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#madebygoogle: Pixel Tips.

Hello guys! So if you haven't already know, I'M A PROUD OWNER OF THE GOOGLE PIXEL! You can't imagine how long I've been...

Hello guys!

So if you haven't already know, I'M A PROUD OWNER OF THE GOOGLE PIXEL!

You can't imagine how long I've been waiting for this phone. I've always been a huge HTC fan. Well, I tell a lie. I was a Nokia fan until smart phones became a thing and Nokia phones just became something you wanted to throw at your worst enemy's head.

I was about to order it off Google UK's store, and wait 2 - 3 weeks for it to arrive, but HAHA. I found it on Lazada a day before it's official launch last Friday, 4 November. So I ordered it as soon as I saw it online, and it arrived on Friday, just as the Google Pixel officially launched on Lazada! I was, SO HAPPY.
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Anyway, I've been familiarising myself with the phone and here are some tips/ thoughts that I have.

#1 Sort your phone out before porting over.

Unlike other phones which require some kind of software/account/computer related mechanism to transfer all your stuff from old phone to new phone, you just have to connect your new Pixel into your old phone and everything just gets copied over automatically. It's great!
So everything was transferred onto my Pixel. Very fast, very convenient.  The thing is that my old phone is full of unsorted crap that I wasn't very keen on having in my new phone. So I had to sort my new phone out after doing the transfer. Which was quite fast because I was deleting entire folders as opposed to selected items. But, save yourself the trouble give your old phone a spring clean before connecting them up.
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#2 There's a selfie timer function.

So I don't know if you already know this, but I SUCK at taking selfies. James is always helping the both of us take selfies because I'm a total loser when it comes to that. Yes, my selfie skills are comparable to that of a T-Rex.
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But you know #independentwoman and all that, so I can't always depend on James to take my selfies for me. But HTC phones are set up such that the default mode on the front camera is set on a 2 second timer. So what I have started doing is to lean my phone against something, set my timer, and adjust myself so that I don't take too horrible a selfie.
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But this wasn't the case with the Google Pixel. I panicked a little when the front camera snapped a shot before had properly composed myself. There wasn't any lag time. THEN. I found the timer function and all is well with the world.
(Yes, that's my finger in the bottom left hand corner because I had to use my hands to take a selfie/screenshot. Which I can't do very well. At all).

Oh and YES. The camera is very good.

#3 The "Invert Colour" function is cool.

It seems totally pointless, but it's a function available when you drag down the notification shade. And since you can, WHY NOT?
Anyway, I later found out that the invert colours function is available so that it's easier to read stuff on your phone in the dark. Which is a handy thing to have, if the phone didn't also come with a Night Light option.
When you turn on the Night Light on your phone, your screen looks something like this. Like you're wearing a pair of rose-tinted shades.
Also, just in case you buy the Pixel and decide to show off your cool Invert Colours and Night Light mode to your friends, don't bother doing a screenshot okay. It'll just appear like you are spamming your friends with screenshots of your home screen. I photoshopped these. Yes. What I lack in drawing/painting/sketching I make up in PhotoShop.
In hindsight, I should have gotten blood to drip from my fingers. Oh well. Minor issue.

#4 Display your battery percentage.

When you first get your Pixel, the battery icon in the status bar only gives a pictorial indication of how much battery is left in your phone. Unless, you charge your phone. Which now with the Pixel's excellent battery life, only happens once a day. This can be very annoying for the control freaks that live within each and every one of us who need to know and monopolise every bit of information that happens to be floating around.
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In order to prevent yourself from imploding with frustration over not knowing exactly how many percent of your battery is left at one glance, swipe down your notification shade and hold the settings icon. The System UI Tuner will be unlocked as a new option in your setting menu.
And now, you can enable your inner control freak to monitor the battery percentage AT ALL TIMES. Life has never been better.
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Also, since we're talking about battery life, the battery life of a Pixel is GREAT. I charge it once a day, and my battery has yet to hit 0%. The time taken to get a full charge is like, extremely fast. I now charge my phone when I wake up, and it's done before I leave the house. It's fantastic.

#5 Turn on developer mode.

You should turn on the developer mode in your Google Pixel. Why? Because enabling developer mode makes you feel like you're in on a secret. How do you do it?

Go to Settings → About Phone → Build Number. Tap on Build Number 7 times, and you'll get the notification "You are now a developer!" And when you go back to your settings, there's a "Developer Options" item available to you!
And big whoop, what does that mean? It means that you can adjust the scales for window animation, transition animation, and animator duration. Read: your can change the speed at which your swap from one screen to another. But my advice? Don't touch it. Making is 0.5x is too fast, any anything more than one makes you want to die of impatience.
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Okay yes! I have come to the end of my list of my tips on the Google Pixel. Fantastic phone, buy it now. And now I leave you with a phone-related song.

❤ Jac.

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