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California 101: Some Unorthodox Things To Do.

Hello guys! So you may or may not already know that I’m currently on holiday in the United States of America! Home to mainstream pop, Star...

Hello guys!

So you may or may not already know that I’m currently on holiday in the United States of America! Home to mainstream pop, Starbucks, and more fast food than any non-American can handle.
Or I was. I ambitiously thought that I'd be able to make a post while I was on holiday. But clearly I was deluding myself. So kindly change the tenses accordingly ok?

But more on that another time. Let’s just talk about the trip we’re on now. James and I are currently on a Californian road trip! In fact here is James driving as I blog while we whizz down the California Hwy 101.
(Yeah we got new Ray-Bans!)

So it’s not like I’ve never been to California before. Those of you who have known me for a while know that after my trip in 2011, I swore not to return to California in the near future. Past me lied. I came back. And here are some of the things that I did in California over the past 1.5 weeks which I hadn’t done the previous 4 times I was here.

#1 Take a VR coaster

This was really cool! They had just opened this new ride called “The New Revolution” in Six Flags Magic Mountain.
(Via Six Flags).

The ride was a regular roller coaster, which went upside down and the rest of it, but you were wearing the Samsung Oculus while doing so! In your reality, you were a pilot engaged in some air battle, and you got to shoot enemy aircraft by tapping on the right side of your headset.
The graphics were unimpressive. Very pixelated and what you might expect from early computer games like the Star Wars X-Wing.
(Via US Gamer).

But you know what’s the obvious downside of this? Usually when you ride rollercoasters, or rather, when I ride rollercoasters, I see the track ahead and sort of brace myself for what’s coming. I couldn’t do this for the VR coaster, which resulted in my whacking my head on the back of the head rest when the ride came to a sudden stop.

Yeah it’s so unfortunate. I think my IQ dropped by 10 points.

#2 Prance around in Star Trek outfits

Okay so you know this awesome scene from Star Trek?
(Via Forbes).

Which was also reenacted in The Big Bang Theory?
(Via Game On Girl).

Isn't that so cool?! Don't you just want to do the exact same thing? Well, that's what James and I did anyway.
Yeah, You must either think that we are so extremely cool, or that we lead extremely sad lives. But I would just like to point out that I got our outfits for about US$10 each on Amazon. It was so worth it.
And yes, I routinely go online to search for cool film locations that I can visit. That's how we ended up in the Vasquez Rocks in California, and how I ended up going to all sorts of funny film locations in Iceland.

#3 Ride a Segway

So we had three days in San Francisco. For the first two days, James and I explored San Francisco on foot. We walked for more than 20 km in what I considered as freezing weather, up and down the numerous hills that San Francisco is infamous for.
Yeah you see that tower right at the end? We climbed all the way up after walking about 5 km, and then walked another 10 km after. It was extremely tiring. Especially after you've consumed two dozen oysters and a bottle of champagne in 5 minutes flat.
Yeah life was really tough. And then we saw some people on Segways and realised how much smarter they were being than us. So we went for a three hour private tour of San Francisco with the Electric Tour Company on the third day. IT WAS AWESOME.
Also as it was a private tour, we were told we could pretty much do anything we wanted. Except for taking off our very fashionable lumo-strips. I guess they felt that it distracted from whatever horrible clothes James and I were wearing.
Anyway, going up and down hills in a Segway? MILES easier than going by foot. Trust me. And, I didn't fall once! (Or twice or thrice).
Not even when we went down the "world's crookedest street" aka Lombard Street. James was sorely disappointed.

#4 Eat a white penis on the street

Yup. Only in the Castro. I was extremely amused.
James was not so.
Especially since I dragged him all the way there just to get a Hot Cookie. He did however, admit that despite its appearance, the white penis was extremely tasty. Conclusive proof that looks aren't everything.

#5 Ski

Skiing on a mountain that is. Over the new year, James and I had gone skiing in an indoor ski park in Dubai.
But this time, we went to learn to ski properly on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain in California. James’ brother-in-law had been trying to teach James’ sister for a while, and so we all headed to California to learn together.
I know right? Who are these xiao ting tongs? Go to California to learn how to ski.
But it worked out very well. There was fresh snow on the slopes and because the sun was shining, we didn’t have to wear gloves or hats. The Singaporean in me was pleased.
But you know, most importantly, there was hardly anyone around on the beginner slopes to see me fall.

#6 Drive on the wrong side of the road

Excuse me everyone, but Jac has now spent more time driving as a licensed driver driving on the wrong side of the road!
*cue for applause*

#7 Driving down a musical road

Speaking of driving, James and I did this really cool thing where we drove down the Civic Musical Road in Lancaster, California. Check out how it sounded!

#8 Make fortune cookies

THIS WAS SO GOOD. James found us a fortune cookie factory in San Francisco where you could customise the fortunes that go into your fortune cookie.
Great gifts. I made James one that said "A pretty girl will kiss you soon".
(Via Giphy).

And he said he knew I wasn't the jealous type. Which was when I realised that he wants to be the sleep outside type.
Anyway, the place is called "Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory". It's marvellous, smells delicious, and the owner will give you lots of free samples of freshly made fortune cookies if he likes you. Read: He liked me.

#9 Live in one of America’s most haunted hotels

They say that ignorance is bliss. We were staying in this hotel which I had stayed in twice before. Hotel Whitcomb.

Nice place, great location, Starbucks in the main lobby and you know, cheaper than Holiday Inn. Which is good when the Holiday Inn costs like $250 per night. And it's not like it's a terrible place you know?
Not bad right? Bed, table, chair, etc. And then this KPO James went to do some research on the hotel and found out that it was one of the most haunted hotels in America. Luckily he only told me that as we were checking out.
And also I haven’t done any research on this hotel and how it’s haunted. But if there are indeed ghosts inhabiting the hotel, I would say they are of the sock-stealing variety as James and I seem to have misplaced some socks.

#10 Watch some Japanese ninja cooking

Please! Have you guys seen Barney’s mad Japanese Teppanyaki frying skills in How I Met Your Mother?
Well, I found something similar in California! Benihana!
(Via Benihana).

Our chef, Jesse, was awesome. He could flip bowls, catch prawn tails in his shirt pockets and catch egg shells in his hat! He also made us a flaming tower made of rings of onions and a beating fried chicken rice heart.
Omg. It was truly a wonderful experience. Japanese teppanyaki will never be the same again.
(Via Good Reads).

And as it turns out the place where we went was from the same chain where Barney did his Japanese ninja cooking. I only just found this out. In Singapore. I am very pleased with myself.
(Via NYPost).

And I've come to the end of my list! Also it is 12:49 am and given how I've been sleeping at 8:30 pm and waking up at 4:30 am the past few days, I had better turn in now. But first a song.

Have a good rest of the week guys!
❤ Jac.

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