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[PS4 Game Review] Beyond: Two Souls.

Hello guys! So a while back the great people at Sony sent over codes for this wonderful game: It's about this girl (Jodie) who ha...

Hello guys!

So a while back the great people at Sony sent over codes for this wonderful game:
It's about this girl (Jodie) who has supernatural powers through a separate soul called Aiden who has been sharing her body since her birth. Aiden can leave her body and roam around while maintaining a psychic link with Jodie. And here's what I like about it.

#1 The characters.

So I started playing this game without reading up on it first. And I just felt that the characters seemed very familiar.
And that's because they were portrayed by real people! Jodie is played by Ellen Page, reknown for her role of Kitty Pryde in X-Men, and Jodie's mentor, Nathan Dawkins, is played by Willem Dafoe of Green Goblin fame.
(Via PlayStation).

The likeness is very striking! I was very impressed. You don't see, or I don't see rather, much of this ever because I'm very bad at identifying actors. The last time something like this happened was with Angelina Jolie in Beowulf. And that was kind of a giveaway.
(Via Echoba).

After googling lots, I found that this is due to the extensive investment in the initial design phase. Like look at the similarity of the characters pre and post-production! It's uncanny!
(Via PlayStation).
Yeah I know this might not seem very exciting, but I was very proud when I spotted the likeness. I  would also like to point out that I'm the person who held a 2 minute conversation with a random stranger in a train because I mistook her for my JC classmate whom I was moderately close to, 2 years after I graduated. Yes. I'm that awkward, and that terrible.
(Via Cosmopolitan).

#2 The outfits.

So you guys know that I have no fashion sense. If I were to be left to my own devices, I'd probably go to work looking like this.
This has resulted in my investing waayyy to much effort in trying to fit in with the crowd.
So I get, as James might say, "way too overly excited" when I see that I fit in with the crowd without even trying. And this is the case when I was playing Beyond: Two Souls. I HAVE THE FASHION SENSE OF ELLEN PAGE'S CHARACTER MAN. Take a look.

This is Jodie at The Embassy, where she's supposed to get Aiden to access a safe to read some notes.
And this is like, me at prom about ten years ago.
Shut up. No one has good teenage photos. But yes, other words, this game makes me feel stylish and reaffirmed.
(Via Giphy).

#3 The scenarios.

So many of you would know that I'm a pacifist, a person of peace. I am extremely non-confrontational, calm, and diplomatic always. I never resort to violence.
Oops wrong photo. I meant to put this.
So yes. I'm an agreeable, pleasant person. Always. So I really got a kick whilst playing Beyond: Two Souls. You see, the game planted Jodie in some really realistic scenarios. Like when she was the odd one out at this birthday party.
Or when she didn't know how to dance with this guy.
HELLO. THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE ME. Me and my uncanny ability to put myself in awkward scenarios. Why just today I had this very awkward conversation with my boss...
How did I feel? 
(Via Buzzfeed).

Yup. That just about sums it up. Yeah so if any of you have forgotten those excruciating teenage years of awkward interaction, well, here's your chance to relive every single bit of it in agonising detail. Yes. Painful conversations with response options included.
But if you're a freak who just sailed through your teenage years and are wondering how could anyone relate to this, then here's something else you might be able to relate to. Using your mother's makeup and trying to act grown up like how Jodie is doing here.
I know that's what I did. Dress up and try to act like a grownup.
Yup. That's what I did when I could barely walk. Twenty plus years later and that's still what I'm trying to do. Life.

#4 The choices.

So the next thing that I appreciate about the game is the choices that you're given. You get to choose the path that Jodie takes in whatever situation she's in. Like whether she chooses to show her powers or not.
Or what kind of response to give someone who is asking too many questions.
Or, my personal favourite, deciding what to eat for dinner.
It's like an interactive movie really. One where you get limited, but sufficient options such that you can determine your own path without having to kill off too many brain cells. It's a win-win. You also get the satisfaction of seeing how many other players made the same choices as you at the end of every level.
It's great! Sometimes you feel comforted that you don't belong to that puny 2% of weirdos who don't burn down the town. At other times you wonder why you form part of the losers who got caught on the train instead of being stealthy and stuff.

#5 The Power.

We've established that in this game, you're dealing with realistic scenarios, characters and options. So what makes it special? That's right. Jodie's power which is unleashed in the form of Aiden. With Aiden, you can get your back on those bitches that made your life a living hell as a teenager.
Yeah that's right. Burn their house down and make them pay.
And burn their town down while you're at it.
It's nice to be powerful. A nice change considering all the minion-like work I do on a regular basis.
Anyway! Essentially, I think that Beyond: Two Souls is a great game. It's very easy to pick up and the narrative is very easy to follow. And you get a sense of autonomy in making decisions for your character. The only gripe I have is that is gets a little repetitive after a while. I mean there are only so many times that you can go around and getting Aiden to knock over things before it becomes slightly repetitive.
But I guess the storyline, scenarios and task help to spice things up quite a lot. Like come on! I get to be a CIA agent with superpowers? How cool is that?!
Beyond: Two Souls is available at the PlayStation store for $41.60. And what's more exciting is that with PS4's latest major update, you'll be able to remotely stream this game with a resolution of up to 720p to your PCs or Macs. 

You'll have to connect your controller to your laptop via a USB cable, but seriously, this will revolutionise laziness. "I want to play PS4 but my TV is far away. Oh never mind, play on laptop."
(Via Imgur).

So I've come to the end of my review! Sorry it took so long for me to publish it but I've been really busy going on all these overseas trips. 
And we're going to California in two week's time so I'll try to squeeze in a few posts before that! Yeah I know. It's a tough life.

Ok now here is a good song or you which is symbolic of what Beyond: Two Souls is about.

Okay, time to sleep!
❤ Jac.

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