attaching myself to James like a limpet.
James and I in Perth after his meetings had ended.
James and I in Shanghai after his workshop.
#selfiesofjacwithjamesworkinginthebackground in Oslo.

Of course it's not feasible to do it all the time (I missed out on a few of his trips around Asia and one to FRANCEEEE) but you know, I'm always working hard to accompany him on his trips. Because you know, I am the light of his life and his trips will be more fulfilling with me around. Also I post photos of him slaving away, which profiles him as an exemplary worker to all his colleagues on Facebook.
Okay guys! I have come to the end of my post. Sorry it's so late. Hope you have a fulfilling year of travel in 2017! Meanwhile, let me see if I can find a way to tag along on James' next trip to Bangkok.
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Meanwhile, enjoy this old time favourite from Sean Kingston, and may you go on many holidays this year!

❤ Jac.

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