Monday, April 04, 2016

Jac's Driving Experience: Part I.

Hi guys! Time to break out the champagne and party because this just happened! That's right! I now am a proud owner of a Class C temp...

Hi guys!

Time to break out the champagne and party because this just happened!
That's right! I now am a proud owner of a Class C temporary license! This means I can drive most cars.

Yes, that's right! All these cars in The Fast and The Furious? I CAN DRIVE THEM NOW. (Theoretically).
(Via Gifrific).

Anyhow! I know that many of you don't have a driver's license yet. Never saw the need, can't be bothered to...Singapore has a pretty extensive public transport network and, family and work commitments aside, there's no real need for the average Singaporean to own a car. But just in case you are curious, here are some questions which I got from my instructor over the course learning how to drive.

Instructor, "What car your family drive?"

My family doesn't own a car. But everyone in my family has a license except for me. So every year my mother gets a TP letter congratulating her for don't know how many million years of safe driving.
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Instructor, "Huh, then you learn driving ah?"

Oh. I know a lot of stupid annoying people who can drive. And I just kept thinking "If these stupid people can pass their driving test, then so can I." I mean...
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I'm secretly competitive. It was like the time I got into baking after my A levels because I got annoyed with all the people telling me about their praise-worthy baked goods. GAH. I also can.
One of my chocolate muffins with vanilla icing topped with a blueberry.

I baked them to prove to everyone (and mostly myself) that I could do it if I tried. I baked so many things that my mom got worried that I might stop my education and open a bakery with my calculator and my microwave oven. Ah those were the days.
(Via Gurl).

Instructor, "Wah like that also can. Then after this how? Are you going to buy a car?"

No leh. I have no money. But my friend promised to lend me his car to practice driving once I pass. He's doesn't mind. I think he rather I drive than I make fun of his car and his driving.
And yes, this was exactly one year ago!

Instructor, "Then why you want to learn manual ah?"

Oh. Next time I will be rich and famous and I will have many Ferraris and Lamborghinis and Maseratis. I will need to drive my own cars.
(Via MTV).

Instructor, "Wah you so confident that you will have Ferrari is it?!"

Yeah. If not maybe I might lose my job and if I have a manual license maybe I can be a taxi driver.
(Via Bustle).

Not to brag or anything, but based on this gif, I think I'll fit the bill quite well.

Instructor, "Taxi now also all auto you know?"

Oh. Then I will be a van driver then. Specifically, an ice cream truck diver. My damaged self would get a kick out of knowing that I would finally be popular amongst the kids.
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Okay I've come to the end of part one of my post! I decided that it would be more productive to split my whole experience up into three parts. I will um, possibly upload the next part um, soon. I've been busy going on holiday! It's a tough life.
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Okay so here's a car related song for you. See you soon!

❤ Jac.

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