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[PS4 Game Review] Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Hello guys! So you know, I sometimes go through self-inflicted crises where I question my life, my decisions, my income, etc.

Hello guys!

So you know, I sometimes go through self-inflicted crises where I question my life, my decisions, my income, etc.

And as part of the whole process I invariably start questioning my job as well. I never exactly knew I wanted to be if I wasn't doing what I have been doing since I left work. The life of a superhero is tough. Saving the world from evil can be a very strenuous and time-consuming job, and someone's gotta do it. But you know, I never had any other calling.
UNTIL NOW. Enter Uncharted 4: A Thief's End.
So recently, the wonderful people at Sony sent me a copy Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. It's about this guy, Nathan Drake, an ex-treasure hunter who comes out of retirement to team up with his long-lost brother, Sam.
Along the way, he also gets help from his former partner Sully.
And his hot wife Elena.
And it's been great! And I've now come to realise that I was born to be a treasure hunter/ adventurer. Don't laugh. It's true. Let me show you that I have the skills and qualities to be a professional hunter-gatherer. Oops I mean treasure hunter.

#1. I climb all sorts of stuff.

So what I realised as I was playing Uncharted was that, adventurers are really fit. They need to climb lots of things. Like ropes, and walls, and cliff faces.
And that is practically me. I am tough and rugged and can climb anything. Like rocks, ice walls, and also stairs.
Why, I'm so qualified at climbing that I can even climb up social ladders. My favourite type of climbing of course. I am the life of any party.
Oops wrong photo. I meant to put this.
So yes, life of any party, able to climb anything from walls to social ladders. Perfectly qualified to scale any height or obstacle that is required of an adventurer.

#2. I jump.

So I realised that as a treasure hunter, it's important that you not only know how to climb up things, buy you need to know how to jump off things as well. Like off roofs and also off steep cliffs.
Well, I LOVE JUMPING. So much so that James believes that I was a lemming in my past life. Yes. I love jumping off high places. Like off cranes and off buildings. 
But of course, nothing beats my favourite kind of jumping. Which is jumping up and down. 
Please. I got this treasure hunting gig down to a pat.

#3. I dive in Malaysia.

As a treasure hunter, it is very important to know how to dive. So that you can ransack shipwrecks for all their hidden treasures and not get ripped off by anyone you hire. Yes that's right. I know. I watched Pirates of the Caribbean.
(Via Wikia).

And so here I am diving for treasure in Malaysia.
No. I'm kidding. That's Nathan Drake diving in Malaysia. But you really can't tell the difference between him and me because one, we both dive in Malaysia, and two, the graphics for Uncharted 4 are AMAZING.
(This is me).

#4. I ride non-car vehicles.

This is me in Taiwan. Yes. I'm so cool, riding my quad bike in my #OOTD dress and DSLR. And before you start on what a nut job I must be to do that, I must qualify that I was on a blogger trip with Scoot and that was what the other girls had decided to wear the day before. I needed to fit in you see, part of climbing the social ladder and all.
And here's me and James in Siem Reap. Also taken en route to another temple.
And I don't know what these vehicles are supposed to do. I thought they would be some lousy things, but they are allowed on the road and can go more than 60 miles per hour ok. That is faster than my driving in a car. 
(Here it is going at the same speed as my driving).

Anyway, that's not the point. The point is that I drive lots of vehicles that are not conventional cars, and this seems to be a trend amongst treasure hunters like Nathan Drake. Look at his non-cars!
I think one of the pre-requisites for being a treasure hunter is that you must be able to drive vehicles without roofs or windows, and that these vehicles must be kept in a constant state of filth. To dissuade sneaky locals from stealing your non-car I suppose.

#5. I break the rules.

