Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Big 3-0 (not mine).

Hi guys! So James and I are currently bumming around the Hamad International Airport lounge in Doha because we have a 3 hour wait before o...

Hi guys!

So James and I are currently bumming around the Hamad International Airport lounge in Doha because we have a 3 hour wait before our next flight.
Yes, literally bumming around. With my trusty Coke Light of course.

We're going to Norway! (Edit: we are now in Norway. James is unpacking and I am waiting to go for lunch HUNGRY.)
It's very exciting. For me that is. The last time I was in Norway was in 2014 when Edwina and I went to Iceland. We had two 7-hour stopovers in Oslo where we ate salmon, visited Christmas markets and drank mulled wine, recaffeinated at the various hipster coffee joints, and saw one of the world's few waterfalls located within the city limits (Jurong Bird Park is not counted).
But you know, people who visit Norway show you pictures like THIS.
(Via Visit Oslo).

And not pictures of like, the train station. So I'm very happy that James is going there to work for a week. It's going to be lots of fun. For me, that is. But my happiness is James' happiness. So same same.

Anyway! I just wanted to talk about the big 3-0. It's when you turn officially old and ancient, by the way. And it's really up to you to accept that you're now just a dusty antique that's lying on the shelf/behind the cupboard/in a drain/who cares no one will find you. You get the idea.
(Via Buzzfeed).

So two of my best friends turn 30 this year!
Thad's birthday is on the 10th of October (10/10), and James' (Chinese) birthday is on the 12th of December (12/12). So we decided to hold their joint birthday celebration on the 11th of November (11/11). Yes, sometimes, things work out quite well.
(Via Giphy).

And when you are old and dusty, you need people around you who care about you enough to remind you that you are old and to stop deluding yourself into a sense of youth. Anyway, when we were in university, I saw this cake. I cannot remember how exactly the cake looked like. But it was something like these cakes here:
And in the middle of lecture I went: 

James, "I am still young. By the time I am 30, you will be old and you would have forgotten."

Right. Fat hope. Like I would forget something as exciting as this. And I'm not 30 yet. So there. Anyway, 6 years later...
James and Thad were really pleased as you probably can tell.
James, "YOUR youth. I am still young." Right.
Anyway, lots of credit goes to Moks for getting her friend to bake the cake for us! It was really well done and very reasonably priced. If you're thinking of getting a funky cake, you might want to consider looking her up at Fait Maison. Anyway, it was lots of fun and it's great knowing that no matter how old I get, these two idiots will always be older than me ❤.
Happy birthday guys! Okay, and now, back to my holiday.

❤ Jac.

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