So some of you might remember the time when I went on a road trip with Sam and Titus and we sort of had to drive our car across the river. 
I know it's not a boat. But we're rule breakers. So sue us. But it's okay. Because apparently, rule breaking is what treasure hunters do when it comes to transport. Just check this Nathan Drake out. Just cruising along the river like he's in a yacht instead of a 4WD.
Yeah. I got the mind, nerve, and balls of a treasure hunter.

#6. I crash in style.

Although you want you trips to go as smoothly as possible, one must recognise that this cannot always be the case. Sometimes you're thwarted by the bad weather. Sometimes you're thwarted by strikes. And sometimes you're thwarted by keeping your stupid #OOTD from blowing up in the wind.
But that's okay. You don't need to stay on all four wheels to be a treasure hunter. In fact, flipping vehicles seems to be what treasure hunters like Nathan do best. Just check out how he crashed his non-car!
But that's okay. All you need to remember is cool guys don't look at explosions. So just pick yourself up and move on like nothing's happened.

The treasure hunter maxim is, it's okay to crash, as long as you look like you mean it, and act like you own it. 

#7. I shoot things.

So I'm not a violent person or anything, but just so you know, I can shoot guns, and I have shot guns before. Because you know, that's what people who don't go to NS do - go to shooting ranges in Vietnam and Cambodia and act all tough and gangster with them guns,
And it's good that I've handled guns before because this is apparently extremely essential for treasure hunting. Just look at the epic feats that Nathan has to go through man. Swing from a vine while shooting.
I'm not super confident, but I would give it a try. How bad can it be?
(Via Imgur).

#8. I pose.

Treasure hunters tend to pose in a certain way, and only with certain kinds of scenery. I am so glad that I happen to have a treasure hunter's flair of posing for photos. Check out the photos below. It is hard to tell which is me and which is Nathan. Because of the realistic graphics, and also because that much treasure hunter blood runs through my veins.
Uncanny right? I know. You wish that you could be as cool as Nathan and I.
(Via sharegif).

Anyway, treasure hunter aspirations aside, I really liked playing Uncharted 4. It's a very enjoyable game, with just the right level of difficulty. Okay, I found some of the puzzles a little too simple, and some of the jumping stunt parts a bit challenging, but that's just me. Brains over brawn you see.
(Just to prove to you that I can solve puzzles. And also animate gifs).

Another nice thing about this game is that your death isn't marked by some scary monster sound, or some unappealing splat of human flesh. All the sound effects of dying get masked by a very musical Jaws-like tune, which I appreciate. Also when you die, the screen indicates that you are dead by going black and white. Its very useful. Like in CS when your screen turns sideways when you die. So you know that the computer is not responding because you're dead. Not because it is hanging.
(Black and white because I died).

Okay so I've talked about difficulties and death. On to the less sinister parts of the game I liked. So as you play the game you get to win trophies, and here's one trophy that I really liked.
It's has such a cute name for a trophy! I guess it really makes sense when you're standing up so high. And yes, if you have a fear of height, your palms will sweat when you play this games. You have been warned.
TMD. Even my fearless self had to deal with sweaty palms when I was playing this. OH. And also because Nathan Drake keeps climbing walls and stuff, you are constantly faced with a nice view of his butt. Which is good if you're into that kind of thing I guess.
Okay and keeping in mind that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the last of the Uncharted series, I think it's nice that the game ends on a nice happy note, with Nathan reconciling with his wife and them living happily ever after. Not one of them dumb shoot 'em ups with a weak plot where everyone gets killed off in the end, or where everyone gets left hanging. It's nice to have a meaningful rom-com like ending to the series, where the couple is communicating on equal ground.
Oops wrong picture, I meant to put this.
Okay and that's all I have for you for Uncharted 4. Best game that I've received so far if you ask me! Also in case you're wondering what new games there are to look forward to in the PS4 arena, here's the trailer for Death Stranding that was released at E3 earlier this month! It looks really cool and the naked guy played by Daryl from Walking Dead (Norman Reedus).

Happy Friday guys! 
❤ Jac.

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